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Business Administration Degree Salary, Job Description

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The business administration team performs different essential functions in a company. In this post, you will learn the latest updates on training and salary of a business administrator as well as the job description and simple tips to help you succeed.

Business administration is one of those fields that channel directly into various steams of a predetermined set of careers. A business Administration degree prepares you for a career in business that may stretch across any sector or industry. It involves all aspects of overseeing and supervising business operations.

The business administrative arm in most businesses is very active. They work in every industry, from one-person businesses to firms with hundreds of staff.

Business Administration Job Description

Job opportunities in business Administration are so numerous to mention. Popular business administration careers include sales management, financial management, health care administration, marketing management, food management, etc.Business Administration Job Description


The business administration job market is very competitive. Recruiters now require more education, credentials, and experience to get hired by the top employers.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for business administrative positions is expected to grow about as fast as average for all occupations. Be that as it may, job growth will vary according to the area of business administration you choose to specialize in.

Duties of a Business Administrator

As a business administrator of a company, you will perform the following services:

  • Consult with executives, staff, and board members about operations in the organization
  • Applying new technologies in the workplace
  • Establish and actualize departmental and organizational goals, policies and procedures
  • Negotiate and approve contracts and agreements
  • Appoint department heads and managers
  • Analyze financial statements, sales reports, and other performance indicators
  • Identify places to cut costs and to improve performance, policies, and programs
  • Manage general activities related to production and service provision

The sectors where business Administration professionals can be found include:


  • Management of organizations
  • Wholesome Electronic market
  • Computer system designs
  • Department stores


  • Management of organizations
  • Depository Credit Intermediation
  • Insurance Companies
  • Local Government


  • Management of Organizations
  • Local Government
  • Employment services
  • Computer systems design


  • Management of Organizations
  • Computer Systems Design
  • Management and Technical Consulting
  • Advertising and Public Relations

Business Administrator Training

When it comes to a career in business administration, you should first seek out classes from recognized universities and colleges to have higher quality business education. You can get further training so as to gain more experience and update your resume by getting at least a MBA degree along with other relevant certifications. Most experience and training will be gotten on the job.Business Administrator Training

Having an MBA is no longer a guarantee for a great career in business administration as employers now seek candidates with a DBA and certifications. Because of technological advancements, advanced knowledge and experience with computers and software will increase your chances of getting employed.

Business Administrator Salary

The following are the median salaries for popular carriers in business administration:

  • Sales management: $117,960
  • Financial management: $121,750
  • Human Resources Management: $106,910
  • Food Service Management: $50,820
  • Health Care Administration: $83,810
  • Marketing Management: $131,180

Business administration is very essential in the management of industries and organizations. Trends in technology and politics can come and go but business administration will always be around.

If you are a business administrator or know anything related to business administration, kindly comment below to share them with our readers.

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