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Guest Post Rules and Guidelines on Booboone.com

by Delarno

We manage a blog and are inviting writers to contribute guest posts. We have specific topics in mind for which we’d like content. Please see the topics listed below. If you’re interested in contributing, kindly write articles on the suggested topics below and forward them to id@booboone.com. Title the email as follow: Guest post/Title of the article.

At present, we accept guest posts on the following subjects:

  • Product Reviews
  • Horror Tales
  • Exploration & History
  • Legal Insights (only from legal professionals)
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Science & Technology
  • Global Events
  • All Types of Insurance
  • Entertainment
  • Wildlife & Pets
  • Gender-Specific Topics
  • Wellness & Lifestyle
  • Cuisine & Supplements
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Education.

If any of these areas align with your expertise, please forward your articles in Word format for our review. 

Here are the rules and guidelines for guest posts on your website

  1. Content Originality: All articles submitted must be original work, not previously published elsewhere. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
  2. Word Count: Articles should be a minimum of 1,500 words. Ideal number is over 2000 words.
  3. Relevance: Content should be relevant to the topics accepted by our website. Any off-topic submissions will be declined.
  4. Formatting: Submissions should be well-structured with clear headings, subheadings, and bullet points when necessary to enhance readability.
  5. Image Guidelines: Include high-quality images with proper attributions. Ensure you have the rights to use the images or they are from royalty-free sources. AI images are welcome.
  6. External Links: A maximum of 2 do-follow external links are allowed per article. Links should be relevant and direct readers to authoritative sources. No promotional or affiliate links are allowed. Each link (of the 2 external links) must be redirect to a different website. In short, we will not accept the 2 backlinks to redirect to the same website.
  7. No Self-promotion: The main body of the article should not contain any promotional content or blatant advertising.
  8. SEO: Content should be optimized for search engines without keyword stuffing. It should have a clear focus keyword, meta description, and should be written naturally.
  9. Target Keyword/keyphrase: Each article must have a specific keyword or key phrase to be accepted. Content with broad or unspecific target will be rejected.
  10. Editing Rights: We reserve the right to edit the content for clarity, grammar, style, and SEO. Any significant changes will be communicated with the author.
  11. No Republishing: Once your guest post is accepted and published on our website, it cannot be republished on any other site, including your own.
  12. Response Time: Due to the volume of submissions, please allow us up to 2 weeks to review your article. If you don’t hear back within that time frame, feel free to submit your article elsewhere.
  13. Bio: Provide a brief author bio, including any relevant credentials or experience. You may include one link to your personal website or social media profile in the bio.
  14. Rejection: We reserve the right to decline any submission without providing specific reasons.
  15. Engagement: We encourage authors to engage with readers in the comments section of their article to foster a sense of community and respond to any questions or feedback.

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