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Engineering Degrees That Pay Over $100,000 per year

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Engineering Degrees That Pay Over $100,000 per yearv

36 Best Engineering Degrees

Engineering is the fact of using other sciences, such as mathematics, and practical knowledge in order to innovate, design, invent, build, maintain, research, or improve machines, structures, tools, systems, components, and others. Therefore, there are different types of engineering degrees.

The principles on which the engineering and its methods are based are eminently logical. Its references are technical, scientific and mathematical.

In other words, we can also say that engineering is a set of functions that lead from the conception and studies, purchase and the control of the manufacturing equipments, to the construction and commissioning of a technical or industrial installation. By extension, the term is also used in other fields. But of today, this field remains promising and progressive. As science progresses, new engineering degrees will be needed and developed.Beca y asistencia financiera para alumnos Ingeniería Civil – Noticias

These activities are usually conducted by engineers who were trained to perform the tasks. An engineer can have an assignment to work on a design and have all or part of a development (port, road, etc.), a structure (hospital, factory, Etc.) or equipment (Airbus section, electric vehicle, etc.).


Here is the list of the most common engineering degreesQué es un checklist y como se debe utilizar?

  1. Aeronautical Engineering
  2. Thermal engineering
  3. Biomedical engineering
  4. Automotive or mechanical Engineering
  5. Infrastructure Engineering
  6. Financial engineering
  7. River engineering
  8. Forensic engineering
  9. Clinical Engineering
  10. Business engineer
  11. Aerospace Engineering
  12. Computer Engineering
  13. Digital engineering
  14. Educational engineering
  15. Electrical Engineering
  16. Cognitive engineering
  17. Electronics Engineering
  18. Mechatronics Engineering
  19. Robotics Engineering
  20. Microelectronic Engineering
  21. Chemical Engineering
  22. Environmental Engineering
  23. Materials Science engineering
  24. Agricultural engineering
  25. Paper Engineering
  26. Engineering Management
  27. Industrial engineering
  28. Manufacturing Engineering
  29. Petroleum Engineering
  30. Geological Engineering
  31. Nuclear Engineering
  32. Marine Engineering
  33. Photonics Engineering
  34. Nanotechnology Engineering
  35. Mining Engineering
  36. Structural Engineering.

Why Consider an Engineering Degree?

Why We Should Avoid Asking 'Why?'Graduates of engineering degrees are among the top of the basket in term of salary, can make more than $107.000 per year. Another advantage of being an engineer is that the training tends to be cheaper than similar programs offered by business schools. Especially since tuition fees for business school courses have increased more steadily than salaries.

Work Environment

Engineering is a rigorous activity of conceptualization and realization of functional structures and construction of structural tools or components which can be mechanical, chemical, electrical, electromechanical, or electronic or mechatronic. The work environment varies greatly in function of the field.

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