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Lose Weight Fast Using This Simple Mental Strategy

by Delarno
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Lose Weight Fast Using Your Thoughts

Thought is a great tool for losing weight. Yes, new studies have found we can use our thinking to lose weight fast and safely.

By visualizing your body as you want it, you focus your subconscious on the image you want to achieve. The scientists do not assume thought is enough to make you lose 10s of pounds and completely change the look of your body. The study has found visualizing helps participants got better results in trying to lose weight when combined mind-power with healthy diet and exercise.

Accordance with the law of attraction, we become what we constantly focus on.  When people regularly visualizing they lose weight this helps them doing the right things, in addition to believe, to get the body they want.

Lose weightYour thoughts commend the body to lose weight

It is a known fact that thoughts and emotions affect your body for better or worse. You cannot escape it; the results depend on your predominant thoughts and emotions. For instance, negative thoughts such as stress, fear and anger, damage the functioning of the body. Under these conditions, the body releases toxins into the body that can harm it. Conversely, positive thinking, happiness, love and confidence energize the body. Happy and positive thoughts prevents premature aging, eating disorders (which can lead to weight gain), and many other mental and physical disorders.


You can also use this same connection between mind and body to lose weight. The subconscious mind accepts whatever you throw at it, and turns it into reality sooner or later. That is, if you constantly visualize yourself fit, your subconscious mind will accept it as true, and will help your body conform to that image you create. Using your thinking to lose weight fast and permanently is equivalent to a mental diet; although you will not succeed if you don’t control what you eat and exercise regularly.

Here are some tips to lose weight using your thoughts

Two to three times a day, preferably early in the morning, just after wake and prayer, sit a few minutes in a quiet place and visualize your body as you would like it to be. Do not think or worry how you will achieve your goal; focus on the result and it will come.

If you are family person, you can visualize your family and friends compliment and congratulate you for transforming your body and your weight loss. See the whole scene as if it is happening now, and you are living the moment.  You can construct in your mind any scene like this. You can also imagine doing sports, dancing with your friends, with your husband or wife, getting compliments at work…

It can take a while before seeing results, to prevent discouragement, you can build in your mental images that appeal to your emotions and accept it as true. Make them vivid and colorful. Add real people you would like to see in the scenes. And in each scene, see your body as you want it to be. This is step is essential to successfully lose weight fast by thinking.Lose weight

The way you think affects your body. Think about what you want to succeed, not what you want to avoid. That is, see yourself having a normal weight and looking good. When you get started, do not worry if it will work or not, but focus rather on how you want your body to look. Persevere in your efforts, and you will succeed.

The most important thing is to really believe what you are visualizing. Forget your passes failures, and replace your negative thoughts by the successful life you desire. Using your thoughts to lose weight is possible, but you have to be persistent and believe you will get what you are looking for.

But controlling thoughts is easier to say than done. At the beginning, it can be like a David facing Goliath. You may need some orientation. Certain institutions such as Slim-Mind.com, offer professional programs to help people control their thought and develop and maintain the skills and motivation needed to stay slim.

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