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The White House Is On Lockdown Due to ‘Suspicious Activity

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White House Is on Lockdown

During the Obama presidency, the media loved to remind us that our nation’s first black president faced all sorts of threats and racism from the public. While it’s true, he did receive a lot of general and racial hate, it paled in comparison to what Bush Jr. saw during his tenure thanks to the radical Left’s Bush Derangement Syndrome.

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However, neither hold a candle to Trump when it comes to the amount of threats received. Already, the White House has been locked down several times, after crazies jumped the fence or engaged in suspicious activity. And those are just the more blatant incidents. The overt disdain expressed by the media and the ridiculous trash talk you see from common leftists and journalists alike is unprecedented.

Folks are openly talking about assassinating the president or calling for his head. Celebrities are in on it too, the latest example being the infamous rapper Snoop Dogg just releasing an album with him standing over Trump’s corpse on the cover. Threats are coming in for Trump left and right, but the most recent incident on the White House grounds occurred Friday, minutes after Trump left for his first trip to Asia as president As reported at the New York Post, due to “suspicious activity, the White House was placed under lockdown Friday morning.


Apparently, another whack-job was roaming around the grounds near North Fence line, where he was apprehended by the Secret Service. The guy told the Secret Service that he had set explosives in the area, which is what prompted agents to arrest him and immediately lock the area down. Secret Service K-9 and Metropolitan Police Department bomb disposal teams then searched the man and the surrounding area, as well as a cellphone the man dropped. No explosives were found, the Secret Service said.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is gavel-2492011-1024x569.jpgThe man, 33-year old Ervin Pettaway, has now been charged with one count of felony threats thanks to his actions. While little else is known about the incident at the moment, actions like these have become far too common. It’s only a matter of time before one of these clowns is serious about their claims and threats.

The media’s war against the president and constant delegitimizing of him doesn’t help the situation, as it convinces the crazies that something has to be done to remove the imposter from the White House.

Needless to say, the Left’s rhetoric has facilitated the rise of this dangerous behavior and should anything happen, there will be blood on their hands.


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