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25 Things Women Do That Men Love

by Delarno D.
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 Many women would like to have the key to better understand men, at least their partner. The truth, male psychology is different from female’s; it is not that easy. But knowing what men like in women and their secret desire would allow us ladies to have a more fulfilling love life by understanding their aspirations and therefore better meeting their expectations.

Of course, the first contact is always based on the physical, but the physical alone is not the only criterion for entering into a relationship. Whether you are a man or a woman, we need more than that! To fall in love with a person, both men and women need to be equally charmed by the love and sweetness of their partner.

In this article, you will discover 25 things women do that men love. The list ranges from psychological to sexual behaviors.

  1. Great PersonalityGreat Personality

We all like dealing with someone with a good personality. It is the same for men, they love women with good personality who can hold a discussion respectfully and positively.


Having a nice and caring personality is especially important if your man is going through a difficult time. It reassures him that in case something happens you will keep things under control take care of the family. In general, men feel proud to have a girlfriend or wife with a great personality. 

  1. Fidelity

They say “Women cheat for love; men cheat for sex.” Regardless the reason, cheating is bad in relationship. Fidelity is crucial for both men and women. It is a form of continuing loyalty or faithfulness to your partner to whom you are bound by pledge or promise. It is not optional in a serious relationship, but an obligation. 

  1. Respect

What normal man would not like to be in a respectful relationship? The answer is simple: none.

When it comes to their respect from women, men are highly sensitive; they don’t like women put them down even as a joke. Ladies, the fact you respect your man does not make you weak. In fact, it is a sign of confidence.

  1. A sense of humor

No matter who you are and what gender you are interested in, everyone is attracted to someone who can make them laugh. It is no different for men. Research has even shown that men like women who laugh at their jokes and can make them laugh too. Sometimes, it is not just for telling funny jokes, but mainly about being able to laugh together. When you can’t help but laugh in synchronicity, spending time together becomes exciting, positive, and fun.

However, what men don’t like is when women constantly use humor to make fun of them. If you can help your man doing something which may be easy for you, but challenging for him, try not to make insulting jokes. You can get the opposite effect.

  1. Self-confidence

“Be more confident!” All of us have heard this over and over again, but the reason this tip is so popular is Self-confidencebecause it actually works. Everyone becomes more attractive when they feel good about themselves. Confident women tend to be less sensitive, not so jealous, and they are more comfortable with themselves and others. In short, there is less toxicity when a woman accepts herself. When you are happy with who you are, so are the people around you.

Having confidence in who you are will work for you in a number of ways. An independent and strong woman who also embraces her femininity is the definition of sexy. If you really want to get a man’s attention, be confident and embrace who you really are. You will instantly become more attractive.

  1. Adventure

Relationships are meant to be fun, at least, sometimes. We don’t get involved in a relationship just to have the same old boring routine over and over again. This is particularly the case with men. They love the excitement and trying new things.

Ladies, there are 2 simple ways to be more adventurous:

  • Do new activities – Be open to do things that might interest your man: go hiking on weekends or to a sporting event for instance.
  • Be adventurous in everyday life – When you go shopping, have fun. Give the situation some life. Be open to new situations. Adding a little excitement and flair to your daily life will improve the relationship.
  1. Receive encouragement

In difficult time what will help your man the most is encouragement. You can do so in many ways: For instance, give him a hug or kiss when he is down, send him a nice note, text, email, or message. Men also love encouragement from their women when they accomplish something, regardless little or big.

Here is a powerful quote which can use to revive your man when he is facing obstacles: “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t. – Rikki Rogers.”

  1. Attention

We are naturally more caring and empathetic than men, so now is the time to use this to our advantage. Research has shown that men find attention to be an important quality in a woman. They are drawn to women who are able to take care and support them when problems arise in their life.

Women are great listeners, and if you can bring out the emotional and sensitive side in the conversation, your connection will go off like love at first sight. Remember, it’s not just about how you treat your man, it’s also about how you treat his friends and family. Also be kind and friendly to them.

  1. Intelligence

Your wit is a precious thing, and improving your mental capacity and mental acuity is a quality that most men find sexy in women. Show your man you have interests, that you enjoy learning new things. Have creative discussions instead of prioritizing the S word in all talking.inteligent woman

Exploring other areas of learning show your potential mate that you are a smart woman. Intelligence usually comes with passion, and displaying that passion for your sweetheart to see is sexy.

  1. Sexting

Sexting can excitement and joy in the relationship. When you are explicit, send him naughty texts letting him know that whatever you have in store for him throughout the evening. Your boyfriend will be ecstatic. He might not have dared admit it to you, but men in general really like that kind of attention.

But be careful ladies! Like women, sometimes men can feel uneasy sexting. In this case they tend to reply a generic or same thing: fun, cool, wow…

  1. A beautiful smile

There is no way around it. Men love a beautiful sparkling smile. You might think that putting on long eyelashes or a big lipstick will get you a guy’s attention, but in reality, a smile will do more than anything of all of that. When you have a big happy smile, it not only shows your confidence, but it makes you appear beautiful, positive, friendly, and open.

There’s a reason research studies have shown that humans are more attractive when they smile. Obviously, there is not much you can do to change your natural smile, but smile as much as you can. A beautiful smile can do wonders. You just need to make sure you are using it in your relationship.

  1. Listening

Men as well as women love when people listen to them. If a man thinks about having a serious relationship, he also expects you to listen to him. Why? Well, there will be days when all he wants to do is go home and tell you about the terrible day he had. Listening to him talking to you can bring some relief. Remember that beneath this man’s facade is a human being in need of a person who listens to his stories.

Men are simple: sometimes all they need is a pizza and you by their side. So, the next time your sweetheart arrives in a bad mood, open your ears wide and just listen. This is especially the case if they are suffering from anxiety or emotional issues. Men are afraid to talk about mental problem, so it is more comfortable for them if you pay attention to it.

  1. Trustworthiness

All good men would love to have a woman that has the ability to be relied on as truthful or honest person. Being trustworthy is precious in a relationship.Trustworthiness

Social networks have not made our lives easier, and many of us only post the good times. But the real life has its ups and downs! A man looks for an authentic woman, not a woman who pretends or shows what she is not in reality. Trustworthiness is extremely attractive in relationships because it remains rare.

  1. Optimism

Men, like women, who see the bright side of life, look to let go of those bad days or bad news that are happening to us all. Optimism is part of an ability that comes from a good personality. It helps us overcome challenges and achieve greatness.

We all love dealing with people despite the problems will remain strong and move forward instead of getting carried away by negative ideas.

  1. Strong character

Most men would tell you they like women who would not let themselves be stepped on, but without being too cold or too harsh. Men desire a woman who likes to be independent, who knows what she wants and what she is worth.

Here are some traits of a strong character woman:









  1. Being comfortable in bed

Nothing is more exciting than a woman who assumes herself in bed, loves to make love without any complex, and knows the erogenous zones of her man inside out…

The first step to be comfortable in bed is to be positive about yourself, including your body. Confidence is a big part of feeling good during sex. When you feel hot, wanted, and worthy, you are able to let go of inhibitions and focus on your pleasure.

  1. Let women take the lead

Men are born leader, but that doesn’t mean they would put off if you take the lead in this special occasion. Dare to surprise your man and seize the sexual power of your couple. No worry ladies, he will be totally charmed and submit joyfully to your commands.

  1. Be petted and admired

The question should you pet your man is controversial. Some men find the term insulting because they are not animals. Others, however, like to be petted or receiving a gentle skull massage like a loving pet. So, search to know your man preference before you make your move.

But all men love admiration from their partner. They love a woman who looks at them with admiring eyes. A guy likes his girlfriend to be a little swooned over him, his talents, his prowess: in bed or elsewhere.

  1. Dating a beautiful woman

Well, it’s hard to tell when a man is single. Some men would not say that lest he would sound like a macho. But men like their wives to be beautiful. Beautiful does not mean a skinny model or an imaginary “catalogue woman”, but a resplendent girl who, above all, feels good about herself, comfortable in her skin.

  1. Feel appreciated

Your partner needs your “thank you honey” and a grateful smile when he does something good. He also likes you to show your “happiness” to see him taking care of your computer, car or whatever else you don’t like to mess around with.

Men love it when women thank them in front of their family or friends.  It does not mean they don’t like strong-willed women, what a man needs is a woman who would appreciate him and show it.

  1. Make him laugh

When a man manages to make his wife laugh spontaneously, it is a challenge for him! He is proud of himself and feels happy. In fact, men also love to laugh in company of women who are not their partner. Men love women who have humor, repartee and an incredible sense of self-deprecation, a quality of being amusing or comic, as long as it does not go too far.

  1. An independent woman

If you expect too much while offering little to nothing, people may find you a bit boring, or even burden. Everyone independent woman likes to be in a relationship with someone who has plans, and he/she knows how to get by in life.

Of course, a good man protects his wife or girlfriend, but he never wants to cut off your wings. He prefers a woman who is working on something to one who’s just waiting for a man in everything.

23. Peaceful and gentle woman

Sometimes, a weekend is a time to rest. And resting doesn’t mean organize a dinner, go to the movies, clean, or else. To rest is to relax; have peace and not be in “planning” mode. During those times it is not a good idea to keep talking or invite family over.

It would be better to respect his alpha male and consider sweet caresses, gentle attentions and tender gestures. Depending on the mood, your hand on his arm reassuring him, touching his cheek with your delicate fingers, would bring more flame. Be gentle with him, your man will love it.

  1. Chat

Men are not afraid of discussions, sometimes is the subjects that don’t hook them. To get a man attention to a discussion it is better to discuss with him subjects he is passionate about. For men, gossip is not taking a cup of tea and embark on things of the past.

Talking other people’s business or gossiping doesn’t appeal to men, at least most of them. Don’t hesitate to tell your man about your day, but don’t dwell too much on the details that would knock him off.

  1. Feel they are protector

When a man protects you, he feels he is playing his role of a protector; that makes him confident. No matter how much men like independent woman, they want to be the one to protect their girlfriend or wife. For you, he is ready to do anything. He wants to be able to stand up for you, get into hot water for you if necessary, and get you out of trouble if he has to.

Thank you for watching to the end. Now it’s your turn ladies to share with us your secret to get your man’s attention. Gentleman, what you like in women that I don’t mention? Please comment.

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