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Why Do Cats Lick?

by Delarno D.
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Have you ever asked yourself “Why do cats lick all the time”? It’s a common question many cat owners have. Even if you haven’t really thought about it, since you’re reading this article, you surely are curious about this feline habit. The truth is, cats lick for loads of reasons.

In this post, you will discover 10 main motives behind your cat licking habit.

  1. Cats Lick for Hygiene:Cats Lick for Hygiene

 When it comes to personal hygiene, cats are the epitome of cleanliness. They are naturally equipped with the necessary implements to groom themselves: a barbed tongue with which to lick, forepaws they moisten with saliva and use as a surrogate washcloth, and teeth to dig out tougher debris. Believe it or not, according to statistical studies, adult cats may spend as much as half of their waking hours grooming themselves, their relatives and friends. They don’t like to just be clean. They want to be MONICA clean! Even when your cat is licking you, it may actually be its intention. Sure, it hurts physically, but your cat has good intentions.

  1. Cats Lick to Cool Down:

You may sometimes notice your cat licking excessively when the weather’s hot. That’s because the saliva gives it a refreshing cooling feeling.

  1. Cats Lick for Warmth:

 This may seem contradictory to the previous motive but it isn’t. By licking itself, a cat helps distribute its natural oils evenly around its coat. This oil prevents dampness and seals heat in.

  1. Cats Lick to Clean Wounds:

 You may think: “Wouldn’t the cat’s saliva soil the wound even more instead?” Actually, feline spit is thought to contain enzymes that turn it into a natural antibiotic. If your cat licks a wound, it may be trying to prevent infection. So, if your cat’s injury doesn’t heal on its own after a while, pay a visit to the vet.

  1. Cats Lick to Stimulate Blood Flow:

 A cat’s tongue is covered with tiny barbs that improve blood circulation. It’s exactly like how a hairbrush promotes blood flow in the scalp.Cats Lick to Relax

  1. Cats Lick to Relax:

 Just like we feel better when we massage ourselves, our feline companions take comfort in the ritual of self-licking. That’s the reason why they can sometimes lick out of stress or boredom.

  1. Cats Lick Because Of A Nutritional Imbalance:

 This is surely one of the most improbable reasons why cats lick. However, in case your cat is constantly licking random items in your home like pillows, walls and knickknacks, it could actually be showing symptoms of pica. What’s pica? It’s a scientific term used to describe the tendency to crave non-edible items. If your feline mate is showing such signs, it may be high time to change its diet. However, keep in mind that some cats may just enjoy unique flavors.

  1. Cats Lick to Show Affection:

 Whether your cat is licking you or its feline mate, it may just be trying to show affection. In fact, grooming communicates a cat’s fondness for another. Besides, it does not only convey a sense of belonging but tie social bonds, as well.

  1. Cats Lick to Mark Their Territory:Cats Lick to Mark Their Territory

 While most people know that cats mark property by urinating on things, they can actually claim their possession in other ways as well. Surprise! Even when cats lick humans, they may actually be claiming them as part of their property, affectionately of course. It’s actually the reason why sometimes other cats shy away from cat owners: It’s possible they smell that they belong to another feline.

  1. Cats Lick Because They Want Attention:

 If your feline friend is licking you, it might mean that they want to play or be pet. In other cases, however, it can be a sign of something more serious like stress or anxiety.

To sum up, there’s a plethora of reasons why cats lick and they surely are totally healthy. Nevertheless, if you notice this feline habit becoming a compulsive behavior, naturally, you should seek a veterinarian’s help.

If you know other reasons why cats lick, kindly comment and share them with our readers.

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