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Why Do Dogs Scratch?

by Delarno D.
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In this article, you will discover 5 main reasons dogs scratch and simple steps to take to stop the scratching when it is unnecessary.

Who among us hasn’t seen a dog scratching behind his ears, his fur, the ground or an object? We sure all have seen it, at least once. Now the question is why do dogs scratch?

Scratching surely is a very common behavior among dogs. It’s actually natural and healthy to many animal species. Generally, dogs may just sense a little itch and scratch to get rid of the feeling, just as we humans do. However, when it becomes compulsive, underlying medical conditions would mostly be the cause. This require medical attention.

Here are 5 main reasons why dogs scratch

  1. Dogs Scratch Due to Insects and Fleas:

This actually is the most common answer to the question why do dogs scratch. Insects or fleas attaching themselves to your dog may cause constant itching. As a matter of fact, these parasites generally arouse skin allergies and inflammations that may even lead to secondary infections if not treated right away. So, if you notice your dog constantly or frequently scratching itself, it’s high time to seek medical help. Insects

  1. Dogs Scratch Because Of Allergies: 

Numerous dogs have allergies. The symptoms may vary from one dog to another but they generally aren’t that different from humans’. As a matter of fact, itchiness, red eyes, and runny noses are the most common symptoms of allergies in dogs. If you notice these manifestations, you really should pay a visit to the vet.

  1. Dogs Scratch Because of Dry Skin:

Just like us humans, dogs may suffer from dry skin which can lead to itching. Actually, moisture less epidermis Dogs Scratch Because of Dry Skincan be more dreadful to dogs than it is to us. As a matter of fact, dry skin may cause dandruff. Epidermis can also, if left untreated, become so dry that it cracks at the slightest touch, causing instant and extreme itchiness.

But what causes dry skin in dogs? Truly, both environment and diet may affect the dogs’ epidermis health. For example, most commercial pet foods may be contributors to this condition.

The reason is that they usually are oil-deprived in order to make them last longer. While this is surely an advantage, denying these oils to dogs has a major bad influence on the health of your dog’s skin and fur. Then, in case your dog’s problem is dry skin, please don’t just use ointments. Supplement its diet with healthy oil such as fish oil.

  1. Dogs Scratch Because Of Skin Conditions:

From fungus, irritations, infections to other skin diseases, your dog may be scratching to seek a momentary relief. As a matter of fact, over 160 skin disorders may affect dogs. Each of these ailments has a plethora of symptoms.  For yeast infection for example, you may typically notice a bad smell coming from the infected area, associated with redness, swelling and crusted skin.

You may also spot some brown, yellow, or bloody discharge coming out of the infected area. For other skin conditions such as fungus, appearances of red or scaly patches of skin are among the most common symptoms.

  1. Dogs May Scratch Because of Hormonal Imbalances:

This is actually one of the most common internal causes of itching among dogs. Hormonal imbalance and any alteration of the thyroid, ovaries, testes, adrenal glands and seborrhea may cause dogs’ skin irritations and induce scratching.

To answer the question why do dogs scratch and how to stop the itching, there is no unique answer; there are many causes. If your dog is rarely or casually scratching, it’s mostly a normal behavior and worrying about it surely is unnecessary. However, if you notice an increase in the frequency of your dog’s scratching, seeking a veterinary’s help surely is a must.

If you know other reasons dogs itch, please share them with our readers by commenting below.


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