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Natural VS Chemical Dog Food Ingredients

by Delarno D.
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The ingredients in your pet food determine its quality, not the name or brand.

In this article, you will learn the difference between natural and chemical dog food ingredients, and 5 reasons to stay away from chemicals ingredients. At the end, you will also discover one of the best natural dog foods on the market.

Nowadays, we are paying more and more attention to what we eat: We avoid processed foods, chose organic over GMOs, and so on. But are we as attentive when it comes to the diet of our dogs? Maybe not! To stay or become healthy, dogs too ought to consume healthy natural foods instead of unhealthy chemical-ingredients which often led to serious health problems, including cancer.

Here are 5 reasons to feed your dog plant-based food instead of chemicals ingredients
  1. Majority of these Chemical-Ingredients in pet Food are Harmful to Dogs:

 Careless dietary choices can expose dogs to many of the same health issues we humans experience when we don’t pay enough attention to what goes in our bodies. As it happens, chemical-based dog food can cause heart disease, cancer, obesity, circulatory and digestion issues, diabetes, exposure to toxins and an overall poor health to dogs. However, natural healthy food tremendously diminishes the odds of your dog catching such ailments.

  1. Most of these Chemicals in Dog Foods Are Feed-Grade Not Human-Grade:

You may say: “Well, I’m not going to eat my dog’s food anyway”. However, there’s a reason why humans can’t eat feed-grade foods. It’s because feed-grade meals are full of toxins like mold-produced mycotoxins, for instance. Do you know what a mycotoxin is? It’s is a toxic secondary metabolite produced by organisms of the fungus kingdom. This toxin is capable of causing disease and DEATH in both humans and animals. Pet Foods containing these chemical-ingredients and harmful toxins are poison to your pet. Providing natural healthy food to your dog is thus essential to avoid very significant health problems and complications.

  1. These Chemicals Cause Allergies to Dogs:

 More and more dogs are suffering from allergies than ever before. Some man-made chemicals cause them. This is because this type of harmful chemicals in your pet foods are pathogenic to your pet organism. The immune system reacts to them because they are not food. Moreover, they can actually generate behavioral problems and even cancer.

  1. Chemical-based Pet Foods Contain Rendered Fats:

 Rendering is a process that converts waste animal tissue, mostly from beef, pork, or poultry, into stable, eatable materials. Rendering can also refer to any processing of animal products into purified fats like lard or tallow.  Rendered animal fat surely provides a flavor enhancement for kibble, especially. However, rendered animal fat is actually a source of microorganisms like Salmonella, for example. It also contains toxins such as heavy metals and others. If moisture penetrates any of these dry food bags, the harmful bacteria and mold can flourish even more, resulting in diseases in your dog.

  1. Natural Dog Food Is Healthy:

 Well, we’ve talked enough about reasons to avoid chemical ingredients in your dog foods. Nevertheless, we haven’t addressed the multiple health benefits of feeding your loving pet natural or plant-based foods, yet.

Let’s start! Natural food provides dogs with the fine nutrition they need to live a long and happy life. Owing to its high-quality ingredients, this kind of food will surely boost your dog’s energy and improve the overall quality of its life. Chemical-free natural dog food can even keep your canine friends’ coats shinier, their teeth in better condition and their weight in check. Naturally, they will also boost their various bodily functions, including the immune system.Delvix Whole Food Pet Joint and Hip Supplement

To sum up, as long as you can, never feed your dog cheap chemical-based food. They have disastrous drawbacks on your pet health. Some natural commercial dog foods are available in the market. Surely, not all of them are good. Nevertheless, we’ve done the search for you and came to the conclusion that Delvix Whole Food Pet Joint and Hip Supplement is the best option out there!

It really contains ALL the nutrients your dog needs. Plus, it includes no added chemicals. ALL the nourishing substances come from natural and potent high-quality ingredients. Kindly, visit the link in the description for more details.

If you have found our article useful, kindly comment and share your experience with Delvix Pet products.

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