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Why Do Dogs Smell?

by Delarno D.
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Why does my dog smell like fish? This is a common question dog owners often ask. In this article, you will discover why dog smell and simple steps you can take to make your loving smells good.

In case you’ve lived with a dog, you surely know by now that dogs smell sometimes; Whether it’s their “Frito feet,” bad breath, or the unmistakable whiff after they have rolled in something stinky. They smell like dogs! While stinking doesn’t bother our canine companions, it surely can sometimes be unbearable to us, humans.

If you are one of those people want to know why do dogs smell. Kindly, keep reading to the end to discover 5 main reasons behind your dog smell.

  1. Dogs Smell Because Of Dental Problems: 

Just like us humans, the number one cause of bad breath in dogs is the build-up of plaque and tartar on their teeth. Some breeds are also especially prone to dental problems like gum disease.


They can even suffer from Gingival Hyperplasia, which consists of overgrowth of gum tissue around the teeth. This issue can lead to harboring small bits of food that later produce a rotten smell.

  1. Dogs Smell Because Of Gas: 

Typically, numerous dogs have intolerance to some food ingredients. This hypersensitivity can commonly cause flatulence amongst dogs, which will eventually result in stinking. If this is your dog’s case, you can follow it to determine when the smell occur or become worst to determine if it is related its diet.dog smell

You may need to see a vet to adopt an appropriate diet. In addition, you can try Delvix Pet Complete, a plant-based dog food supplement containing up to 46 antioxidants, 13 whole food vitamins, 16 minerals and 36 anti-inflammatory compounds.

  1. Dogs Smell Bad Because Of Atopy: 

Allergies, which cause skin inflammations, may lead to excessive secretion of oil from certain glands in the dog’s dermatitis, producing a musty smell. A poor diet, high in carbohydrates and processed foods, might also contribute to this condition and cause other health problems including yeast infections, which also give off a foul odor.

Changing to a high-protein, non-processed dog food, along with antiallergy tablets for dogs, can often help with this cause. For the complete protein, I recommend Delvix Pet Total Health, a plant-based dog food supplement containing Healthy Fats such as Omega 3, More than 10 Antiinfection agents, 36 anti-inflammatory compounds, whole food vitamins and minerals. 

  1. Dogs Smell Bad Because Of Ear Infections: 

There exist numerous types of bacteria and yeast that can cause ear infections. Usually, the dog’s ears do have defense mechanisms that hinder the infection’s development. However, sometimes, due to weak immune system or/and hormonal imbalances, ear infections may develop and worsen dramatically, causing a malodorous smell.

  1. Dogs Smell Because Of Anal Sacs: 

This is actually the number one reason why dogs smell. But let’s first understand what anal sacs are: Anal sacs, also known as scent glands, normally do their work quietly, in the background. Healthy anal sacs release a small amount of secretion during defecation. They have a strong musky odor. This scent is usually for the sake of other dogs only. It’s a marking smell that enables dogs to identify each other. These glands are thus, the reason dogs smell each other’s rear ends when meeting.dogs smell Anal Sacs

Sometimes, however, these anal sacs may get blocked and unable to drain. When this happens, these scent glands may become swollen and painful for dogs. As a response, they usually respond by biting and licking their anus excessively, exposing the glands to abscess and infection that cause overwhelmingly bad smell.

The most common sign a dog has anal sacs issues is dragging its bottom on the ground, or “scooting.” If you see the above symptoms, please make an appointment with your vet to get help solving the problem. 

As a conclusion, although the dog’s bad smell can generally be avoided by good hygiene and a healthy diet, in some cases, a visit to the vet may be necessary.

If you know other reasons why dogs smell, kindly comment and share them with our readers.

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