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Choose The Best Dog Food For Small Dogs

by Delarno D.
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The best dog food for small dogs can be different for large grown dogs, and natural is always the best. In this article, you will discover 7 reasons to feed your small dogs natural foods, and what ingredients to look for when buying.

Although most dog owners feed small dogs the same as others, is has been shown that little breeds actually need a slightly more particular diet. This food should actually be natural and contain certain ingredients.

Here are 7 tips to choose the best food for your small dog.

  1. Small Dogs Need More Calories:

 This is because small breeds generally tend to have higher metabolism rates and thus burn more calories than large dogs. Why would this recommend the consumption of natural food, you may ask?


As it happens, small dogs need more calories and, consequently, more food intake. Feeding dogs chemical-based products naturally increases their risks of catching diseases ranging from inflammations and allergies to cancers. Feeding them more of this kind of foods will double these odds. That’s the main reason why you should opt for natural feeds. They will not only appease your canine companion’s appetite but keep it healthy as well.

  1. Small Dogs Generally Have Smaller Teeth and Mouths:

 This is why small dogs’ foods ought to be a little bit easier to chew. Natural foods, because they are unprocessed, tend to have a more regular chewability than refined products.

  1. Small Dogs Need More Vitamins:small dog

Again, this is due to their higher metabolism rates. While processed foods also contain vitamins, they generally are synthetic, that is chemically made. That’s certainly not good and may even harm your canine. On the other hand, natural dog foods will provide your 4-legged friend with high-quality vitamins that will improve their digestive system and overall health.

  1. Small Dogs Need More Minerals:

Again, this is linked to small dogs’ metabolism being higher. Natural foods will surely provide these breeds with the necessary healthy minerals to ensure their well-being. They contain the essential trace minerals necessary for the vitamins’ synergistic operation Processed meals. Synthetic foods contain no trace minerals and must utilize the body’s own mineral reserves. Therefore, they force the body of your loving pet to deplete its own reserves of nutrients in order to replace the nutrients missing from the “false foods”.

  1. Small Dogs Need More Proteins:

 Natural foods, generally, not only provide more but also higher-quality proteins compared to processed meals. Unnatural protein is damaging to your dog’s kidneys. It can have very serious toxic effects on overall body of your pet. Naturally-occurring whole-food protein is not toxic and easily digested the fact that it is complexed in its natural whole integral working form, and requires no depletion from the body.

  1. chemical preservatives That Are Harmful to Small Dogs:

 These types of feed contain chemical preservatives that are seriously damaging to all types of dogs but their drawbacks can generally be seen quicker in small dogs. From inflammations, allergies, skin issues to even cancer, processed food can, on the long run, can even kill your beloved canine companion.

  1. Natural Foods Are Healthy:

This point can, truth be told, be the summarizing reason on why to go natural brands when choosing the best dog foods for small dogs. As a matter of fact, natural whole foods don’t have negative effects on your canine’s health. They actually boost it thanks to the natural calories, proteins, fats, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that they hold.

Delvix Pet Total HealthTherefore, in case you care for your four-legged friend _ and it’s certain that you do_ choose wisely. Choose natural!

One of the best dog foods for small dogs out there is, without a single doubt, Delvix Pet Total Health. As a matter of fact, this food is not only natural and eco-friendly but it also provides literally ALL the nutrients your dog needs to stay or become healthy.

Delvix Pet Total Health is actually convenient not only for small dogs but for any single canine breed, as well. With 46 antioxidants, 13 whole food vitamins, complete plant-based protein, 32 minerals and trace minerals, 36 anti-inflammatory compounds and 18 amino-acids, it will surely boost your dog’s energy, immune system and overall health.

Kindly comment and share your experience with Delvix Pet products.

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