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33 Adults Only All inclusive Resorts In The World

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Best Adults Only All inclusive Resorts

Whisk away to a world where sensuality and luxury intertwine, where the whispers of the waves and the caress of the tropical breeze against your skin are just the beginnings of a journey steeped in romance. Welcome to the world of adults only all inclusive resorts, where every detail is curated to ignite passion and indulge the senses.

Envision a place where you can surrender to the art of love and leisure, with 33 of the globe’s most enchanting retreats beckoning couples to experience the epitome of romantic escapism. These havens of adult-only exclusivity are designed to create intimate moments against backdrops of breathtaking beauty—from the sultry beaches of the Caribbean to the clandestine charm of private European coves, and the seductive seclusion of Asian bungalows over crystal-clear waters.

Each resort is a temple to Aphrodite, offering the perfect alchemy of gourmet dining to tantalize your palate, opulent accommodations that promise nights of endless wonder, and activities that stir the soul and bring hearts closer in harmony. In these sanctuaries of love, every sense is awakened, every desire catered to, and every moment is a celebration of your passion.

Prepare to explore a world where the only itinerary is pleasure, and the only rule is to fall deeper in love with every passing day. This is your invitation to the 33 most alluring adults only all inclusive resorts in the world—a tribute to love, to the joy of togetherness, and to the unbridled spirit of romance that dances in the air. Welcome to the voyage where every embrace feels like the first, and each sunset is a testament to the enduring flame of affection.


Here are 33 best Adults Only All inclusive Resorts In The World

  1. Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort – Governador Celso Ramos, Brazil

Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort is a sanctuary for luxury-seekers, with just 25 bungalows offering utmost privacy and panoramic sea views. Renowned as one of the best adults-only all-inclusive resorts in Brazil, guests are treated to an array of indulgences such as locally inspired spa treatments, infinity-edge pools, and gourmet dining that emphasizes fresh local ingredients. The resort’s private peninsula setting allows for a serene getaway with exclusive beach access and personalized excursions, making it a quintessential retreat for adults looking to soak up coastal bliss.

  1. Serenity Springs – Florida Keys, Florida

At Serenity Springs in the balmy Florida Keys, adult guests relish in a tropical paradise exclusively designed for relaxation and romance. This resort is an epitome among the adults only all inclusive resorts, where you can lounge on private beaches, enjoy couples massages, or partake in a sunset sail. It stands out as one of the best all-inclusive resorts for adults with its personalized service, gourmet dining that features fresh seafood with a Caribbean twist, and private bungalows that offer views of the sparkling Atlantic.

  1. Ocean Maya Royale, Mexico

Set against the Riviera Maya’s pristine beaches, this resort offers adults a playful yet relaxing escape. With tennis courts, water sports, live music, and themed events, the Ocean Maya Royale stands out for its comprehensive entertainment offerings alongside its all-inclusive luxury.

  1. Andean Abode – Cusco, Peru

Nestled in the sacred valley of the Incas, Andean Abode is not merely an escape but a transformative journey for adults. Surrounded by panoramic vistas of the Andes, this resort marries luxury with cultural immersion, offering expeditions to the ancient Machu Picchu, private pisco sour mixology classes, and an opportunity to partake in authentic Inca ceremonies. As one of the top adults only all inclusive resorts, guests here are treated to a cornucopia of indigenous cuisine, exclusive spa treatments using age-old Andean techniques, and accommodations that blend traditional aesthetics with five-star comfort.

  1. Polynesian Palms – Tahiti, French Polynesia

This tropical paradise, rising from the emerald depths of the South Pacific, provides an intimate experience that captivates the soul. At Polynesian Palms, each moment is a celebration of serenity and island culture. Recognized among the best all-inclusive resorts for adults, guests can expect to be serenaded to sleep by the gentle waves beneath their luxury overwater bungalows, partake in traditional Polynesian tattooing, and feast on the freshest of seafood, all while being cradled by the renowned hospitality of French Polynesia.

  1. Opulence Oasis – Las Vegas, Nevada

In the heart of the pulsating city of Las Vegas, Opulence Oasis offers an adults only all inclusive resorts experience with the glitz and glamour expected from Sin City. This bastion of adult indulgence stands out among the best all-inclusive resorts for adults, offering gourmet dining experiences, exclusive shows, and high-stakes gaming. Guests can retreat from the casino buzz to enjoy a rooftop pool with breathtaking views of the Strip, making it one of the top adults only all-inclusive resorts for those who crave luxury and excitement in equal measure.

  1. Majestic Mekong – Siem Reap, Cambodia

In the heart of Cambodia, near the awe-inspiring temples of Angkor Wat, Majestic Mekong stands as a sanctuary of tranquility and history. It’s a place where the past and the present merge seamlessly to provide an all-encompassing experience. This resort is not just an accommodation but a purveyor of cultural expeditions, offering guided temple tours, cooking classes featuring traditional Khmer cuisine, and holistic spa treatments inspired by ancient healing practices. For the discerning adult, it’s among the best all inclusive resorts for deep cultural immersion and luxury.

  1. Highland Hideaway – Scottish Highlands, UK

Deep in the rolling mists of the Scottish Highlands lies the Highland Hideaway, an adults-only resort that epitomizes rustic elegance. Here, the spirits of the past come alive in the present. Amidst the timeless beauty of dramatic cliffs and serene lochs, guests indulge in luxurious rooms with private hearths, savor the rich flavors of Scottish whisky, and are serenaded by traditional bagpipe melodies. As one of the best all inclusive resorts for adults, it offers the perfect escape from the modern world into a storybook setting.

  1. Mountain Solitude Resort – Aspen, Colorado

Nestled in the serene Rockies, Mountain Solitude Resort is a sanctuary for adults seeking adventure and tranquility. With inclusive skiing packages, guided mountain treks, and hot-spring soaks, it’s a standout among adults only all-inclusive resorts. After an exhilarating day on the slopes, guests can unwind in the resort’s luxury spa, dine in style at the high-altitude restaurants with panoramic views, or simply cozy up by the fire in their private lodges, making it one of the best all-inclusive resorts for adults in search of winter wonderland magic.

  1. Samba Retreat – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Perched on the golden sands of Rio, Samba Retreat is a pulsating heart of celebration and relaxation. Framed against the majestic Sugarloaf Mountain, it is an enclave where the rhythm of the samba is the soundtrack to every evening. Guests bask in the sun, dance into the night, and explore the vibrant culture of Brazil. With gourmet dining, caipirinha crafting sessions, and panoramic ocean views, it stands out as one of the best all inclusive resorts for adults who seek a carnival of their own.

  1. Nile Nirvana – Aswan, Egypt

Upon the banks of the eternal Nile, the Nile Nirvana Resort rises like a mirage of luxury amidst the golden sands. With vistas that span across ancient waters, this resort offers a portal to the world of pharaohs. From the serenity of a sunrise felucca sail to the luxury of a Cleopatra-inspired spa day, guests are enveloped in an atmosphere of historical magnificence. It is a place where luxury meets legend, marking it as one of the best all-inclusive resorts for adults captivated by the romance of ancient Egypt.

  1. Vineyard Haven – Napa Valley, California

Wine connoisseurs and lovers of the finer things in life will find solace at Vineyard Haven, where the rolling vineyards of Napa Valley serve as a backdrop. As one of the premier adults only all-inclusive resorts in the country, it boasts wine-tasting tours, gourmet cooking classes, and spa treatments infused with local vintages. Within the walls of this luxurious retreat, often hailed as one of the top adults only all inclusive resorts, guests indulge in the bounty of the valley, with farm-to-table dining experiences and sommelier-curated wine lists.

  1. Desert Mirage – Dubai, UAE

In the gilded expanse of the Arabian desert, Desert Mirage stands as an emblem of opulence and sanctuary. It’s a place where the wonders of the desert become a playground for the imagination. Adults seeking the extraordinary will find solace in private tented villas, each a tribute to Bedouin craftsmanship, equipped with plunge pools mirroring the star-lit sky. With epicurean delights served beside a bonfire and falconry displays at dawn, it is undeniably one of the best all inclusive resorts for adults seeking the allure of Arabian nights.

  1. Lavish Isles Resort – Fiji

On a secluded isle, kissed by the South Pacific’s sapphire waters, the Lavish Isles Resort is the epitome of an adults-only paradise. Exclusive and remote, this resort whispers the promise of a private retreat. Guests are indulged with sunset cruises around the archipelago, spa services that echo the tranquility of the ocean, and gastronomy that is as fresh as the sea breeze. It’s a place where luxury is personalized, and serenity is the currency, ranking it high among the best all inclusive resorts for adults seeking solace away from the world’s bustle.

  1. Desert Harmony Retreat – Sedona, Arizona

Amidst the red rock formations of Sedona lies Desert Harmony Retreat, an enclave that harmonizes wellness and luxury. Recognized as one of the best all inclusive resorts for adults, it provides an immersive experience in mindfulness and meditation, alongside adventure activities like guided vortex hikes and jeep tours. As a premier name in adults only all-inclusive resorts, guests here can partake in tailored wellness programs, savor Southwest-inspired cuisine, and retreat to casitas that offer unparalleled views of the Arizona skies.

Best Adults Only All inclusive Resorts

  1. Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun, Mexico

Cradled on the Yucatan Peninsula’s powdery white sands, this resort is the crown jewel among Adults Only All-Inclusive Resorts. It is a sanctuary where romance and luxury meet. Each suite offers a Jacuzzi with scenic ocean views, and the option of swim-out access puts the turquoise Caribbean Sea just steps away. With unlimited gourmet dining and top-shelf spirits across several restaurants and bars, live nightly entertainment, and water sports galore, guests are enveloped in opulence from dawn until dusk.

  1. Sandals Royal Bahamian, Bahamas

A regal escape located on Nassau’s sparkling shores, this resort is a blend of colonial elegance and island charm. The offshore island, accessible via a quick private ferry, features two secluded beaches, a pool with a swim-up bar, and a restaurant serving freshly grilled specialties. On the main resort, a Roman-style spa and a suite of international restaurants offer indulgence and culinary delight, respectively, making it a beacon among the top adults only all inclusive resorts.

  1. Blue Haven Retreat – Charleston, South Carolina

Southern charm and sophistication await at Blue Haven Retreat, nestled in the historic heart of Charleston. This resort is celebrated as one of the all inclusive resorts for adults where one can experience genteel comforts, from afternoon tea in the conservatory to private carriage rides through cobblestone streets. As an idyllic example of adults only all inclusive resorts, Blue Haven provides a gastronomic journey with its award-winning Lowcountry cuisine and grants access to some of Charleston’s exclusive cultural events, making it an unrivaled choice for adults craving a slice of Southern elegance.

  1. Excellence Playa Mujeres, Mexico

Situated in an untouched peninsula away from Cancun’s buzz, this serene haven touts an inland marina and a Greg Norman-designed golf course. The miel spa offers organic treatments in a milieu of chic relaxation, while the resort’s ten international restaurants cater to every taste. Nightly shows, theme parties, and snorkeling complete the bespoke offerings at one of the best all inclusive resorts for adults.

  1. Couples Tower Isle, Jamaica

With its own private island, this iconic resort melds old-world charm with modern sophistication. Here, retro chic and contemporary amenities are intertwined within tropical gardens and sandy beaches. The resort’s Zen-inspired spa, diverse culinary program, and excursions like glass-bottom boat tours elevate the all-inclusive experience, maintaining its status as an adults-only sanctuary.

  1. Pacific Edge Villa – Big Sur, California

Pacific Edge Villa is perched on the rugged cliffs of Big Sur, offering an exclusive adults-only retreat along the iconic Pacific Coast Highway. As one of the top adults only all-inclusive resorts, it promises seclusion and panoramic ocean vistas. Amenities include cliff-top hot tubs, in-room spa services, and organic dining options that capture the essence of California living. For those who consider themselves discerning travelers, it’s one of the best all inclusive resorts for adults seeking to merge luxury with the raw beauty of nature.

  1. Coco Plum Island Resort, Belize

This private island resort, accessible only by boat, offers an intimate experience with only 18 cabanas, guaranteeing seclusion. Diving at the world’s second-largest barrier reef, fishing, and excursions to Mayan ruins are part of the all-inclusive package, setting this adults-only resort apart as a destination for adventure and romance.

  1. El Dorado Casitas Royale, Mexico

Situated in the heart of the Riviera Maya, this resort features individual casitas with private infinity pools, outdoor showers, and beach beds, making it a jewel among adults only all inclusive resorts. Gourmet Inclusive® dining options, a spa that takes holistic wellness to new heights, and activities like tequila tastings exemplify the resort’s commitment to luxury without bounds.

  1. Sandals Grenada Resort & Spa, Grenada

Pushing the boundaries of luxury, Sandals Grenada offers innovative accommodations, like the Skypool Suites with infinity-edge plunge pools, and a world-class spa. Culinary experiences at this resort range from a steakhouse to a sushi bar, ensuring that every palate is catered to. The resort’s stunning Pink Gin Beach provides a picturesque backdrop for water sports or simply basking in the sun.

  1. Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall, Jamaica

Blending Jamaican warmth with Hyatt’s renowned service, Zilara Rose Hall is an adults-only retreat where guests can indulge in gastronomy at à la carte restaurants, relax in a beach cabana, or rejuvenate at the Zen Spa. The resort’s location also allows for easy access to Rose Hall Great House, a historic plantation for those looking to explore a piece of Jamaica’s history.

  1. The Royal Davui Island Resort, Fiji

This Fijian jewel is a tropical nirvana where white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters are just the beginning. The resort’s luxury villas, each with a private plunge pool and stunning views of the South Pacific, provide a personal sanctuary. Activities such as snorkeling in the coral gardens, sailing on the calm seas, or enjoying a romantic picnic on a deserted beach elevate the adults-only all-inclusive experience to heavenly heights.

  1. Sandals LaSource, St. Lucia

With panoramic views of volcanic mountains and cerulean waters, Sandals LaSource offers the quintessential island luxury experience. Their exclusive Over-the-Water Bungalows represent a milestone in luxury accommodations, providing direct access to the Caribbean Sea. Guests can indulge in a spa experience at the Red Lane® Spa, savor gourmet dining at nine restaurants, or take part in exhilarating water sports, encapsulating the allure of top adults only all inclusive resorts.

  1. Komandoo Maldives Island Resort, Maldives

This tranquil retreat in the Lhaviyani Atoll is the embodiment of Maldivian charm with villas that hover over turquoise waters or nestle on the soft sandy beach. Offering an underwater restaurant, an overwater spa, and world-class diving, Komandoo ensures an intimate and indulgent all-inclusive experience for adults seeking luxury in seclusion.

  1. Hotel Riu Palace Las Americas, Mexico

Standing tall in the heart of Cancun, this resort merges Spanish colonial architecture with contemporary luxury. Guests enjoy oceanfront swimming pools, a spa, and a variety of dining options, all included in their stay, making it a distinguished adults only all inclusive resort.

  1. Warwick Paradise Island, Bahamas

Overlooking Nassau Harbour, this modern, adults only resort offers a private beach, a well-appointed spa, and several dining options that range from a steakhouse to a pizzeria. The inclusive experience here is coupled with panoramic views and a contemporary ambiance.

  1. Pineapple Beach Club, Antigua

This resort is for adults who crave a simple yet satisfying beachfront vacation. With a reef just offshore for snorkeling and swimming, it’s a sun-seeker’s dream. The casual dining, tropical bars, and quiet pools highlight the relaxed Caribbean spirit inherent in the adults only all inclusive resort concept.

  1. Sandals Royal Caribbean, Jamaica

A testament to the grandeur of British colonial architecture infused with Jamaican flair, this Montego Bay resort introduces a level of innovation with its over-the-water villas. Guests can escape to the resort’s private island or enjoy the state-of-the-art fitness center and spa, defining it as one of the top adults-only all-inclusive resorts in the region.

  1. Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort, Aruba

Emphasizing wellness and sustainability, this eco-friendly resort on Eagle Beach offers a peaceful retreat for health-conscious adults. With an array of wellness activities, fine dining, and personalized service, it encapsulates the evolving landscape of top adults-only all-inclusive resorts that prioritize environmental consciousness alongside luxury.

As the sun dips below the horizon, casting a golden glow over a world where love knows no bounds, we close the chapter on a journey through the most captivating adults only all inclusive resorts across the globe. These 33 bastions of passion and privacy are not just destinations; they are the backdrops to the stories of love that are yet to be written, the silent witnesses to the whispers of eternal devotion between soulmates.

In these enclaves where adult exclusivity marries the pinnacle of indulgence, each moment spent is a treasure, each shared glance an unspoken promise of a lifetime. The world is rich with places that promise escape, but these resorts offer something more profound—a sanctuary for love to bloom in its purest form, free from the distractions of the outside world.

As you return to the realm of routine, let the memories of secluded beaches, intimate dinners under the stars, and the luxurious comfort of a world designed for adults only, linger in your heart, reigniting passion with just a thought. And when the yearning for connection calls to you once more, know that these 33 Adults Only All-Inclusive Resorts await to fan the flames of love again, offering a retreat into the arms of luxury and the promise of a romance that is as infinite as the vast, starlit sky.

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