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15 Best Online MBA Programs In The World

by Delarno D.
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Having an MBA degree is worth every penny you spend. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, business, finance and sales professionals who have an MBA have the biggest bumps in terms of salary, up to 89% increase.  You too can achieve this.

In this post, you will discover 15 best online MBA programs for professionals and people with limited times.

Here are 15 Best Online MBA Programs for professionals and people who have limited time to invest in school:


The MBA program has an online focus that includes six face-to-face academic years. Demonstrations take place in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Silicon Valley, California. US News & World Report ranked the university # 3 among the best online MBA programs and 17 of the best business schools. Princeton Review ranks the University No. 5 among the best online MBA programs.


There are nearly 200 elective courses in the MBA programs, along with 12 focus area options. There are also pathways where a student can focus on career path and basic experiences that can be used by management simulation, real-time consulting, or study abroad options.


The North Carolina State University MBA programs can be completed online in just a few months. However, there is no pressure. Courses availability is flexible, so students can take up to six years to complete an MBA. The US News & World Report ranked the university # 17 among the best online MBA programs. Princeton Review ranks it No. 9 among the best online MBA programs.

NC State’s online program begins in the fall and spring semesters. The program is mainly online. There are two types of three-day stays in Raleigh. The MBA consists of 40 credits. Online students do not do concentrations, but complete the depth requirements, which are six credit hours in a specific field. There are also nine hours of electives included in the 40-hour curriculum. Applicants for an MBA degree must obtain a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution, along with a passing statistics course with a grade of C or higher, along with at least two years of professional work.


The Marshall Business School at the University of Southern California offers an MBA program. US News & World Report ranked USC # 5 among the best online MBA programs and no. 17 of the best business schools. Princeton Review ranks it No. 3 among the online MBA programs in the US. The online MBA at the University of Southern California has a unique focus.

The University of Southern California MBS programs include an integrated cohort-based curriculum and high-level videos from five interdisciplinary courses, as well as a one-week semester on campus – the role of the principal. Students learn how key topics like marketing, finance and accounting go hand in hand. For example, one of the main categories, Business Essentials, lasts 15 weeks and represents ten 51-degree credit hours. It is a prerequisite for the remaining four seasons, which can be taken in any order. They include management within the company, management outside the company and recognition and completion of opportunities. Most courses are out of sync, but there is a live chapter once a week available via webcam.


Kennan Flagler Business School offers an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. US News & World Report ranked it # 2 among the best online MBA programs and ranked 19 among the best business schools in the country. Princeton Review also ranks the University No. 2 among the best online MBA programs.

Online MBA students can complete the program in 18-36 months. Students who take two semester courses can complete the degree in 24 months. Students can choose one of five concentrations: finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, strategy and consulting, or data analysis and decision making. In addition to the online experience, students must attend a minimum of two face-to-face dives over three days, which is scheduled at the end of each trimester and takes place at various locations. Extensive professional work experience is a great advantage for applicants. Those with six years or less of experience must submit GMAT or GRE scores.


The Keele School of Business at Indiana University offers an online MBA. US News & World Report ranked the program # 1 among the best online MBA programs and 21 of the best business schools. Princeton Review ranks INDIANA UNIVERSITYthe school No. 1 among the online MBA programs.

The MBA trains students to direct organization’s critical business operations. The program has two mandatory one-week residencies in Bloomington: one at the beginning of an MBA and one at the end. During residency periods, in addition to meeting with classmates and teachers, students work on feasibility for a real client. The program consists of 54 credit hours, half of which is optional. There are many disciplines, including global business, financial management, and operations management. By taking an additional four semesters, MBA students can earn another degree in Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management, Analysis and many other disciplines.


The Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia also offers an MBA. Keep in mind that Virginia’s online MBA program has a broad campus component. Weekend seminars and similar meetings are scheduled once a month in Roslyn, Virginia, and a one-week stay is required at the start and end of the MBA program, which is designed for 21 months.

Darden school classes often use what they call the case method. Students read about a situation on their own, share ideas with a small team, discuss the situation during class, and then think about how the process changes original ideas about the condition. The curriculum covers basic topics such as communication, financial management and ethics. The program is organized into ten trimesters, which last every two months.


Gies College of Business, which offers an MBA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, refers to the degree as iMBA. The degree offers eight specializations, including strategic leadership, digital marketing, and innovative entrepreneurship. Teaching and learning take place on a platform called Coursera and through Gies College.

To complete iMBA, students must successfully complete six majors, along with a full program test course. The materials in Coursera are asynchronous and can be completed as quickly as the student receives them. All iMBA applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and at least three years of operational or administrative experience. Recommended but not mandatory GMAT / GRE scores.


Harub Business School at Auburn University uses the Canvas platform to earn an online MBA degree. Harbert School uses the Boeing Learning Together program, which enables online students to experience the same classes as MBA students on campus. Through Canvas, students work on team assignments, join discussions with colleagues and teachers, and obtain course material.

The US News & World Report ranked the program number 9 among the best online MBA programs. Princeton Review ranks Harub Business School No. 13 among the online MBA programs. Dual graduate degrees are available in Industrial Engineering, Systems Engineering, Finance, and Information Systems. The online experience culminates with a three-day experiment on campus just before graduation.


Graduates of Johns Hopkins Curry University hold positions in high-profile organizations such as Morgan Stanley, Ernst & Young, and the World Bank. The Master of Business Administration degree consists of 54 credit hours. The regular student at Carey School completes the course in 2.7 years, but students have up to six to complete the degree.

Online courses last eight weeks, corresponding to the campus course schedule. Classes are taught by the same university. Online students can choose funds, healthcare and marketing concentrations. Communication, leadership, and negotiation concentrations can be achieved largely online, but require a short two-to-three-day campus stay in Baltimore.


An online MBA degree from Villanova University is designed to be completed in six semesters or two years. However, distant students can set their own pace. The US News & World Report ranked the MBA degree 13th among the best online MBA programs. There is a required experiment on campus: global training near the end of the program. The rest of the MBA is completely accessible online.

Most of the program is asynchronous, with exceptions such as direct study discussions or study assignments and direct working hours of faculty members. There are 48 credit hours, including 15 elective hours. These focus areas include finance, marketing, analytics, international business, and strategic management. Courses based on the college semester cannot be waived, but up to nine course credits can be transferred to graduates.


Students can complete an MBA degree from the University of Nebraska in less than 1.5 years, but most online UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKAstudents take around three years to complete the courses. The US News & World Report ranked the courses # 26 among the best online MBA programs.

The MBA consists of ten basic courses of three credit hours each, in addition to six elective courses of three hours duration. Each course lasts eight weeks and the entire MBA can be done online. Students have up to ten years to complete a degree. Students can choose concentrations in Finance, Business Analysis, International Business, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management. Students can also earn certificates in Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics.


Like many degrees at George Washington University, the MBA program is influenced by the university’s location in the country’s capital. University relationships with professional and government institutions provide educational opportunities for MBA students. The MBA program consists of 55.5 credits, including 27 elective hours. Students generally take six credit hours in the semester; It is recommended that a semester include at least 7.5 hours to be on track to complete in three years.

The program is fully available online, along with an optional four-day residency course in Washington, DC, where once-a-week live class sessions are combined with forums, videos, and other digital tools. The online MBA offers a focus on health management. There are no GPA or experience requirements, but the admissions process is competitive, and most GWU students in the program have completed at least two years of professional work.


The Master of Business Administration degree of this University consists of 54 credit hours and can be completed in about 2 years. The university’s Carlson School of Management offers academic advice online and manages courses with the Canvas platform. The program is offered mainly online.

There are at least two short sessions on the Minneapolis campus, including orientation at the beginning of the program. MBA concentrations through elective courses include entrepreneurship, finance, human resources, and international business. Students are able to connect with about 55,000 Carlson School alumni community. Applicants must have at least 2 years of full-time work experience plus a bachelor’s degree. Applicants will also be asked to create a video essay.


The MBA program at the Stevens Institute of Technology focuses on changing technology and teach students how to recognize and create new technologies for the benefit of the management.  Secializations include institutional innovation, information systems, finance, and project management.

The MBA degree consists of 39 credit hours and can be completed in two years. An accredited bachelor’s degree with a minimum 3.0 average of MBA applicants is required, as well as two letters of recommendation and GMAT / GRE scores. No work experience is required, but since admission is competitive, evaluators will consider a strong CV. In one of Stevens IT’s core options, students work as counselors in a real company, solve a problem, or create an opportunity.


The Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland also provides MBA courses. The MBA allows students to apply flexible hours to learn leadership, communication, and analytical skills from Smith School College in Maryland.UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND-COLLEGE PARK

The US News & World Report ranked the program # 8 among the best online MBA programs. The online MBA includes two short sessions at College Park at the beginning and end of the program. The MBA degree consists of 54 credits and can be completed in less than 21 months, although most online students take longer. There are dual degree options, which are reported, require up to 68 hours and can take three to four years to complete. Applicants for an MBA must have at least two years of work experience.

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