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10 Best Colleges in California to Go if You Want to Be Successful

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10 Best Colleges in California to Go if You Want to Be Successful

10 Best Colleges in California

Several universities and colleges in California are among the best schools not only in the United States but also in the world, the famous University of Stanford for example. If you are planning to continue your higher education in the beautiful California state this article will greatly help you make your selection.Las 8 dudas más frecuentes en Dirección de Proyectos - EALDE

Here we offer you ranking of the 10 best colleges in California. The difference between all these institutions lies mainly in the type of training they offer and the results of their pedagogy. The number which follows each college indicates its ranking position in the United States.

Best National Liberal Arts Colleges in California

• Pomona College # 4
• Claremont McKenna College # 9
• Harvey Mudd College # 14
• Scripps College # 29
• Pitzer College # 36
• Occidental College # 43
• Soka University of America # 45
• Thomas Aquinas College # 82
• Westmont College # 93
• Whittier College # 127.

Top California Regional Colleges

• Master’s College and Seminary # 3
• California Maritime Academy # 8
• Menlon College # 9
• Vanguard University of Southern California # 13
• Hope International University # 20
• Cogswell Polytechnical College # not rated
• Humphreys College #not rated
• Minerva Schools at Keck Graduate Institute # not rated
• Patten University # not rated
• University of the West # not ranked.


Studying in California

The first thing to do if you want to study in the state of California is to find the college or university in which you are going. Best Christian Colleges in California 2019 | University MagazineIn Los Angeles only there are 9 Community Colleges. Some of them, like Los Angeles City College, are located in the heart of the city; others are just a few minutes from the beach. West Los Angeles Community College is 20 minutes away from the famous Neighborhood of Venice Beach, while others are located in the LA agglomeration.

Student life in Colleges in California

Church or religious activities, beach, sport, shopping, culture, nightlife …, there is something to amuse even the must difficult student. Some cities in California, like Los Angeles, have everything you need to please you. Your extra-curricular schedule will, of course, depend on your tastes, but also depend on the programs of the school in which you will study. Some establishments have their own entertainments: concert halls, very big sports facilities, exhibition halls … I can guarantee you will not be bored if you go to one of the California colleges.

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