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Car Quotes: 10 Simple Tips to Save up to 30%

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10 Simple Tips to get lower Car Quotes

Buying a new or used vehicle is a major investment which will have an impact, bad or good, on you. You cannot decide insignificantly. While it is normal to search and compare car quotes, the most important is buying a reliable vehicle.

Making a wrong choice can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to buy a very good vehicle at the most reasonable price, and thus save money, ranging from 8 to 25%. Below are 10 tips you can use to search and compare car quotes, and chose the best car for your need at lower prices.

10 simple tips to find low car quotes

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  1. Buy at the end of the calendar year

As long as you can, wait for the end of the calendar year-end (end of November, early December) to buy your car. Dealers have quantitative selling targets with the manufacturers. If they reach their goal, they receive substantial bonuses. To achieve their goals, they will be more inclined to “sell off” car by mid-year (May), but especially the last months of the year.


Take advantage of that. If you don’t have any emergency for the vehicle, wait until end of November or early December to start requesting car quotes.

    2. Buy a recent but not new car

One of best way to get lower car quotes and save is to consider recent vehicles which have little mileage on them. With only 10 000 km, you can save up to 20%.

These cars are often models obtained with significant reductions of employees working for the manufacturers or the dealers. Those employees change vehicle every 6 to 18 months. Generally, they take great care to sell it in the best conditions.

These cars can also be for sale for the very owners who want to get rid of them to buy new ones or for other personal reasons.

      3. Buy from an employee of a manufacturer

This trick allows you to acquire a new or used vehicle at a competitive price. In this case, two solutions are available to you depending on the opportunities but also the type of vehicle you want:

  • Vehicle of the employee – Automakers employees have the opportunity to acquire a new vehicle manufactured by the group for which they are working at a moderate price. Cars sold by “collaborators” are generally new and well equipped.
  • Vehicle of the company – These cars are vehicles belonged to the company but at the service of the employees. Richly equipped and motorized, these cars can also be bought at low mileage in very good condition.
  1. Buy on the website of a manufacturer car quotes

The Internet has revolutionized the auto marketing methods. You can use a simple tool to find the lowest car quotes in the entire country within minutes. To compete with, among other s, agents and brokers, as well as other manufacturing competitors, certain car manufacturers are now putting their online clearance offers.

For now, few manufacturers offer this service. Buying, strictly speaking, does not happen online but face to face with the seller or his mandate. The vehicles are sold at discount rates of up to 30%. You will not believe how easily you can receive very low car quotes using this simple method. The drawback is that they can be stored in a dealership remote from your location.

  1. Buy through a broker

Brokers are recent actors on the car market. They are traders but work exclusively between dealers and end-buyers. These professionals are paid commission by the dealers to work as intermediaries. You can contact one and negotiate for a low price.

They manage to get substantial discounts in exchange for the assurance of sales volume.

For this reason, brokers can get much higher discounts than the actual buyer.  This is even more effective if you can find a broker who has years experience in the market. First compare car quotes on the internet, and then talk to a broker for lowest prices.

  1. Buy through a mutual insurer

Mutual insurers are insurance companies owned exclusively by their policyholders. Some of them offer services identical to those brokers. They offer, to certain clients, the possibility of acquiring an automobile at substantial discount. The granted discounts can reach up to 28% of the new price and earn promotions to the manufacturers. Mutual insurers that offer these services are only intermediaries.

In this case, the automobile is sold in concession and beneficiates a traditional manufacturer warranty. As part of a conventional sale, the buyer will buy additional insurance.  There are few mutual insurers offering this service. But you can find them on the internet and take advantage of their low car quotes.

  1. Buy abroad (overseas)

Ycar quotesou can turn to foreign brands to get very low car quotes. Depending on what country you live, you can go for Chinese cars. Some other countries also offer good deals; search and you will find them on the internet.

You can buy these cars at unrivaled prices but it may be challenging to find certain service the fact these manufacturers might not have active local dealership to ensure maintenance. When it comes to comfort, some Chinese car models are ahead of European and American models. The price differences are real and can reach about 30% discount compared to an equivalent model purchased in your own country.

Buying directly from abroad is one of the best ways to buy automobiles cheaper; however this method requires a methodical preparation. The models amenities (useful features) available in standard or optional may differ by country.

  1. Buy at auction

Car auctions are not only reserved for luxury collections or prestigious cars. You can buy ordinary vehicles at very good prices at auction.

Auctioning is common business in the United States. To keep abreast of new events and their locations, you can visit websites that offer the service (auctionsamerica.com, for instance), and sign up for their newsletters. The cars are offered for sale at much cheaper than the market price. When setting your maximum price remember to take into account the auction fees, which are generally about 10.5%. And before you bid, search the market for the latest car quotes of the makes or brands you are planning to buy.

  1. Buying at rental companies

Short-term (most known to the public) and long term (leasing, leasing with the option to purchase, lease) renters are big buyers of new cars.

When vehicles are depreciated, or become too old (usually more than two years) or have too many miles, these companies resell them systematically. Generally well maintained and optioned, these used cars are sold at very competitive prices. They are often good deals. In fact, rental companies often have the lowest car quotes on the internet.

  1. Buy smartly and patiently

When shopping for a new or used car, avoid impulse buying which can make you take an unplanned decision and buy a wrong vehicle. The impulsion can be triggered by a superficial look of car or some tricky or flattering words by the dealer. Regardless, keep your calm and buy wisely.

Even if you find the auto you really love do not let your impulses take over at the dealership and buy blindly or emotionally; it can cost you a lot of money and regret. You will always find good offers tomorrow or a week from now. Take your time to search, compare and then buy.

The operating costs of automobile manufacturing plants are so important that the priority is to produce at lower cost and sell very fast. Thus, if the sale of a car is, by itself, not profitable, maintenance and sales of spare parts are still other sources of profit. So they want to sell; you want to buy. The conclusion is to compare and negotiate different car quotes and make the deal a win-win for all parties.


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