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CDN, Content Delivery Network: 4 Reasons to Use It

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Content Delivery Network, CDN

CDN, Content Delivery Network

CDN, Content Delivery Network, consists of a set of networked computers across the Internet which cooperates to make content or data permanently available to end users. Whether it’s a content management system or custom applications, a CDN can deliver applications to people all over the world faster and safer.Content Delivery Network, CDN


Web 2.0 applications, SaaS (Software as a Service) and cloud are just some of the critical components to the success of a business. Web applications are booming but the standard Internet protocols were not designed to endure this type of use. This can cause slowdowns with the multiplicity of places of connection and devices used by consumers. This is where a CDN can be very useful.

Here are 4 advantages of using CDN, Content Delivery Network:

1. Developing and managing applications worldwide
Through a CDN, distribution of enterprise applications leverages the power of a global network. This includes points of presence (PoPs) worldwide, which act as local access points to send and receive data. By leveraging existing infrastructure and acceleration technology of an application delivery network (ADN) it becomes easier for companies to develop based on their needs and their traffic.


2. Providing quality experience to end users

Nothing slows down productivity as a slow application. The distribution of business applications eliminates the problems associated with latency between enterprise servers and end users, and thus optimizing intermediate internet infrastructure and reducing data roundtrips required to process user requests. The response time is reduced, which in returns improves user experience.

3. Reduction of IT Costs
Traditional accelerating of application layer, such as WAN optimization hardware, requires significant capital investment. Content delivery network helps reduces that. Buying server spaces in global data centers is another solution to improve performance. Comparatively, a CDN requires no capital expenditure and allows using the money for operational expenses. A partnership with a CDN provider also helps to save on maintenance of equipment and technical assistance.

4. Increase Presence in New Markets

Penetrating new markets require effort and commitment, but it is also a tremendous opportunity. More than 40% of the world population has access to internet now; that’s more than 3 billion people, and this number is constantly increasing. Cloud applications are therefore more than ever necessary. Content Delivery Network provides the structure and performance required for business success in the global market. With its distributed network of servers, CDN offers the same experience to a user in China as in the United States.

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