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5 Drone Technologies That Have Changed the World

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5 Most Advanced Drone Technologies

Drone has changed the world. At the edge of the industrial outbreak, drone professionals from around the world have made of considerable progress which support each start-up, research laboratories, large groups, public authorities, and others.

Will we have to get used to seeing pass small drones above our heads like in a science fiction movie? Maybe yes, but meanwhile let’s consider 5 most amazing drones in the world.

Discover 5 most amazing drone technologies in the world

  flyability-drone 1. Flyability, a Swiss Rescue Drone

This is one of the most amazing UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) in the world. This is a drone, the first of its kind, designed not to hurt human beings but to aid victims after disasters. It is very robust and extremely strong to operate in hostile environment.


This UAV Swiss just won $1 million, the first prize of UAE Drones for Good, an annual international competition and award by the government of the United Arab Emirates to encourage useful and positive applications for drone technology. This event is more than just a world cup; it is aimed to help “turn these exciting technologies into practical solutions to improve the lives of all.”


2. Waterfly, an amphibitious UAV swarm

droneResearchers at the American University have developed a laboratory amphibious UAV swarm capable of detecting anomalies in sea or spring water. The objective of the project is to make them communicate and share the work. Some will take a sample from the depth, others will just observe the surface of the water. An artificial lake has even been reconstituted for experimental needs.



  1. Skynet, an Australian delivery system

This Australidronean device resembles a basketball hoop above a mailbox, but it’s actually a collection of secure packages delivered by drone. Skynet should be set high on the front of your house just as planters. The object is fitted with LEDs in the corners and which will be used to triangulate the position of the UAV. The latter will approach using its GPS position one meter above the Skynet and offload its package accurately, all without the risk of falling, or hurting humans or animals.


  1. Quantum-Systems, a German solution for precision farming

droneThe Munich-based startup Quantum Systems have developed a drone capable of scrutinizing land and indicate when a farmer irrigate or treat his crops. It can monitor soil quality, nutritional indicators, moisture, and others. It has shown to increase harvests by up to 15% while requiring about 15% less fertilizer.

This is called precision agriculture or satellite farming. The originality of the craft lies in its aerodynamics: despite its fixed wing, it has the same power take-off and landing as helicopter. But it can also travel long distances and fly longer.


  1. Air Dog, American drone that serves GoPro

droneFor extreme athletes, the US Air Dog startup has developed an almost autonomous drone that follows you through a tracking system and captures your activities on video. It was presented at the last Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It is indeed an amazing machine. The only drawback is the fact you must wear a bracelet with a wrist housing for the drone to able to track you.

Now you can buy drones for different needs on the internet. Certain companies, such as Prophotouav gold, offer free guide on different variations, how drones work, different types of Drone, the type that best fits your need, etc.  All you need to do is to email or call them to receive the right information.


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