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7 Fashion Mistakes You Should NEVER Make as a Woman

by Delarno
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7 Fashion Mistakes You Should NEVER Make as a Woman

7 Fashion Mistakes Women Make

It is easy to make mistakes or errors in life; this is the main reason God recommends us to forgive one another. But some fashion mistakes do not forgive, especially when you are trying to make a good impression either in personal life as well as at professional level.

Discover seven mistakes to avoid in your daily outfits, and simple fashion techniques to fix them:

1- Too Much Makeup
Wearing makeup can beautifully improve your look, but be careful not to overdo it. The ideal method is to emphasize your eyes and lips. A simple technique is to accentuate on your complexion as well as your eyebrows. Also do not neglect your brows; but use a lightweight pencil or powder of the same color as your eyebrows. This will immediately lift your eyes. Finally, you can apply a nice lipstick to enhance an outfit.

fashion2- Wearing All Black
It is not a good idea to wear all the parts that make up your outfit black. Black is banal; wearing it from head to toe can make you look unusual or cheap. Leatherette black shoes should be avoided if you already have black dress on. The idea here is not to condemn or advise you to never wear black outfits but to wear them less or mix them with another color. For instance, you can mix a beautiful black silk dress or a black leather jacket with red, blue, green, white, or purple. This makes you look more elegant.


3- Wearing Sandals without Your Nails Done
It is not attractive to wear open shoes without getting a good pedicure. Even if you would not color them, you can remove dead skin, file your nails, moisturize the skin of your feet, and apply a clear nail polish. To remain in the chic classic, you may also avoid neon yellow or electric blue on your toenails. Instead, you can consider a beautiful coral, a classic red or nude pink shade. These colors will go perfectly with all your shoes, whether sneakers, barefoot Jewelry, or gladiator sandals.

4- Wearing “Too” Low-rise Jeans
Wearing low-rise jeans or pants that show your lower back or buttocks, or worse your underwear should be avoided in all formal occasions. It is not sexy but a sign of vulgarity or lack of lack self-respect. Avoid wearing jeans, pants, or shorts below your hips if you are going to a formal event. This is especially important if your hips are much larger than shoulders. The back pockets of the pants tend to fall below the buttocks and thus expand rather than harmonize. It is better to consider “standard” size pants.

5- Showing too much
Although it make look fashion these days, showing your body when or where you are not supposed to is just stupidity. The way you dress is an expression of your personality and taste. Wearing a formal outfit sets you apart from the rest that are showing their body as if that’s the only thing they have to offer. Showing too much of your body at a formal or professional event does not make you look sexy, it just makes you look stupid.

fashion6- Wearing Worn or Dirty Shoes
The first two things people tend to look at are your face and shoes. So the fact your dirty shoes are down by the ground doesn’t prevent others from noticing them. It is ironic to take care of your hair, dress, and neglect your feet. All the attention you pay to the other parts will be pointless because the messy shoes are what people will notice the most.

7- Wearing Clothing that does not fit
This is the most important of all. And I will just tell you a story to summarize everything.

I remember a guy that went to church with a beautiful pair of boots. They were clean and match the color of his suit. But people couldn’t stop laughing. You need to know why? He is a short man that may have a footwear size 8. But the size of the boots was 12, I guess. People laughed at him so much that he left the church before the worship was over. You can wear a million dollars outfit, but if it does not fit you properly is just wasting money.

These are the top seven fashion mistakes women need to avoid. But this list is far from being integral; Feel free to comment adding your own mistake.

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