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Wear Green Dress Elegantly with These Simple Tips

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Wear Green Dress Elegantly with These Simple Tips

Tips to Wear Your Green Dress

In term of dressing, the color green is a UFO for some people. They do not know when to wear and what to associate with it. Green dresses are among those clothes that most people love and dream to have an opportunity to wear, although finding them difficult to do so. If you are one of those individuals this article will help you greatly to wear your green dress elegantly.

Unlike some easy colors such as yellow, black, and white, green can be uneasy to wear. On top of that, it is somehow for some occasions. But once you manage to match it stylishly with other relevant colors, it can make such an elegant impression that will make you fall in love with it for the rest of your life. And you will remain faithful even if you find another color you love.Resultado de imagen de Wear Green Dress

Like yellow, green dresses are favored in spring, but how to wear them? Whatever you are wearing, dress, t-shirt, or jeans, if you want to wear green in a flawless style, associate it with neutral, pastel or gold colors: beige, powder pink, light gray, gold, silver, and others…

You can also get some ideas from the looks of the world celebrities. When the stars are going green, their dresses come in all varieties of colors and styles: Pastel, persimmon, lemon, emerald, mint, jade. The green comes in a multitude of colors, some more impactful than others.  But they are all beautiful.


First and foremost is to be yourself.  You can go for a fresh summer look like Taylor Swift, military for an everyday style like Kim Kardashian, or imperial for an unforgettable evening look like Kate Middleton.  Stylish Kelly green dresses suit a variety of occasions.

For a look ultra chic, you can consider satin, like the glamorous satin gown Jessica Chastain wore at the National Board Of Review Awards.  What about the revealing green leather dress that Celine Dion wore at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards? You can also fall for the audacity of the Rhianna transparent green dress. The list can go on with Miranda Kerr, J-Lo, and others.

As for accessories, avoid wearing too much jewelry; the dress should be the centerpiece of the look as well as the center of attention. When it comes to shoes, again, be yourself; metal or black sandals, nude heels, high heels or flat shoes… Choose what match your style and most important makes you feel elegant.

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