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11 Healthy Dog Secrets And Tips

by Delarno D.
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Having a healthy dog is like having a healthy child; it is important. Unfortunately, sometimes sickness occurs.

Do you have a dog that is constantly sick and you’re looking for a way to get its health back? This post is for you, keep reading to the end. You will discover 10 simple tips to have a healthy dog without spending lot of money.

 Here are 11 health tips to healthy dog:

1 – Get Rid of Fleas – fleas can cause not only itchy skin but also serious health problems in dogs such as allergies, anemia, and tapeworms. Eliminate them as soon as you can.

2 – Feed Your Dog Healthy Food – like humans, a healthy diet is key to keep your pet healthy. If you are not sure what kind of food to feed it please read my other article on 7 best foods for dogs.


3 – Avoid Dehydration – water is more important to your dog health than other nutrients: protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Dogs are made up of about 80 percent water. So, it is essential for them to drink plenty of water, more than 2 cups for a 20 lbs dog.

4 – Keep the Dog Active – Dogs are like humans in this regard; they need to be active daily in order to be healthy. It is essential to make them exercise at least five times per week by walking, playing with them or else.

  1. Practice Regular Grooming – regular grooming or brushing will help you to examine the skin and coat of your dog and discover possible parasites that might be hiding away like ticks or fleas. It will also help you to get rid of any unwanted hair that might get trapped on your clothes or furniture.
  1. Clean Paws – regular examination and cleaning of your dog’s paws is important. If you notice your dog licking his feet a lot, be sure to examine and clean them with a gentle pet-safe soap.
  1. See a Vet When Necessary – do not neglect to see a veterinary in case your dog shows signs of sickness such as repeated vomiting, diarrhea, constant sneezing or coughing, painful or swollen gums, etc.
  1. Oral Care – Do not make the mistake neglecting caring for your dog’s teeth, tongue and gums. Regular dental care can help prevent a variety of health problems. If necessary, you may consider a professional dental cleaning every now and then.

9 – Prevent or Treat Heartworm – when it comes to dog heartworm prevention or early detection is always better. Heartworm is very difficult to cure and can lead to death in certain cases.Love Your Dog

10 – Watch Your Dog’s Weight – overweight or obesity is unhealthy for humans as well as dogs. The 3 main causes of the problems are bad foods, Lack of exercise and overfeeding. Avoid them.

11 – Love Your Dog – If you want your dog to be healthy make it happy, and love is the best way to do so. Make your dog feel special instead of abusing it. Play, talk, go out with your loving pet can provide as much as benefit than healthy food.

If you know other dog health tips kindly share them in the comment below with our readers.

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