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Dog Sofa Bed: 7 Tips To Choose A Dog Sofa

by Delarno D.
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Dog Sofa Bed: 7 Tips to Choose A Dog Sofa

 In this article, you will discover 7 simple tips to choose a Dog Sofa Bed for your pet. Although dogs tend to lay almost anywhere, they do need a proper and comfortable place for napping and sleeping. Given so many dog sofa beds on the market, making a selection can be overwhelming. Kindly, continue reading to the end to learn how to choose an ideal sofa bed for your dog.

Tip N°1: Choose the Right Size for Your Dog Sofa:

Choosing the appropriate dimensions for your canine’s bed is of great importance. In fact, the sofa needs to be large enough for your dog to be able to lie comfortably in all natural positions. To make sure of this, it’s better that you measure your dog from its nose to its tail while it’s sleeping or laying down. Then, add between 8 and 12 inches (meaning 20 to 30 centimeters) to determine the right length or diameter. In case your dog isn’t fully-grown yet, you may want to select a bigger sofa bed than you need and, temporarily, add some blankets or paddings to make your dog or puppy feel secure.

Tips N°2: Opt for The Right Dog Bed Type:Right Dog Bed Type

There exists a plethora of shapes and sizes in dog sofas. Box beds or sided sofas may help your dog to feel cozy, warm and protected. Other beds might be better in summer when dogs may want to stay cooler. However, each canine has its preferences. Therefore, it’s always best to give it a couple of options to ensure its comfort.

Tip N°3: Choose the Best Dog Sofa Material: 

To do this, there are 2 main things to take into consideration:

  • The dog bed should be sufficiently padded and made from comfortable material.
  • It should be easy to wash.

These two characteristics will enable your dog to always feel cozy while lying in its bed. They will also help you deal with issues such as incontinence, odors and allergies. As a matter of fact, saliva, stains and moisture foster the growth of bacteria. That’s definitely not healthy for you home and your loving dog. That’s why a dog sofa bed should be easy to wash and clean. It’s therefore better to opt for a waterproof bed.

Tip N°4: Find A Bed That Fits Well in Your Home: 

While your dog’s comfort in its new sofa comes in the first place, you certainly don’t want it to dominate, or worst, disarrange the room. It is therefore important to choose a bed that will both fit most spaces and complement the décor of your home.bed at home

 Tip N°5: Look for A Durable Dog Bed: 

You certainly don’t want to change your dog sofa bed almost monthly. To avoid that, it’s better to invest in a high-quality dog bed. This is because dogs don’t just sleep in their beds. They may bite, scratch, chew, roll on them and even drag them around. Prior to being fully trained, some dogs may even urinate or defecate in their sofas. A dog bed should, thus, be made from comfortable yet sturdy material that protects the filling inside.

Tip N°6: Take Your Dog’s Preferences and Needs into Account:

 If your dog has arthritis, for example, beds with very thick padding or memory foam may be best. If it chills often, you may opt for heated dog sofas. As for canines that crawl beneath beds or find other secluded areas to sleep, a hooded bed is the way to go.

Tip N°7: Try to Select A Portable Bed: Delvix Pet 4-in-1 Luxury Dog Couch

Many people may neglect this tip while choosing their dog sofa. However, being able to easily move the bed around and transport it may prove to be very practical at times.

If you follow our 7 tips on how to choose a bed sofa for your dog, you certainly will opt for the right option. However, there is one dog sofa bed that has all these 7 criteria: Delvix Pet 4-in-1 Luxury Dog Couch. This high-quality product is not only eco-friendly and waterproof but also very easy to clean. In addition, being foldable and resizable, this Delvix dog sofa bed will fit any space within your house and be comfortable for whichever dog regardless of its size and preferences.



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