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How to play guitar very fast without going to Music School

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How to play guitar very fast with no Teacher?

You can quickly learn how to play guitar, but there are certain steps to follow before you can call yourself a real guitarist.

Learning to play this beautiful instrument successfully is within reach of most people, but many beginners give up too quickly. They often blame lack of time or the pain caused by the practice to their fingers. The problem is either they do not practice enough or do it the wrong way.

This article will not create more time for you to practice, but it will show you the methods and techniques on how to become a guitar player without going to music school. Below are 10 simple tips on how to play guitar very fast without having a teacher.

Here is How to Play Guitar in 10 Simple Steps

how to play the guitar


1. Buy a Good Guitar – the first and most important thing to do is to have a good instrument. Don’t buy cheap guitars which cannot perform well; this can discourage you from the beginning and causes you to give up on the learning. This does not, however, mean you will buy an expensive musical instrument to practice. To start, you can consider an average quality; if you then decide to continue for good, you can spend on more expensive guitars within your budget.

When buying acoustic guitars for learning purpose there are certain things to consider. For instance, the string action (the height of the string above the fret) is one of the most important things to consider. If the action is too large, you need to press the strings more strongly for a clear note. This will hurt your fingers even more and you will be apt to quit. Having correct string height makes a guitar easier to play.

   2. Buy a Learning Program – If you want to follow online guitar lessons, software may be what you need to progress even faster. There are only a few years since the emergence of the first guitar lesson software on the market, today there are plenty of visual methods for learning how to play guitar.

These programs generate more than ever the interest of guitarists as well as apprentices. In fact there are programs for beginner, as well as the most experienced guitarists. The objective of this article, however, is not to recommend or review any software. You can Google or YouTube “guitar lesson software reviews” for the program that best suits your need.how to play guitar

3. Familiarize Yourself with the Instrument – Now that you have your musical instrument it is time for you to explore and know every part of it. Learn the names and functions of each part of the instrument, as well as how they work together to produce sounds. Discover how the guitar emits sounds and how the pressures affecting the strings.

This will take you about one hour, but the time devoted to understanding these basics will be greatly rewarding throughout the learning process. The guitar is like your partner; the more you spend time to know it the easier it will be for you to handle it. If you really want to know how to play the guitar, don’t make the mistake neglecting this simple process.

4. Learn Different Ways to Play Chords – Once you have a basic, it is time to try learning as many different ways possible you can play a chord. For example, some chords can be played in 10 different ways, adopting 10 different positions of hands. You can of course opt first for a C major open chord, but you must know different positions to play. This will help you gain more speed and flexibility when switching from one chord to another. This will also be very useful when decide to compose new songs.

Neglecting this simple technique, when learning how to play guitar, causes accompaniment to be really difficult for many guitarists. Regardless you are playing solo or in a group, you will need flexibility.

5. Practice for at Least 30 Minutes a Day – If you want to progress quickly, you need to incarnate the guitar in your brain. And Practicing for at least 30 minutes each day, at least 5 days a week, is the ideal mean to do so. This involves developing your hearing which will allow you to distinguish the sound changes, height, and intonation. This will also help you adopt a comfortable position (including the position of the legs, back, shoulders and arms) and the technical and coordination of the right hand (right-handed) and the left hand (right-handed), and most important of all, muscle memorization of the hands.

6. Practice different hand positions other guitarists performing– Practice in silence the different hand positions and chords when you are watching TV, listening to radio, or seeing another musician performing face to face. Muscle memory of left hand is much more difficult to learn than that of the right hand, except the technique of finger-picking. Without having to use the right hand, play all different loop chords.

While playing it is important to adopt correct hand positions. That said, when learning the chord positions, you should carefully consider the position of your fingers. Be sure to reproduce the correct positions so that your muscle memory can be correct. Any mediocrity you don’t overcome during this genesis period will affect your skill in the long run. Pay less attention to your fingers, but always check if the position is correct. As time passes, you gain confidence, and less often you will need to look at your hands.

how to play the guitar7. Toughen Up Your Fingertips. If you are learning how to play guitar, you will surely experience finger soreness that may take a while to go away. This will be painful at the beginning, but as you continue practicing you will be surprised to see the pain disappear on its own. The time it takes for the disappearance will depend on your motivation. The more you practice, the faster you will rid of the aching. You can also find many products on the market to ease the pain.

8. Learn to Make Barre Chords in Parallel with Open Chords – from the beginning of your learning do not make the mistake neglecting the barre chords just because they appear to be difficult. Aim to become a great musician able to master all or almost all the techniques of playing guitar. Remember, the more often you practice the barre chords, the easier it will become for you to master them.

9. Start playing songs and sing while playing – now that you can play barre and open chords, you are musician! But the learning process is not over yet. You also need to learn to play songs and sing while playing. As a guitarist, there are two ways you can read music: the first technique is called “partition” and the second “tablature.” However, this article is not about these topics; you can search Google or YouTube for specific techniques and skills.

It is very important to also sing while singing. Whenever it is possible accompany someone else who sings or plays. This is a good way to encourage yourself to learn and practice more often. If you never sing when you are learning how to play it will be even more difficult when you become an intermediate or advanced guitarist. It is like childhood; the habit you form during this crucial period tends to last for a lifetime. In addition, doing so will also improve your rhythm and your listening. If you play with other non-professional guitarists, do not foolishly copy what they do. Learn and play like a professional.

10. Have a Regular Schedule to Practice – having a regular schedule to practice with a friend or solo is crucial. Playing now and then or whenever you feel like it will not work even if you are learning to play guitar from the best teacher in the world. If you have a friend guitarist who is competent in this matter, practice with him/her every day, or many times a week, at a regular time.

Don’t get intimidated if you realize he/she may seem better than you are. Playing with your partner will boost your ability, and shorten the learning process. You can also follow video lessons on sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, and others.

In conclusion, you need to practice, practice, practice… As they say, “practice makes perfect.”

When you exercise, aim for quality not quantity or duration. If you play carelessly from the beginning, you will surely form bad habits that will remain permanently. Moreover, play songs that highlight many different aspects (tone, smoothness, speed, accuracy…) and then adopt the style you desire you play. By trying different musical aspects separately, you improve your skills and, overall, your playing ability.

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