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How to Shave Your Balls Safely without Getting Injured

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How to Shave Your Balls Safely

It is common to see people shaving their legs and beard, but what about the 2 boys down there? This article will give you simple tips on how to shave your balls safely without getting injured.

There are two types of electric shavers: foil and rotary. The choice is a matter of personal taste. For a perfect shave, the ideal is to try a razor of each system in order to determine which one is best suited to your need. However, be aware if you are considering switching from a manual razor to an electric shaver, your skin will need some time to adapt to the change. It is quite common to notice at first irritations which usually disappear after a few days.

Shaving the genitals is common not only among women but also for men. For men, shaving the testes can eliminate odors and germs. The question is how to shave the balls properly?

7 Tips on How to Shave Your Balls Safely

  1. Clean the genitalia – Before you start shaving, you should take the time to clean and wash your genitals. Wash the areas under the balls to ensure that they are properly cleaned. In addition make sure your testes are clean and dried. You can use dry towels or apply baby powder to speed up the drying process. Now let’s go to the next step.
  2. Prepare to shave – as long as you can, stand in front of a mirror in a position where you can see your testicles easily. Have your razor and shaving cream ready as well as a cup of lukewarm water. For a few minutes, plunge the razor into the water before you start shaving. If you use an electric shaver, make sure the balls are perfectly dry.
  3. Tighten the skin of your balls – Pull and stretch the skin of your testes so that you can not only get rid of the hair effectively but also avoid injuries. If you are learning how to shave your balls you need to learn how to hold and manage the testicles; ignoring so is the cause of most injuries. However, do not forget to be careful in this way because the genital skin is sensitive; it can be easily irritated.
  4. Make a circular motion– Now that you are in the right position, you have your testes and razor ready, it is time to get started. First and foremost, you need to handle the razor or shaver with care. When using an electric shaver, a circular motion is more effective for shaving balls. Examine the testicles as much as necessary to get a clean and perfect shave.
  5. Consider using bodygroom razor – when using the razor ensure that you do not cut yourself as it is often the case. A famous model is the norelco bodygroom electric razor. Apply shaving cream made especially for shaving sensitive skin because genitals area is a very sensitive part of your body. You can stand on your bathroom or use another comfortable position; it depends on your preference. But if you are on your back you may need to move the razor up and down. Flick the razor and shave from top to bottom.
  6. Soothe your balls – If you want to avoid itching, you can use soothing powder to prevent or relieve the itching sensation. Note that some powders contain talc which is a carcinogenic ingredient. Although it shows to cause mainly cervical cancer (in women), men should stay away from it as long as it is possible.
  7. Get your partner help and shave regularly – A few days after shaving your balls the hair will start grow back. Shaving regularly, as often as you do your beard for instance, will help you keep it clean. If you are in a relationship you can ask your partner to shave you sometimes. It is loving and romantic.

Now you know how to shave your balls, you need to adopt a regular time to do so. An ideal time is to do it early when you get up in the morning before taking shower. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to use a wet razor that can be used with cream or shaving soap.


There are also razors that diffuse a moisturizing gel continuously during shaving; you may consider one. Finally, a shaving lotion or an Alum Stone can be used to relieve any irritation.

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