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5 New Invention Ideas That Will Change Our Lives

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5 New Invention Ideas That Will Change Our Lives

5 New Invention Ideas Can Change Our Life Very Soon

Even a very simple invention can dramatically change the world. And life today is already transformed by extraordinary inventions from the past, but the future can be even more brilliant. From GMO cancer treatment to charging electronic devices with wireless electromagnetic power transfer, scientists have plenty of plans for the future.

Discover 5 New Invention Ideas that will soon change our daily life

5. GMO Treatment for Cancer

Genetically modified immune cells will give new hope to patients affected by cancer, HIV, and certain other diseases. This amazing medical invention can be available to patients within 2 years. Through immune engineering, people with cancer or HIV can recover after a single treatment. The researchers also hope that this method will overcome certain infectious diseases such as tuberculosis.

The American biopharmaceutical company Cellectis has succeeded in developing a method for extracting T lymphocytes (also called T cell, a subtype of white blood cell) from the blood of a patient to modify their DNA so that they can then eliminate precisely the blood cells damaged by leukemia. This process of DNA modification has become accessible through TALEN and CRISPR genetic editing technologies. 300 patients have already tested this method of treatment successfully, and one case resulted in total remission.

4. Multi-use Rockets

If you are one of the people who dream to travel to Mars but can’t afford to pay millions, don’t lose hope; the travel cost will be cheaper than you think thanks to this invention. Space travel is a very expensive undertaking, in particular because it was impossible to use space rockets several times; they usually are destroyed in the atmosphere after completing their mission.


But in 2015, the companies Blue Origin then SpaceX realized the impossible with successful tests of multiple-use rockets. The revolutionary aircraft software that equips these rockets allows scientists to control the speed of the aircraft, which must slow down before landing on a train. These technologies will make flights in space cheaper and therefore more accessible.

3. Intelligent Robot that Can Remember and Learn

This is an incredible invention, and here is why. Unlike us, robots cannot learn the things of life; they are programmed. But this may not be the case for every robot.

Promobot IR77, a robot designed to interact with humans, has been fitted with artificial intelligence which allows it to learn from its experiences and surroundings. The amazing part, it can remember people it meets. Promobot IR77 is so intelligent that it persistently tries to escape the research facility in Perm, Russia.

One of the researchers accidentally left the facility open, forgetting to properly close the door, while leaving. Promobot IR77 managed to flee out the Lab, travelled about meters until its battery became dead. The robort remained there for 40 minutes before the researchers recuperate it. To prevent the same issue from happening again, the scientists performed undergoing extensive reprogramming and repair. Amazingly, a few weeks later, Promobot IR77 tried to flee the facility again. This is the most remarkable invention in the robotics engineering field so far.

2. DNA in the App Store

The Helix service makes its appearance on the internet as an application for Android and iOS. Helix takes saliva samples from its users, conduct analysis of their DNA and establish a complete description of the genome that will be available online. This app allows users to assess their health & wellness, traits, and ancestry with one sequence. This new invention can become a useful tool in preventing many medical conditions and their complications.

Our genes determine the predisposition of our organism to diseases. In addition, prospective parents will know the probability of transmission of hereditary diseases to their children. At present, the company Helix builds the largest genome sequencing center in the world. The scientists behind this amazing invention say that a complete analysis of the individual’s genomes will cost the user nearly $ 100, while the average price of such a service in medical centers is five times higher. Aside from Helix, Veritas Genetics is working in the same field and is preparing to launch a similar application with an additional medical-genetic consultation function via FaceTime.

Helix may pass on information about an individual’s genes to authors of other applications, but users will control access to their analyses. Helix could also offer users the ability to download their scans. As a general rule, medical applications require special authorization from the FDA. It is still unclear how the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will react.

1. Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)

Wireless power transmission, also called wireless energy transmission or electromagnetic power transfer, allows the transmission of electrical energy from a power source to an electrical component such as a consuming device. This new invention will end wired charging. Within two to three years, we will be able to recharge our devices everywhere using Wi-Fi and telecommunication signals.

Researchers at the University of Washington have successfully tested a technology that allows devices to recharge from signals from other devices: Wi-Fi modems, television, radio antennas. This invention is based on the backscattering technique. The latter allows the device, without any built-in energy carrier and without being the source of the signal, to transmit information using reflected electromagnetic waves, the same principle as magnetic badges in the metro.

During the tests, the researchers managed to recharge several devices: temperature sensors, cameras… This technology could thus end with the change of batteries and other chargers of smartphones. In addition, the invention will make it possible to recharge even wirelessly devices without battery.

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