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Is A Chemistry Degree Worth It?

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is a chemistry degree worth it

Have you ever wondered if a chemistry degree worth it? It is a very interesting field that covers every living and non-living element in the world. Chemical technologies render innovative solutions to health, nature and energy usage. With a degree in chemistry, you can advance your career in a variety of work, from developing antibiotics to working in different careers in medicine.

It takes four years and 120 credit hours to obtain a chemistry degree and it is a good option which can open several career doors for you. There are some positive and negative aspects you should think abut before deciding if a chemistry degree is worth it.

In this article, you will learn some advantages and disadvantages of having a chemistry degree and several career opportunities. Please take the time to share this post to a friend interested in a chemistry degree.

Here Are 5 Disadvantages of a Chemistry Degree


is a chemistry degree worth it

  1. Job Hazards

Choosing a career in chemistry can be tremendously dangerous. The American Chemical Society warns on the importance of protecting your body with goggles, masks, gloves and smocks because you are always exposed to dangerous chemicals. This is a huge disadvantage in this field because you can be exposed to biological agents, gasses acids and several other chemicals.

  1. Higher Education Needed

Although you can become a chemist with a bachelor’s degree the market is changing and you will need either a masters or a PhD in order to remain competitive for the best opportunities. Some research companies, colleges, universities and pharmaceutical forms are leaning more towards applicants that whole doctorates. If you are looking for a senior management position you should continue your education and obtain a graduate degree.

  1. Hazardous to Your Health

if you are accident prone or known to be a clumsy person you do not want to go anywhere near the chemistry field. You will handle many hazardous chemicals and any type of misuse can cause fires, accidental poisonings or explosions. mistakes like this can result in blindness, death or other horrible injuries.

  1. Rigorous Curriculum

To graduate with a BS in chemistry, you are required to have 120 credit hours however 44 of those hours must be CHEM courses. The curriculum is rigorous and includes specialized subjects such as calculus, physics, computer science, instrumental analysis, advanced organic chemistry along with physical and analytical chemistry.

  1. Long Hours

Be prepared to work long hours if you plan to be a chemist. There are many people in this field that sometimes work around the clock especially when they are trying to meet a deadline. After spending numerous hours working on the clock, you end up spending some of your off hours researching which leave very little time for anything else.

Here Are 10 Advantages of a Chemistry Degree

  1. Enhances Knowledge

Chemistry is the central science that combines many natural sciences like physics, biology, medicine, astronomy and material science. Chemists are in high demand in almost every field and a major and this degree will definitely give you an edge over others due to the variety of knowledge you acquire. Chemistry, when used in a good way, can help one improve the quality of life and resolve complex challenges that we all face at some time or another.

  1. Chemistry Helps Make Industries Safer

The biggest problem with large industries is the chemical spills that endanger our surroundings. A chemist helps to decrease the toxicity of such spills ensuring that their spillage does not endanger human, wildlife, nature and marine life. An expert in chemistry can help avert and resolve vital incidents in industries that can otherwise lead to loss of property or life.

  1. Chemistry Helps Solve Crimes Quickly

This degree can be used to become a forensic scientist. Although some entry level positions allow you to have a bachelor’s degree it is more common to obtain a master’s degree in chemistry. A forensic scientist can analyze materials found at crime scenes and detect the possibilities of the crime. These specialists study the various materials found at the crime scene and further investigate the DNA and fingerprints/footprints to give useful evidences to the police. A person interested in solving crimes or criminal justice would find this type of degree useful.

  1. Create New Materials

Chemistry is used to understand how different materials can be made by breaking them down to their tiniest particles and understanding their structural design. This knowledge helps chemists create new and artificially synthesized materials with desirable properties.

  1. Find Cures for Disease

The current pandemic is an example of how chemistry helped scientists prepare vaccines to fight COVID-19. A deep understanding of chemical reactions offers the solutions for deadly viruses, bacteria and diseases. Chemists working in the research field can discover and invent powerful medical cures using biochemistry.

  1. Chemistry Helps Protect Your Country

Nuclear knowledge comes with deep use of chemistry and this has been used to protect nations from infiltrations and attacks. It helps to prevent or give a remedy for the threats to the environment.

  1. Helps You Become A Better Cook

Did you know that chemistry is the basis and the heart of being an excellent cook? You need to have a good understanding of chemical reactions for your baked good to rise properly, to control acidity and even thicken sauces. Use this degree to help you become a great chef.

  1. Chemistry Is Exciting

A lot of people look at a chemistry degree as boring and highly technical. Although that can be the case, it can also be exciting and fun. Perhaps you purchased some type of toy or other items that glows in the dark. Do you remember wearing those mood rings that change colors? Any idea how bubbles are produced? Yes, all of these fun things are due to chemistry.

  1. Become An Entrepreneur

Just because you decided to pursue a degree in chemistry doesn’t mean you have to become a chemist. You can use the knowledge and skills you obtain to become an entrepreneur. Maybe you might be that next inventor that develops a new organic dog food. You may develop a product that slows memory loss. You can specialize in a particular field and start your own consulting firm. As an entrepreneur, you increase your chances of getting paid what you’re worth.

  1. Endless Career Choices

is a chemistry degree worth itA chemistry degree can provide you with a variety and endless career choices with either the government, the private sector or self-employment.


Chemistry graduates can choose to only do research or combine it with teaching. You can be hired for research in a pharmaceutical company to develop new drugs or you can be hired by the government in public-sector to work on national healthcare and new discoveries.

Chemical Engineer

A chemical engineer works across oil, natural gas, energy, water, plastics, pharmaceuticals, food and drinks and many diverse fields. Every industry requires a chemical engineer to understand and work on the design, development, creation and manufacturing of their products. Chemical engineers are hired to understand the reaction of one material with another.


A pharmacist performs studies, analyze and evaluate the existing drugs and may try to create new and better ones for curing diseases and their effects on humans and animals.


If you love teaching, then a chemistry degree can easily help you become a teacher at your local high school or professor at a college or university. You can teach young minds the diverse applications of this exciting field.


As an oceanographer you would study chemical and physical properties of ocean life and sea floor geology as well as research marine ecosystems.


As a toxicologist you may also assist with criminal cases just like a forensic scientist does. In this field you could be responsible for testing tissue, blood samples, alcohol levels and many other substances found in the body.


There are a variety of positions that specialize in a particular area of chemistry.

  • An Analytical Chemist may adopt a specialty such as toxicology and analyze substances for toxicology examinations. They may also answer forensic questions or develop pharmaceuticals.
  • Organic Chemist may be employed by many different professionals such as veterinarians or engineers. They perform a variety of scientific studies as well as manipulate or find applications for materials.
  • Synthetic Chemist usually work in a lab and they will develop and test compounds as well as create new materials for almost any industry or purpose including food, beverage and healthcare.
  • Water Chemist are really important as they perform task to ensure our water is safe. They collect samples and analyze chemicals present in the water.
  • Quality Control Chemist are an important part of the production process in the manufacturing and pharmaceutical fields. They help ensure that all standards are met and they may develop or test new products.

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