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7 Ways to Make Money on Your Phone

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Make money on your phone

This post will help you monetize those countless hours you spend staring at your android or iPhone and continuously scrolling through endless information. We will discuss many ways you can make money on your phone by selling new and used items, your thoughts and services or doing things you normally do all the time like playing games or downloading apps. Many people love making money on their phone and say it is not only easy but it can be a lot of fun.

Here are 7 ways to make money on your phone

  1. Selling Items From Your Phone

You can make money quickly by selling items from your phone. There are all types of website that are free to post items and there are some that charge either a fee or a percentage after you make a sale. Some fights are better porcelain clothes where other sites are better for selling books or household items. You can sell anything from electronics to appliances when the internet. One of the first sites to buy and sell items as well as hunt for housing or jobs was Craigslist. People still use Craigslist to buy and sell items but you have many sites to choose from.

If you want to pull some clothes or shoes out of your closet some popular sites to make money off Poshmark, Mercari, Depop and Offerup. Decluttr is a site that’s specializes in electronics and other items such as CDs, DVDs and books. Once you decide what type of items you want to sell you can decide what sites you want to use. As you again experience you can post the same items on multiple sites but don’t forget to remove them from one side when you make a sale on another.

  1. Freelancer

If you choose to make money on your phone by working as a freelancer you can earn a full-time income or just extra money. Working as a freelancer can give you steady work or one time job but the list of opportunities is limitless. Do you have a special talent, skill or just a diligent worker because there is someone out there looking for you and waiting to pay you for your gift? People are looking for someone to edit their college paper or their book. People are looking for graphic designers. Others are just looking for all types of laborers.

Here are some apps that offer freelance work starting with Upwork which connects you to clients all over the world. SolidGigs is an app where they function as an extension to your team and they try to match your criteria to the type of work that people are requesting. Fiverr is a site where you don’t have to bid for work but instead you post your available services and then clients can choose the services that they need.

  1. Focus Groups

You can sign up for many different focused groups on the internet. Some require you to complete follow up information. Some are simply signed up for an hour Zoom call with or without being on camera. You may be asked to join a one-time focus group or you may be required to participate in multiple groups. Focus groups may pay cash, debit cards or gift certificates so be sure you check if its cash you’re looking. You may earn as little as one dollar or up to $500.

  1. Opinion Surveys 

There are a multitude of businesses that value their customers opinion and they hire survey companies to find out what you think. There are surveys done on every field you can think of including law offices, doctors, retail and government. While some people may think this isn’t the best use of time it can certainly fill in the gaps while you’re waiting in line in various places or on your daily commute if you’re not driving.

In addition to receiving cash there are also perks like coupons and cash back for online shopping. Two of the most popular online surveys are Inboxdollars and Survey Junkie. There are also surveys that ask you to download a game or an app and give your opinion. These often pay $3-$10 however, it is usually for only 5-20 minutes of your time.

  1. Sell Your Photos

You may consider yourself an amateur photographer but with a decent phone, a selfie stick and just a little bit of skills you can make money using your phone by selling your photos. Yes, you can make money selling photos of pictures you’ve taken of items, other people or even yourself. FOAP and Snapwire are both a popular apps to make extra money using photos on your phone and Snapwire even allows you to upload pictures via their website.. No need to stop there, there are other platforms like Shopify and Payloadz just to name a couple however each site may specify the type of photos they pay for.

There is also an app called miPic which has some of the same qualities as the other apps. What’s great about miPic is it’s a print on demand app that allows you to print and sell your photos on various products. Each of these money-making apps have their own special qualities and all you need to do is determine which one works best for you and start making money on your phone by selling photos!

  1. Language Tutor

You do not need a computer for all language tutor opportunities. You can start using your phone and earning as much as $30 per hour as a language tutor. There are so many benefits to using your phone to make money Especially as a language tutor. They pay a high amount per hour compared to other ways of making money and in many cases you can set your own rates. There is a high demand for English speaking language tutors however you can increase your earnings if you speak multiple languages.

There are sites such as Vipkid where you typically earn 14 to $22.00 per hour tutoring English. Lingoda is a site where you can tutor English, German, French or Spanish and the hourly rate is typically 8 to $13.00 an hour. Verbalplanet has rates ranging from 10 to $30 per hour. Qkids is another platform to tutor English that typically plays 16 to $20 an hour. The amount you make as a language tutor will depend on many variables such as how many languages you speak or how many hours you tutor but either way, using your phone to be a language tutor can be very lucrative.

  1. Do What You’re Doing

Unbelievably, there are apps that will pay you to just live your life and do what you’re doing! What do I mean by that? these apps will pay you to shop which is something we all do at some point. They will pay you to exercise and sometimes lose weight or just to walk. Isn’t that crazy! Who knew you could make money to do what you’re doing all the time? This will not replace a full-time income but can put extra cash in your pocket without doing anything extra but clicking a couple of time which we do for free every day. FLUZ is an app that rewards you for shopping and I bought her is an app that gives you almost instant cash back if you search for and use their coupons in major stores. Sometimes they will give you an immediate $20 welcome bonus just for using the app.

There are certain companies that pay you just to browse certain websites or watch videos online. You have probably already missed a lot of this money because you weren’t signed up. Here are a few companies that will pay you to basically sit on the couch.. Nielsen Is a well-known company that helps advertisers learn what the potential reach of any given radio station, website or TV show might be and all you need to do is download heir app. Slicethepie Is an app you can sign up for and get paid anytime you leave a review for one of their clients. That means the more videos you watch, recipes you try, songs you listen to or stuff you use the more money you can make on your phone.


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