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Alternative Cancer Treatment – Marijuana (Cannabis Oil)

by Mathew Marshall
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Alternative Cancer Treatment – Marijuana (Cannabis Oil)

There has been a good deal of publicity associated with denial (from certain groups) regarding medicinal marijuana; however a number of important studies have now confirmed the cancer fighting and tumor shrinking properties of this herb.  Cannabis oil is a highly refined and purified form of marijuana.  It avoids many of the social implications associated with smoking it.  Let’s understand more about how this drug can be of benefit.

Studies from as far back as 1974 have shown that cannabis has the ability to fight different forms of cancer.  And more recent studies from 1999 on have shown that cannabis can shrink tumors and kill cancer cells in a number of different forms of the disease including brain cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and skin cancer to name a few.

Because these benefits could be achieved by patients smoking marijuana, a number of critics said that smoking actually increased the risk of lung cancer much like smoking cigarettes.  However some carefully controlled studies dispute these claims and show pretty clearly that this is not so.

At the same time, there has been strong public sentiment against the public or open use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.  The development of cannabis oil helps to alleviate much of the stigma associated with the use of medicinal marijuana.


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As indicated earlier, the use of cannabis oil represents what is most likely a more effective and less objectionable way to use the drug.  Cannabis oil is a highly refined compound which is derived from the cannabis plant.  It is also the most powerful cancer fighting compound based on the cannabis plant.

The compound is carefully formulated to provide a standardized amount of the bioactive ingredients called cannabinoids.

For many years the established medical community has largely ignored the potential benefits of cannabis oil in fighting cancer.  However both the medical community at large and mass media have taken notice and are beginning to take this compound very seriously as a viable and effective form of cancer treatment.

More and more success stories are being reported on very credible news sources and the list continues to build.

Not only have there been many case studies which showed significant improvement in cancer symptoms but other studies have shown in some cases that the compound can help the brain to regenerate new cells.

Cannabis oil is non-toxic and poses little risk on undesirable side effects.  There is also no known health risks associated with the use of this drug.  To date there are no deaths which can be attributed to a cannabis overdose.

Cannabis oil is typically ingested orally as this provides the strongest benefits and results.  One drawback which some critics point is the fact that the use of this compound is psychoactive.  This means that it can make you high and may even bring on a psychedelic experience much like LSD.

However given the pain and discomfort which many cancer sufferers deal with prior to using cannabis oil, these aspects are often a way to provide immediate and welcome relief from these symptoms.

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