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7 simple plumbing Services and Repair Tips to save 100s

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Plumbing services

Plumbing Services and Repair Tips

Plumbing services can save the day in case of emergency, an urgent pipe burst for instance. But the first rule is to keep your plumbing system in perfect condition; this is most effective and least expensive than constantly paying for repair. This will also help you avoid serious problems and large expenses.

7 plumbing Services and Repair Tips

  1. Prevent clogged pipes

This one is a DYI. You can produce your own sewage pipe cleaner with homemade products at hand. Pour equal parts of baking soda and vinegar in your bathtub drain or sink once a month. Once the products poured into the drain, turn the cap and let the cleaning continue for about 20 minutes. And then flush the drain with boiling water. This will help to facilitate the removal of hair and soap that have accumulated in your drain. You can also use two products that you usually find in your kitchen to prevent clogged drains. Mix equally half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of salt and empty the mixture in your drain. And then add boiling water.

Both methods are equally effective and less harmful than most products on the market. You save money while using more natural and non toxic products that are safe for you and your family. No need to pay for expensive plumbing services if you prepare and use these products correctly.

  1. Prevent bursting of pipes by freePlumbing serviceszing

If you have water pipes, metal or pvc, which run along an outside wall and that are visible, inspect or test them during extreme cold. If you leave your home for a long time in winter or during prolonged heating outage, you can take the following steps:

  • Avoid lowering the heating of your home too much
  • Keep your cabinet doors under your sink or basin open to maintain sufficient temperature in these confined spaces.
  • If you close your chalet for the winter, close the main water valve and leave taps running in order to drain the pipes completely.
  • Let a trickle of water runs from your faucets to prevent freezing of standing water in your pipes. Note that that your plumbing and your taps must be properly insulated in unheated areas of your home and garage.

      3. Check your water heater

The useful life of a water heater is between 10 and 12 years. Check the installation date on it if you do not know it. When it already has several years of service, pay special attention to it in order to ensure proper operation. Check any possible leakage and rust stains. From 10 years of age, you should seriously think about replacing it. This prevents major damage that may cost you hundreds of dollars in plumbing services, especially if you live in a home or condo.

  1. Replace your washing machine or dishwasher hoses

Regularly check the hoses to your washing machine and dishwasher. Most washing machine hoses are made of rubber material; they dry out with age and show signs of weakness by external cracks. You need to change these them at the first sign of weakness or every 10 years. It’s the same for your dishwasher hoses, even if they are flexible metal. Always choose quality materials, saving a few bucks at the risk of causing damages which can cost you several thousand dollars in plumbing services is not worth it.

  1. Act quickly in case of emergency

You cannot prevent all problems of this life; when you least expect it a blahhh blahhh happens. Ready or not, you need to response accordingly. Even if you take all care to prevent leakage or water damage, breakage may occur. Immediately close the supply valve of the defective plumbing material. This valve is usually located close to the item to be repaired: under the sink or washbasin, behind clothes washer, or hidden behind the bathtub code, over the heater.  If you are unable to stop the leak, immediately turn off the main power supply in your home. It is usually located in the basement near the wall, facing the street.

6. Thaw frozen pipes Plumbing services

When you run out of water or you have a very low water pressure on a particular part of your plumbing system and the pipeline passes near an outside wall exposed to cold, you probably have a frozen pipe problem.

You must act quickly before a bursting. You must identify where the frost is formed, usually in a closet or cabinet backed an outside wall, when the pipe is visible. These are cooler places which can be poorly insulated. To facilitate the resumption of normal flow, open the valve on the section affected by the frost. The most effective and safest mean is the use of a hair dryer. You must patiently distribute the heat evenly up towards frozen part of the pipe. Other heating elements such as a heating fan, or an electrical lamp producing a lot of heat, may be employed. But be careful not to ignite flammable components surrounding your piping. For instance, the propane torch should be avoided.

When the pipe is not apparent, you should use the same means to warm the environment of your hidden pipe. But you will have to redouble patience. A heating wire may be necessary in less accessible places. Unfortunately, sometimes we do our best but it is not enough. If you are unable to restore the flow of water, it is time to seek for professional plumbing services.

  1. Avoid negligence and small repairs

This is the first step to prevent complications. The majority of plumbing problems and water damage we encounter are due to negligence. It is possible to prevent many of these problems and significant plumbing service costs through prevention.

Keep an eye regularly on the lookout for failures of the components of your system. Inspect the underside of the counter by opening the cabinets under your kitchen sink and your bathroom sink to search for possible leak or moisture. Listen carefully to detect any sound from your toilet tank to make sure there is no flow or any seepage from its connection. Inspect the hoses connecting your machine washer, especially if they are a few years old. Also inspect the connections and the bottom of your dishwasher looking for leak. These are simple DIY plumbing services that can save you 100s of dollars.

In addition…

Inspect your water heater searching for leak or rust. If the water supply pipe is visible do not neglect to also examine it. Whenever possible, also check the walls under your appliances and plumbing components in search of humidity or any form of issue. Also make sure your drains function properly.

This inspection will take only a few minutes but you will maintain your system in good condition for a long time and your plumbing services will be at lower cost.

The Summary…

You have a damage you want to repair yourself? It is a good idea to try. But remember lack of experience can worsen the situation. Make sure you have everything you need at hand and have necessary backup available in case you need help. For example, a mechanical piece of your toilet is faulty and you must repair the flush. You may think you can easily replace this part. However, it is possible that the entire mechanism may not be available with identical components. Plumbing components evolve. You can buy a repair part that will not be compatible with your existing toilet. In addition you can try but fail to fix the problem.

In this case, you may need a professional to help you out. From internet to local advertisement, you can surely find a plumber capable of fixing the problem for you. Certain agencies, such as Snowman plumbing services Melbourne, offer quality plumbing services at reason costs.  Contact them when the problem is beyond your capacity.

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