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7 Best States For Women To Start A Business

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The decision to start a business is a significant one, particularly for women. Every year $388 billion in payroll has been contributed from women-owned businesses. In 2017 approximately 12 million businesses in the US were owned by women according to the small business administration. Some states, however, are better than others for women to start a business due to a variety of reasons.

The United States offers a myriad of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs, but choosing the right state to start a business can be a game-changer. When women decide to start a business, they often look for environments that not only support business growth but also offer a supportive community and resources tailored to their unique needs. The desire to start a business is met with various challenges, and the location can play a pivotal role in overcoming these and paving the way for success. As we explore the ideal states to start a business, it’s essential to consider how each state caters to the ambitions and aspirations of women looking to venture into the world of entrepreneurship.

For women ready to start a business, the choice of location is not just about economic opportunities but also about finding a supportive ecosystem. The decision to start a business comes with the need for networking, mentorship, access to funding, and a conducive environment that fosters growth and innovation. As women entrepreneurs start a business, they bring unique perspectives and skills to the table, contributing significantly to the economic and social fabric of the state they choose. Therefore, understanding the landscape of each state is crucial for women who are on the verge of taking the first step to start a business.

Here Are 7 Best States for Women to Start a Business

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  1. Montana

Montana, known for its stunning landscapes and open spaces, offers a unique entrepreneurial environment. The state has a diverse economy with strong sectors in agriculture, tourism, and energy. Montana’s growing technology sector, particularly in cities like Bozeman and Missoula, is also creating new opportunities for innovation-driven businesses. The state’s business-friendly policies, combined with its natural resources, make it an attractive location for startups and established businesses alike, particularly in fields like renewable energy, outdoor recreation, and tech-based services. 

Advantages for Female Entrepreneurs to Start a Business in Montana

Montana stands out for its supportive community and impressive statistics regarding female entrepreneurship. With 22% of its businesses owned by women, the state offers a welcoming and nurturing environment for female-led ventures. The low cost of living compared to other states allows for greater financial flexibility, essential for startups. Furthermore, the high survival rate of businesses in Montana (81%) provides reassurance and stability, making it an appealing state for women looking to start and sustain a business successfully. 

  1. Florida

Florida’s dynamic economy is driven by tourism, agriculture, and international trade. Its strategic location as a gateway to Latin America opens up numerous opportunities for businesses in import-export and logistics. Additionally, Florida’s growing technology and innovation sectors, particularly in cities like Miami, Tampa, and Orlando, offer fertile ground for startups in fintech, healthcare technology, and digital media. The state’s no income tax policy also makes it financially attractive for entrepreneurs. 

The Benefits for Women to Start a Business in Florida

Florida is a hotspot for female entrepreneurs, with over 35% of businesses being women-owned. The state’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is enriched with resources such as small business grants, workshops, and mentoring programs specifically tailored for women. The significant venture capital funding ($286 million over five years) secured by female-led startups indicates a strong support system and investor confidence in women-led businesses, particularly in the service industry. 

  1. Colorado

Colorado’s economy is diverse and robust, with strong sectors in aerospace, biotechnology, and telecommunications. The state is also a leader in sustainable energy and environmental technology, offering numerous opportunities for businesses in these fields. Colorado’s major cities, like Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs, are known for their startup-friendly environments, with plenty of incubators and accelerators supporting new ventures. 

How This State Supports Women-Owned Businesses

With 44.5% of businesses owned by women, Colorado is an empowering state for female entrepreneurs. The state’s low unemployment rate and vibrant tech hubs provide a strong foundation for business growth. Colorado’s commitment to gender equality in the workplace and an inclusive business culture makes it an ideal place for women to start and grow their businesses. Additionally, the supportive network of women entrepreneurs and various state-sponsored initiatives aimed at promoting female entrepreneurship contribute to its high ranking. 

  1. Texas

Texas has a booming economy with key industries like energy, healthcare, and technology. The state is particularly renowned for its tech hubs in Austin, Dallas, and Houston, attracting entrepreneurs and investors alike. Texas’s business-friendly climate, characterized by no corporate income tax and regulatory support, makes it a prime location for startups and multinational corporations, especially in fields like IT, biotechnology, and renewable energy. 

Key Reasons Texas is Ideal for Women Entrepreneurs to Start a Business

Texas is increasingly becoming a preferred state for female entrepreneurs, with significant growth in the number of women-owned businesses. The lack of a state corporate income tax is a substantial financial incentive, and the thriving tech ecosystem offers ample opportunities for women in tech and related fields. The impressive venture capital investments ($814 million in five years) in women-led startups underline the state’s commitment to supporting female entrepreneurship, making it an ideal location for women looking to launch and expand their businesses. 

  1. Maryland

Maryland’s economy is anchored by high-tech industries, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing. Proximity to the nation’s capital also opens up opportunities in government contracting and cybersecurity. The state’s emphasis on innovation and research, supported by world-class institutions like Johns Hopkins University, creates a fertile ground for businesses in biotechnology, healthcare, and information technology. 

What Makes Maryland Favorable for Women to Start a Business?

Maryland is at the forefront of female business ownership in the U.S. The state’s high startup survival rate (77.65%) and significant percentage of women-owned firms (27.5%) demonstrate a conducive environment for female entrepreneurs. Women-owned businesses in Maryland also play a critical role in the state’s workforce, employing a substantial portion of the population. This, combined with supportive state policies and a network of resources for women in business, positions Maryland as a leading state for female entrepreneurs. 

  1. Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a hub of innovation, particularly in the Greater Boston area, which is renowned for its strong focus on education, research, and development. Key industries in the state include biotechnology, information technology, finance, and healthcare. The presence of world-class universities like MIT and Harvard fosters a culture of innovation and provides a steady stream of talent and research opportunities. This environment is ideal for startups and established businesses, particularly those focused on cutting-edge technologies and life sciences. 

Why Female Entrepreneurs Thrive in Massachusetts

For women entrepreneurs, Massachusetts offers a wealth of resources and a supportive community. The state’s emphasis on innovation and technology creates numerous opportunities for female-led businesses in these sectors. Moreover, Massachusetts has a strong network of women-focused business groups and incubators that provide mentorship, funding, and networking opportunities. The state’s progressive approach towards gender equality in the workplace and the tech industry makes it an attractive environment for female entrepreneurs looking to thrive in a competitive market. 

  1. Washington

Washington state is a powerhouse in the technology sector, home to tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon. Apart from tech, key industries include aerospace, with Boeing being a major employer, as well as forestry and agriculture. The state’s economy benefits from a highly educated workforce and a culture that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship. This makes Washington an ideal location for startups and businesses, especially those in technology, e-commerce, and green energy. 

Reasons for Women Entrepreneurs to Start a Business in Washington

Washington’s thriving tech ecosystem and progressive business environment make it an excellent place for women entrepreneurs. The presence of major tech companies offers ample opportunities for networking, mentorship, and growth in the tech industry. The state is also known for its supportive policies for women in business, including initiatives to promote gender diversity and equality in the workplace. Additionally, Seattle and other cities in Washington offer a variety of resources and communities specifically geared towards empowering female entrepreneurs, creating a nurturing environment for women-led startups. 

As we conclude our exploration of the best states for women to start a business, it’s clear that the journey to start a business is multifaceted and requires careful consideration of various factors. Each state offers distinct advantages for women looking to start a business, from financial incentives to supportive communities and networks. The decision to start a business is a transformative step, and these states provide the right conditions for women entrepreneurs to flourish. For those planning to start a business, these states stand out as beacons of opportunity, innovation, and growth, specifically attuned to the needs of female entrepreneurs.

In summary, the aspiration to start a business is an exciting and challenging endeavor for women. The states discussed not only offer fertile ground for business ideas to take root but also nurture them with an array of resources and support systems. For women poised to start a business, these locations promise more than just economic growth; they offer a community and an environment where their entrepreneurial dreams can thrive. As we encourage more women to start a business, these states demonstrate their commitment to empowering female entrepreneurs, shaping a more inclusive and diverse business landscape for the future. 

Here Are Some Facts About Women-Owned Businesses

  • It is more challenging for women than men to secure a conventional business loan. In spite of this, according to the SBA, 54.7% of loan proceeds from their Microloan program were distributed to female lead or owned businesses.
  • Over the past 20 years women-owned businesses have grown by 114%.
  • There’s a large gap in the average size business loan for women as opposed to men. In 2020 Biz 2 credit did a study that showed that the average sides of business loans to women entrepreneurs was 33% lower than men.
  • At least 20% of companies that have $1 million or more of revenue are women-owned according to the National Association of women business owners.
  • From 2017 to 2018 recreation, entertainment, rental and leasing, arts and real estate saw the biggest growth in women-owned businesses according to the US Census Bureau annual business survey.
  • Healthcare sectors and social assistance together accounted for 16.9% of female firms and led the way to female owned companies. Scientific, professional and Technical Services came in second for women-owned firms at 16.4% and the retail industry followed at 11.7%.
  • There have been 42% of women businesses operating for 5 years or less, while close to 40% of women-owned businesses have been operational for 11 years or more.
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