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5 True Cathedral Ghost Stories That Hard to Believe

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True Ghost Story

Welcome to the world of dark cathedrals, where the line between the living and the dead is blurred and the past lingers in the present. These ghost stories delve into the dark and terrifying corners of history and reveal the true horror that can be found in even the most sacred of places. From ghostly priests and possessed statues, to phantom funerals and cursed bells, these stories will take you on a journey into the abyss of fear and terror. Beware, for you are about to enter a realm where the dead still walk among the living, and where the horrors of the past still linger.

  1. The Ghostly Choir

In the late 1800s, a cathedral in a small town in England began to experience strange and terrifying occurrences. The choir members would report hearing ghostly singing and chanting coming from the choir loft during rehearsals and services. The choir members would also report feeling a cold chill and a sense of dread when entering the choir loft, and some even claimed to see ghostly figures standing among them. The ghostly choir became so disruptive that the cathedral was forced to close down the choir, and it remains closed to this day. Some say that the ghostly choir is the spirits of choir members who died in the past and still linger in the choir loft.

Many of the choir members were so terrified by the ghostly choir that they refused to enter the choir loft, and the congregation began to notice the missing choir members during services. The senior priest of the cathedral conducted several exorcisms but to no avail, the ghostly choir continued to disrupt the services. Eventually, the decision was made to close the choir and seal off the choir loft to prevent any further disturbances. The choir loft remains sealed to this day, and the ghostly choir is still said to be heard by those who dare to enter the sealed off area.


The ghostly choir is considered to be one of the most well-known and well-documented ghost stories in the cathedral’s history, and many people still visit the cathedral to see the sealed off choir loft and to listen for the ghostly choir. Some even claim to have caught glimpses of ghostly choir members standing in the shadows of the sealed off area. The ghostly choir remains a mystery to this day, with no explanation for the strange occurrences.

  1. The Possessed Priest

In a cathedral in Spain, a young priest was assigned to serve as an assistant to the senior priest. However, the young priest began to experience strange and terrifying occurrences, such as hearing strange noises, feeling a cold chill, and seeing ghostly apparitions. He also began to act in a strange and erratic manner, and some claimed that he was possessed by an evil spirit.

The senior priest performed an exorcism, but the young priest’s condition only angered. He had to be sent to a mental institution, where he eventually died under mysterious circumstances.

The cathedral was closed for a number of years and was only reopened after a series of purification rituals were performed by the Catholic Church. It is said that the spirit that possessed the young priest still lingers in the cathedral, and many people have reported feeling a sense of unease or dread when entering the cathedral. Some have even claimed to see the ghost of the young priest wandering the cathedral, his eyes wide and haunted.

Many believe that the young priest was possessed by the spirit of an ancient sacrifice that was performed on the site where the cathedral was built. The exorcism performed by the senior priest failed to banish the spirit, and it continues to linger in the cathedral to this day. The cathedral remains open, but many people avoid visiting it due to the eerie occurrences that have been reported.

The story of the possessed priest serves as a reminder that even in the most sacred of places, there can be darkness and evil lurking. It is important to be aware of the history and background of a place before entering and to always trust your instincts if something feels off.

True ghost story

  1. The Cursed Bell

In a cathedral in France, there is a bell that was said to be cursed by a vengeful witch. The bell was cast in the 1700s and was said to have been blessed by a local priest. However, soon after it was installed, strange and terrifying occurrences began to happen in the cathedral. People reported hearing the bell ring on its own, even when the bell tower was locked and secured. Others reported seeing ghostly figures around the bell tower, and some even claimed to have been injured or ill after coming into contact with the bell.

The bell was eventually removed and buried in a secret location, but to this day, people claim to still hear the bell ringing on its own. Some say that the bell was cursed by a witch who had been wronged by the church and sought revenge. Others believe that the bell was cursed by the spirits of those who were persecuted and executed by the church during the witch trials.

Regardless of the reason for the curse, it is said that the bell still holds immense power and that those who hear its ghostly ringing are doomed to suffer a terrible fate. The bell tower remains empty to this day, and the church has forbidden anyone from attempting to unearth the bell.

  1. The Phantom Funeral

In a cathedral in Germany, there have been reports of a phantom funeral that takes place every year on the same date. The reports began to surface in the early 1900s, and people claimed to see a funeral procession, complete with a casket, mourners, and a priest, passing through the cathedral. However, upon investigation, the funeral would disappear, leaving no trace behind.

The phantom funeral is said to be the ghostly reenactment of a funeral that took place in the cathedral many years ago, where a young man was buried alive by mistake. It is said that the ghost of the young man continues to relive his tragic death every year, and that those who witness the phantom funeral will suffer a tragic fate as well.

Many people avoid the cathedral on the anniversary of the phantom funeral, and the church has issued warnings to the congregation to stay away from the cathedral on that day. However, there are still those who claim to have seen the phantom funeral, and the ghost of the young man is said to still haunt the cathedral to this day.

These true horror stories are a chilling reminder that even in the most sacred of places, there can be darkness and evil lurking. They serve as a warning to always be vigilant and cautious when entering a cathedral and to always trust your instincts when something feels off. These tales of terror will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading, haunting your thoughts and reminding you to always be aware of the true horror that can be found in the most mundane of settings. Beware, for these are not just stories, they are a glimpse into the abyss of human nature, even in the most unsuspecting of places.

  1. The Crypt of Horrors

In a cathedral in Romania, there is a crypt that holds the remains of the bishops and priests who served the cathedral over the centuries. However, this crypt is not like any other, it is said to be cursed and holds many horrifying secrets. Visitors to the crypt have reported feeling a sense of dread and unease upon entering, and some have even claimed to see ghostly apparitions and to hear strange noises coming from the depths of the crypt.

The stories of the crypt’s curse date back to the 1800s, when a group of grave robbers broke into the crypt in search of valuables. They found nothing of value, but they did discover something far more horrifying. The crypt was filled with the remains of plague victims, who had been buried in mass graves without proper rites. The grave robbers were overcome with fear and ran out of the crypt, never to return.

Since then, it is said that the spirits of the plague victims still linger in the crypt, and they are filled with anger and resentment towards those who disturbed their rest. Visitors to the crypt have reported feeling a sense of overwhelming sadness and despair, and some have even claimed to have been physically attacked by unseen forces.

The crypt has been sealed off to the public, but it is said that those who are brave enough to enter, will never return the same. The crypt remains a source of fascination and fear for many, and it serves as a reminder that even in the most sacred of places, there can be horrors that are better left undisturbed.

In conclusion, the world of cathedrals is one filled with awe-inspiring architecture, rich history, and deep spirituality. However, as these five true horror stories have shown, it is also a place where the darker side of humanity can rear its head. From ghostly apparitions and unexplained phenomena to gruesome acts of violence, these tales serve as a reminder that even the most sacred of spaces can hold their own share of terror. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, these stories are sure to leave an impression and make you think twice about visiting a cathedral alone.


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