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9 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

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Ways to Make Money on YouTube

These 9 simple ways to make money on YouTube will probably enlighten and maybe even surprise you. We are always on YouTube watching music videos, learning how to fix something or watching movies. Did you ever try to think that people were making money from all those contents you have been watching?

Yes, when you watch ads, subscribe to channels and various other things, money is being made on YouTube. Would you like to get a piece from this fat cake? If your answer is yes, it’s time you start learning ways to make money. So let me show you some simple ways to make money on YouTube.

Here Are 9 Ways to Make Money On YouTube


  1. YouTube AdSense

YouTube is the biggest online video platform with billions of monthly users. This makes YouTube the prime advertising spot for many businesses any prime way for youtubers to make money. As a you tuber you need to have a good amount of subscribers that regularly view your channel and turn on monetization features for your YouTube channel. In order to turn on monetization features you must meet certain requirements such as having more than 4000 public watch hours within 12 months and have more than 1000 subscribers.

In addition, you will need an adsense account. The amount of money you are paid by U2 partners can vary depending on the quality of ads clicked on, the video length, the number of clicks and the number of views. 

  1. Sell Online Courses

The first step you should take before selling courses on YouTube is to vet your audience. You need to find out the subjects in which they are interested. You also want to make sure your expertise is reflected in your about page so that everyone that visits your YouTube channel is clear on what you do. You want to include important links about your courses but do not start with a direct link to the course. Make sure your course content offers valuable information, be sure to collect your viewers email addresses and create a good trailer video that includes a call to action.

It is important to have testimonials in order to add believability and encourage people to take your course. Do some research on how to price your course. You don’t want it so low that people will think it is not good yet you don’t want it outrageously priced where people won’t pay or cannot afford to buy your course.

  1. Offer Video Editing Services

Many YouTubers need video editing services and you can make a little money or a lot of money in this field. Do your research and find out the best video editing software programs and make sure you have the correct equipment. DaVinci Resolve and Light Works are two very good editing software programs which offer a free and paid version. Take some online video editing classes to acquire or improve your skills.

You can obtain jobs by using websites like viewing or Tongal that are specifically for video editing or other sites like Fiverr or Upwork that are for a variety of jobs. If you are an experienced video editor you may want to use ProductionHub or Vehance. Some video editors choose to specialize in a particular type of video like weddings or pet videos.

  1. Join the YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) enables revenue sharing from ads being served on your content and is completely free. This Program also gives the people that create content direct access to their Creator Support Team and access to other YouTube resources and opportunities. You will need to sign up for the YPP, meet the qualifications, monetize your account, make sure you understand and agree to their terms as well as get approved.

  1. Crowdfunding

Youtubers depend heavily on ads and products to support themselves however some turn to crowdfunding. There are several advantages of using crowdfunding to make money. Crowdfunding allows you to bypass banks and gain access to untapped financial resources. The power of social media and the internet enables people to overcome financial adversity and collect finances. Your YouTube audience wants you to provide them with content and engagement. Unlike ads, crowdfunding is great because you are able to give your audience what they want. This monetization approach is becoming extremely popular.

There is a website called Patreon that is designed to help fund creators on a monthly basis and they let you offer rewards in exchange for support. This is different than websites like Kickstarter that offer funding for a project one times instead of on a regular basis.

  1. Become an affiliate partner

Business Brands will pay YouTubers to encourage their viewers to visit the brand’s online store or specific product pages. The Youtuber will earn a percentage of the sales that were made because their viewers clicked on the affiliate link. To become affiliate, you must meet certain qualifications such as having a minimum of the required subscribers and public watch hours.

  1. Create Products And Promote Them On YouTube

Are you creative and have produced artwork, E books, apps or music? YouTube offers a variety of ways to make sales and promote products that you have created. You can make videos about your products as well as provide links to webpages where your products can be purchased.

  1. Create A Web TV Series

Many individuals are the best storytellers which gives you the foundation of what you need to create your own web TV show. This series can be as big as you want as long as your budget and imagination can handle it. You can do your own talk show, drama or comedy series, whatever you like as long as it doesn’t break you are agreement with YouTube. if you get enough viewers you may find yourself with a brand-new career.

  1. Educate

You can educate your viewers by sharing the knowledge you have on YouTube. All you have to do is take something you know and be willing to teach others. Beauty videos are very popular among women and fixing things around the house or cars are very popular among men. Not to say that those two things don’t cross sexes. One way of doing this is to create short videos or tutorials.

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