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Walking to Lose Weight Quickly and Permanently

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walking to lose weight

Walking to Lose Weight Healthily

Can you lose weight by walking? Yes, you surely can. To slim down healthily, it is proven that one must practice exercise regularly and adopt a healthy diet. Walking to lose weight is no longer a controversial topic; numerous studies have confirmed it.

Fitness, being physically fit and healthy, is one of the benefits of regular exercise.  And the habit to walk consistently is the ideal sport to lose weight fast and permanently. The truth, lifting heavy weight does not mean better exercise. In fact, a recent study has found that long walking is better than heavy gym workouts.

First, you can start slow if your health is fragile, assuming you have received approval of your health care provider. And then for 4 weeks you can progressively improve your endurance. As you make progress, you can adjust your distance and rapidity accordingly. You have to walk a little faster than usual, up to 6 km / h, to obtain all the benefits of fast walking.

Simple Tools to Use

Resultado de imagen de google maps whatchTo remain motivated, you may need a pedometer, stopwatch, a GPS watch, or an app on your smartphone which can help you track your speed. This helps you not only to determine or evaluate your exercise but also remain focus.


You can also track your progress by keeping a diary. Walking to lose weight is easy, safe, effective, and most importantly free.  Walking is the easiest and less restrictive exercise to do. It allows you to lose at least 500 grams per week, depending on the frequency you do it. Without dieting or subscribe to a gym you can lose more than 10 kilos in less than 5 months, in addition to all other health benefits you get.

Fast walking will tone your muscles, make you feel and look younger, and improve your health in general by boosting your immune system, in addition to lose weight. It can be easily integrated into your daily activities. It is a natural activity that everyone practices every day, but very few people take advantage of if by using it in proper ways. At a leisurely pace, you can walk at any age. But accustomed to private vehicles and public transport, we tend to forget that walking can be both a therapy and prevention for most diseases that dismay our society today.

How Can you lose weight by walking?

Walking to lose weight is simple; just do it regularly and properly.  The number of calories burned while walking depends on your weight and place. For instance, by walking speed of 6 km per hour (normal speed) you can lose 400kcal per hour. By increasing 5 km you will burn 300 kcal more. Adapting your speed using a pedometer helps you control the distance traveled and calories burned.

Include Pedometer in Your “Walking to Lose Weight” Program

The pedometer is a useful gadget that will help you optimize your walking to lose weight fast. It is hung on clothes at your hip. It will calculate the distance you travel during exercise and throughout the day.

While your mind is focusing on other stuffs, the pedometer will keep track of all your steps and tell you the calorie expenditure. That is, in your walking to lose weight program this device is essential.

To calculate the extra distance to walk to lose weight you must calculate the core exercise and increase it in order to burn more calories. So you calculate the number of steps per mile basis and you will increase it in order to the number of calories burned.

 How many steps you need to take per day?walking to lose weight

The pedometer is like a companion. It counts the number of steps per mile, calories burned per mile, and the number of miles you travel per day. This help you remain focus and determine to achieve your goal.

You can set up a weekly goal to achieve.  For instance, you can decide to lose 500 grams per week. Remember, 1.5 km = 2000 steps and burned 100 kcal, and 500 g = 3500 kcal. Therefore, to lose 500 grams per week you must lose 500 kcal per day. And so it takes 10,000 steps a day to lose 500 grams per week. This is easily achievable depending on your health status.

Important Tips

Here are some ideas to help you increase the number steps you take per day:

  • Take the stairs instead of taking elevator
  • Accompany the children to school on foot
  • Park the car a little further and continue walking
  • Walk to nearby grocery stores instead of driving
  • Get off the bus further and continue on foot…

Motivation Tips

To remain motivated, you can take new paths every time. Also visit various gardens, parks, new districts, while listening to music if necessary. Whenever it is possible, invite a friend to join you to break the routine of solitary walk. In winter you may use a treadmill.

Adopt a Good Posture

When walking to lose weight, it is important to Practice good posture. Straight tighten your buttocks and pull your abdomen towards your spine. Keep your chin up. This walking style is optimal. This simple exercise will make you healthy, toned and losing weight without dieting.

But remember, before practice any of these tips, you first need to see your doctor for a checkup if you are not a healthy person. If his opinion is favorable, start by walking 3 days a week, 15 to 20 minutes. Then you will increase the frequency up to 60 minutes of walking, at least 5 days per week.


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