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8 Lost Cities Found Underwater

by Dan Cuesta
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Oceans and bodies of water hold the beauty of vast creatures for millions of years. But apart from beholding beauty, water keeps the most darkest and mysterious past. People and things that vanished for a very long time are kept hidden, secured, and preserved by the bodies of water. Stories from our past might be sitting right on top of the ocean floor, somewhere that only time can reveal.

Here are the top sunken lost cities found underwater:

  1. Baia, Italy

The sunken good old Las Vegas of Roman City called Baia was once a home for the whims of the rich and powerful Roman elites. Over the years, it was known for its healing medicinal hot springs. As unfortunate as it seems, Baia lost its glory after the Muslim army sacked the city and was soon abandoned. Over time, the emptied once luxurious town was kept captive by arising water levels due to volcanic activities. To this day, the remains of the city of Baia are visited through underwater archaeological parks. The wonders of this city that the water still holds can be seen through glass-bottomed boats, snorkeling, and scuba diving. These preserved wonders are the amazing statuary and crumbled structures.

  1. Atlit Yam, Israel

Photo by Itamar Grinberg

If you are looking for the best-preserved sunken city in the world, you are on the right list. Atlit Yam in Israel is a submerged city during the Neolithic period. Unearthed in 1984 were submerged houses, wells, graves, and skeletons. The coastal settlement of Atlit-Yam was submerged due to a tsunami caused by volcanic eruptions in the Mediterranean. There was a film entitled “The Mystery of Atlit Yam” that unveils the story of the old submerged settlement.



  1. Pavlopetri, Greece

If we have the best-preserved lost city underwater in the previous list, here we have the oldest underwater off the coastal city of Pavlopetri. This oldest submerged city in the Mediterranean Sea is unique by its town plan of streets. Buildings and tombs. Pavlopetri was submerged by frequent earthquakes around 1000 BC. The city froze the moment of the past and was never re-emerged after that.


  1. Mahabalipuram, India

Embraced by a tsunami during the 13th century is not the lost city of Mahabalipuram in India. The Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram was named after its known ruler Narasimhavarman II who was then a great wrestler or fighter in his time.



In the present day, this lost city was a popular tourist spot for it still holds the beauty of its various temples through art, sculptures, and intricate architecture. These temples were dedicated to different Hindu Gods such as Lord Vishnu – the preserver, Lord Shiva – the destroyer, and Lord Brahma – the creator.



  1. Shi Cheng, China

Unlike the other well-known lost cities, Shi Cheng City in China was purposely flooded and submerged in 1959. This was deliberately done to make way for the Xin’an Dam and its hydroelectric station. The well-preserved underwater city reflects the true power of the water in preserving thins on its hand for years. The Shi Cheng City is also called the “Atlantis of the East” and “Lion City”.


It is believed as the known empire from the 16th century. To this day, credited divers can get close to the ruins of the city but further mapping is needed to fully recommend underwater dive visits for tourists in the future.



  1. The Lost City of Alexandria

If not by the waters, this lost city of Alexandria may have vanished on the memory of mankind for good. The city of Alexandria was now clearly known as the former Thonis-Heracleon submerged in the water of the Mediterranean some 1,200 years ago. It was later discovered resting on the ocean bed in 2001. Large statues, Greek ceramics, coins, and other archaeological treasures.


It is believed that joined forces of cataclysmic events such as tidal waves, earthquakes, soil erosion and even the slow rise of the sea level contribute to the sinking of the lost city of Thonis-Heracleon in Alexandria.




  1. Lost City of Lord Krishna, India

Dwarkadhish temple dedicated to Krishna in Dwarka, India

Reclaimed by the sea and still submerged underwater, the lost city of Lord Krishna was once named Dwarka City. The city was built in a day from portions of land from the sea. This was believed to be the relocation place of Lord Krishna’s people from his existing city of Mathura which was then frequently attacked by King Jarasandha of Magadha. In order to protect his people, Lord Krishna decided that the new city must be accessible only by the ships. Eventually, Lord Krishna left the Dwarka City and then later reclaimed by the sea as seawater level rises. In the present day, excavation and further studies are ongoing in the underwater Dwarka City, the lost city of Lord Krishna in India to further check the claims that this Dwarka City is not a myth but a part of the history.

  1. Kalyazin, Russia

Flooded Belfry of St. Nicholas Cathedral in Kalyazin, Russia

Part of Kalyazin was drowned during the Soviet era when the Uglichskoe Reservoir was built, along with the demolition of the city’s historic Troitsky Makariev Monastery. However, the water unintentionally created the city’s most famous landmark. The bell tower of the ruined St Nicholas’ Cathedral rises from the reservoir and is currently known simply as the Flooded Bell Tower. On a Volga cruise, the city and its bell tower are a popular sight. It is also possible to combine a visit to Kalyazin with a journey to Uglich or Kashin.


Being lost may not necessarily mean being gone forever. Some things are meant to leave footprints and traces to tell stories in the future. Nature cannot utter words to tell us the past, but it has the power to show and tell. If we want to know what is behind us, we must be a keen observant, and ready to read through the visuals.

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