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7 Biggest and Most Mysterious Creatures Ever Caught on Tape

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Giant and Mysterious Creatures Caught on Tape

When a new creature caught on tape in USA, Africa, or any other part of the world, it brings some excitement. Regardless of the new creatures discovered, scientists are always interested in conducting some study to shed more light to the public. But some mysterious creatures defy explanation. Discover the 7 Biggest and Most Mysterious Creatures caught on tape.

Mysterious Sea Monster on a Guinea Beach1.Mysterious Sea Monster on a Guinea Beach
A large number of people in a village of Guinea gathered looking with amazement a giant mysterious sea creature washed up in Guinea last year.

The beast is mysterious and a little creepy; no one can tell what animal it is. Its pictures have been posted online about a new creature found in Africa, but no one can determine it.

The monster has four paws, a tail, long fur and a big, fat, corpulent body. A few marine scientists who carefully examined the creature are still unable to identify the animal.


As for now, scientists are still baffled by the mystery of the strange ugly sea monster cast ashore on a remote beach in Guinea.

2.Dead Goat Born with a Head like a Human Baby
Dead Goat Born with a Head like a Human BabyIn Argentina, a dead goat born with a head like human’s. The owner of the goat, an Argentinian farmer, is under investigation after being accused of bestiality. People believe the creature is the result of a cross between human and goat.

The incident began in October 2014 when a friend of the Villalba family posted images of a baby goat on social media. The images got people’s attention and the family has been under serious accusations of ‘animal abuse’ and ‘bestiality’.

But the farmer’s wife, Olga Villalba, denies these claims saying the problem is due to “a genetic mutation caused by “excessive use of pesticides.”

When asked why they did burry it? She states: ‘the creature was dead when it was born; we just want to get rid of it as quickly as possible so we buried it in a hole in the ground.”

shark jumps on boat

Large Shark Jumped into 73-year-old Australian Fisherman

Giant Whale Shark caught on tape3.Giant Whale Shark Hauled by Cranes, Karachi, Pakistan
In February 2012, Daily Mail published Pictures of a monster whale shark being lifted out of the water of the Arabian Sea port, surrounded by people who gathered to see the biggest shark ever caught.

A group of fishermen spotted the giant shark floating unconscious in the sea, about 140km offshore. They got curious and got closer; they realized how big the fish was.

The shark’s carcass weights eight tons, which obliged the fishermen to use at first two cranes in order to be able to pull the monster fish out of the water. But that failed, so eventually another crane was brought in to complete the task.

The find paid off. At the end, the colossal shark sold for 1.7m rupees, which equals about 17,500 USD.

4.Strange Sea-monster Corpse Found on Coast of Vietnam
Strange Sea-monster Corpse FoundIt has been a while since the pictures of the carcass a monstrous sea creature being circulated on the internet. The monster is being raised onto a large truck in front of a crowd.

According to our research, the source of the discovery is from a Chinese news. The news provides little information and explanation, making it difficult for people to accurately comment.

However, there are many claims and conclusions. “Some say it could be a relative of the infamous Loch Ness monster. Others have gone further to claim some sort alien connection: “A large creature from outer space similar to that in the 1990 film Tremors.”
Is it fake or real? You decide…

Giant squid Washes Ashore5.Giant Sea Creature Washes Ashore Along Santa Monica Coastline
After a recent similar finding, a second giant sea creature has washed ashore in Santa Monica, California, in January 2014.  A few months earlier a rare oarfish, about 100-foot length, was found there.

But this time this is a monster squid which measures 160 feet from head to tentacle tip. Although the oarfish is different from the squid, experts believe they both come from the waters near the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant in the Futaba District of Japan.

There is a theory behind the giant squid. Scientists believe the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster may trigger genetic mutations in some creatures causing in them a condition called “radioactive gigantism”, uncontrolled growth. But these are speculations; no one knows for sure why the animal is big, and how many are still living in the deep sea.

6.Strange Creature On Santa Barbara Beach
Strange Creature On Santa Barbara BeachIn December 2014, while John Palminteri, a KEYT Senior Reporter, was walking on a Santa Barbara beach, he stumbled upon the carcass of a mysterious and creepy creature washed up on Santa Barbara Beach.

During an interrogation with The Huffington Post, he stated “It certainly has been a mystery. It definitely had teeth and I would never want to encounter it in a dark creek path.” Although no one has an exact explanation, Paul Collins, Curator of Vertebrate Zoology at the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum, said the creature was a badger with short feet, claws, narrow snout, and two protruding cheeks.

But even if Collins statement is accurate there is another mystery left to solve. There is no badger in and around Santa Barbara, California.  “It’s very confusing”, stated John Palminteri.

Watch The Video of an Amazing ‘Minivan-sized’ Sea Creature Caught on Tape  In Hawaii

Biggest Snake Found In Amazon River7.World’s Biggest Snake Found In Amazon River
This is the biggest Anaconda ever found in the world.  The monster was found in the Amazon river. It measures 134 feet long and weighs 2.27 tons (2067 kgs).

It is reported that the giant snake has killed 257 human beings and 2325 animals before getting killed. Africa’s Royal British commandos took 37 days to finally catch and kill the monster.

Although anacondas are known all over the world for being giant, the largest recorded Anaconda was under 30 feet long, not anywhere close to 134 feet long… This case has more questions than answers. The snake was in the wild, how do they know it ate 2325 animals?

Is it fake or real? You decide…

Giant 15-meter-long sea creature washed up on An Indonesian Island


A huge 15-meter-long mysterious sea creature found on an island in the Dead Sea in Indonesia this week (May 10, 2017), and so far no one seems to be sure of the species to which it belongs. A man filmed the discovery and posted the images on Youtube. In less than a week, it has accumulated more than 4 million views.

Please click here to watch the raw footage of the video.

Given the advanced state of decomposition and the size of the beast, it is difficult to tell which type of animal it is. Some think it is a huge giant squid, others speculate it is a massive whale…

Meanwhile the smell is very unpleasant in the community. Local authorities have asked the government to come and help them destroy the carcass of the animal.

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