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Best Engineering Degrees for The Future

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Best Engineering Degrees

Engineering has always been a popular field and some of the best engineering degrees can assist you in choosing the type of degree best for the future in order to secure a job in an area that is growing faster than ever with increasing salaries. From 2018 to 2028 the total number of engineers in the USA will increase by 85,000 according to the U S Department of Labor data released in 2020.

According to the National Association of colleges and employers in 2020 the average salary for a college graduate was approximately $55,000 per year. Choosing a degree in engineering allows you to secure a job making way above and sometimes double the amount as graduates obtaining other types of degrees.

In this article, you will learn about 10 best engineering degrees for the future to help you decide which engineer degree to pursue.



  1. Environmental Engineer

If you are an outdoorsy, environmental type of person you may enjoy earning your degree as an environmental engineer. You will use a variety of skills such as chemistry, biology, earth science and engineering to resolve environmental issues. If you don’t like being tied down to a desk then this is the degree for you. An environmental engineer is often required to go to job sites. The median pay was reported at $86,800 in 2017.

  1. Biomedical Engineer

You should earn a degree as a biomedical engineer if you are a person who is interested in the medical or clinical field and haven’t found your niche yet but you don’t want to be a doctor. In biomedical engineering the principles of engineering are used to advance medical science. Medical professionals are always looking for equipment and tools to help them diagnose and treat their patients and as a biomedical engineer you may develop these tools. In this position the median pay is $88,040.

  1. Electrical Engineer

You will never have to worry about going hungry or not having a position if you choose to earn a degree as an electrical engineer. We all flip some type of switch and use electrical components all day every day. As an electrical engineer you will work with motors, radar, navigation systems as well as in a variety of industries. You will be at the lower end of a 6-figure income however, job security will play a big part now and in your future.

  1. Chemical Engineer

You will make a median salary of $102,160.00 as a chemical engineer after obtaining your degree. It is necessary that you are fond of hard science if you plan to go into this field because you will need it for the production of food, fuel, medicine and many other compounds that are used daily. This major could be a breeze for you if you have a background in physics, chemistry or biology and enjoy solving huge problems.

  1. Systems Engineer

A systems engineer has many similarities to positions in the computer field except the pay is a lot higher. It has an estimated salary of $103,800. After you earn your degree as a systems engineer you will be responsible for maintaining software and hardware systems for the company that employs you. This is all part of the technical infrastructure and you need strong communication skills to be able to translate technical information in layman’s terms because everyone is not computer savvy.

  1. Nuclear Engineer

If your fascination is with nuclear energy then a degree in nuclear engineering would be right up your alley. You would design and create various instruments and tools needed to employ nuclear energy. This position is very complex and can be stressful as you are responsible for safely directing the functions of nuclear facilities. The median pay for a nuclear engineer was reported as $105,810 in 2017. If you pursue this position you will be among the people with the top five highest paying engineer jobs.

  1. Aerospace Engineer

Earning a degree in aerospace engineering may help you gain the nickname of a rocket scientist. Once you secure a position as an aerospace engineer not only will you design aircraft, missiles, satellites and spacecraft you may also build it. In this field you need to have sharp analytical and design skills. In 2017 the median pay for an aerospace engineer was $113,030.

  1. Computer Hardware Engineer

A computer hardware engineer has a median pay of $115,120. In this field you will develop a variety of computer components such as processors, memory devices and circuit boards as well as computer systems. Securing a degree as a computer hardware engineer will help you start your career in a highly technical field. Concentrating in this area is perfect for the person with an interest in physics, mathematics and problem solving.

  1. Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum is very important to our lives and some of you may call it Petro but regardless of the name, we need petroleum engineers. The materials that are needed to create energy like petroleum and natural gas are extracted from the ground. A petroleum engineers develops methods to allow us to obtain these resources. The median salary of $132,280 was one of the highest paying engineering jobs in 2019. It has been projected over the next five to 10 years it will grow faster than the average career.

  1. Big Data Engineer

Big data offers a vast amount of opportunity for engineers as it is on the rise and providing a significant amount of business opportunities. In order for big data to be utilized, engineers are needed to create the system architecture and hardware that allows other people to interpret and utilize the data, otherwise the data is useless. The median salary for a big data engineer is $155,500.

It doesn’t matter which of these engineering degrees appeals to you the most because all of them are considered some of the best engineering degrees for the future. You may find some conflict on the order and specific type of engineering degree that will have the most growth depending on who supplied the information. Two things for sure, the engineering field is profitable and you can make a great salary straight out of college.

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