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14 Continuing Education Amazing Advantages

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14 Continuing Education Amazing Advantages

Continuing Education

Continuing education is aimed at any adult who is already engaged in work but wishes to continue his studies and thus complete his training, as well as any student who wishes to pursue a work-study program. It is accessible to anyone who already started or received some professional training, regardless of age, education level or professional status. This higher education makes it possible to adapt to changes in techniques and working conditions.

Continuing education is a means of improving or acquiring knowledge, know-how, cultural, personal and professional skills beyond initial training.Termina tus estudios medio superior y superior en menos de 12 meses. This is a form of adult education which allows everyone to acquire an expertise and develop skills in a particular professional field.

Who can profit from continuing education?

This type of training concerns those who have returned to work and have therefore left initial training (studies). This form of higher education enables people who are already in the workforce to continue to learn in order to improve their skills and adapt to new technologies, practices or methods applied in the workplace. It also allows professional retraining.

Andragogy, methods and principles used in adult education, is therefore offered to salaried professionals, young adults and job seekers. Today, vocational training leads to an important return to employment: it makes it possible to adapt the training to adults in different economic and social developments.


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This form of adult education profits not only employees in companies, self-employed, liberal professionals, jobseekers, retired people, but also students in the context of work-linked training. On the other hand, it has advantages for both enterprises/employers and employees.

Advantages for the Employer

  • Please and retain employees by improving their professional and financial life.
  • Increase productivity and improve the quality of service provided to customers through skilled and motivated employees
  • Value and improve the image of the company by improving the qualifications and skills of its employees.

Advantages for the Employee

  • Acquire a recognized qualification or certificate in the profession
  • Acquire recognition of skills within the company
  • Develop ability and thus become more confident
  • Increase employability in the area studied
  • Keep the job while receiving the higher education
  • Regain motivation and boost confidence
  • Improve abilities, thus the quality of work;
  • Decrease resistance to change;
  • Improve openness to changes and adaptive capacity;
  • Encourage other employees to undertake proper training;
  • Improves overall productivity not only in workplace but also in life in general.
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