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Best Way to Learn Spanish Easily in Less Than 6 Months

by Delarno
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Best Way to Learn Spanish

Best Way to Learn Spanish Very Quickly

In this article you will learn the best way to learn Spanish and languages in general based on a method that includes 5 major steps. These are the same tips that most polyglots use to speak English, German, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, and others.  You can do it too.

  1. Integrate Spanish in Your Daily Activities

Best Way to Learn Spanish What you do daily will determine your habit in life; it is the same for learning a foreign language. You must start from this principle and incorporate the language that you want to learn in your daily. This is the best way to Learn Spanish and other languages.

Here are some things you need to do in Spanish from the moment you start learning it: watching films and series, listening to music or radio, sending texts to loved ones and friends, setting the language of your computer or phone, going fishing for information on foreign sites, and others. Doing so will help you become familiar quickly with the language, and when it is part of everyday life, learning becomes an easy routine instead of a difficult task.

2. Best Way to Learn Spanish Interact and Practice with Native Speakers


Once you include the language in your everyday life, you will surely express it in your conversation. And what are the best people to talk to if not the native speakers.  In the United States it is easy to find people from almost every country in the world; take advantage of that. This is the logical consequence of the first point: the best way to learn Spanish is of course to talk with native speakers.

You can find Latinos in every City in the country.  Some can barely say “I am” in English. Talk their language with them. They will be happy to communicate with you. Who knows, you may fall in love with one (assuming you are single).

In addition, with the ease social mobility of our times, communication becomes easy.  If you don’t want to make first contact in person you can visit Language-exchange websites to meet people in your city and arrange a SAFE meeting. If you have the opportunity you can travel to Spain, Mexico, and else. Dare engage in conversation in the language of the country where you travel. If you are a tourist, people will offer their help to you; take the opportunity to say, like Tom (Tom and Jerry Cartoon), “como estas senorita” with a smile on your face.

  1. Search and Identify Similarities

Best Way to Learn Spanish Now that you have people to talk to and interact with, you need to participate in every activity that will give you a chance to practice. In a foreign language, we tend to notice more easily the differences instead similarities. This tendency will keep you away from getting involved. Reversing this trend will boost motivation and improvement your involvement.

For instances: French, being a romance language, has many similarities in vocabulary and grammar with Spanish; English and German are both of Germanic languages.  Although an American may think that German is a complete foreign language; it is not the case at all.  The two languages have many similarities: milk becomes milch in German, brother bruder…

It is the same for Spanish and English: curious means curioso in Spanish, delicious delicioso. Languages have much more in common with each other than we would think. Knowing these similarities is the best way to learn Spanish and other languages.

In case you do not figure it out, you have already learned 5 Spanish Words:

  1. Como = How
  2. Estas = are
  3. Senorita = miss
  4. Curioso = Curious
  5. Delicioso = Delici.
  1. Best Way to Learn Spanish Pay Attention and Imitate

When learning a foreign language, you need to pay attention to details, including the movement of the lips of the native speakers, and then imitate them. Some people do the first step but they don’t practice/imitate. Doing so is like you are hungry and just watching someone enjoying a meal without asking for some or taking part. Pay Attention and imitate is the best way to learn Spanish and master the accents. At first, it may be intimidating; don’t let intimidation discourage you to express yourself. And engage in conversations with native speakers.

Listening carefully to someone in his native language and trying to reproduce the same sound without worrying about accent can help you become fluent in the foreign language within a few months. Here is a vivid story.

A Latino man who has a local food store learns the Haitian Creole and communicates with Haitians without ever going to school for it.  He watches them talking and ask questions. In about a year he is able to speak with them easily.  They love that and become his loyal customers

  1. Best Way to Learn Spanish Learn New Vocabularies Every Day

To speak you must use words. In fact all languages are collection of words. Even if you have extensive knowledge in a foreign language and want to broaden the range of possibilities you need learn new vocabularies. Watching TV, reading, and talking to others are great way to catch new words. But there is something else you can do.

Here is a technique that can help. Every morning learn 5 to 10 new words. During the day do your best to use them in practice. And before going to bed review every word in the list in order to increase your chance of remembering them. This may sound simple, but it works.

The best way to learn Spanish is to follow these five simple tips above. These techniques will even be easier if you already speak another romance language.  But remember to be yourself, and adapt your own learning style to facilitate the process. As of today, you are already polyglot in your mind. As they say, “what the mind can conceive it can achieve.”


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