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Learn French in 6 Months Using 5 Simple Methods

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Learn French Easily

Being bilingual offers many advantages. But to learn French or any second language you need to know what options are available to you, and how to use them efficiently? Learning a foreign language requires a motivation and commitment, otherwise you will not success.


Evaluate Your Options

To learn French, first and foremost, you need to research and evaluate all learning options available. And then, you choose the method the most effective and best suited to your schedule, your abilities, and/or your life. Below, we list the various means of learning a language, evoking some of their advantages and disadvantages.


Selftaught Learning


Resultado de imagen de learn frenchThis is not easy to do, but not impossible if you are well motivated and use your motivation correctly. Before you begin, you will have to organize and plan. It is important that you create a plan you can follow to not give up in the middle of the road. Winners never quit.

Advantages: The main advantage with this method is that you learn at your own pace. If you only have 30 minutes a day, it will probably be the option that suits you best. In addition, you can focus your learning on what interests you; no one knows better than you what you want to learn and your way of learning.

Disadvantages; you learn all alone; it can seem complicated at first and lead to discouragement. When you need help, you will have no teacher. You need to have a strong autonomy to face all challenges by yourself and overcome them. You have to find for yourself the answers to your questions.


Taking Language Classes

You can also learn French by taking courses. If self-learning is not for you, taking classes is a good alternative. Regardless of where you are in the world it is most like you will have colleges or universities that offer foreign language classes, although certain languages may not be able available. If you have money and time, and you need guidance to learn properly, this method is definitely the right one for you.

Advantages: The teacher is there to guide you in your learning. He will analyze and take into account your facilities and difficulties to help you progress. It does not mean you will count on the teacher to do almost everything, and finish the class without learning the language.

Disadvantages: It takes time, and in most cases, money. You will have to pay tuitions and buy books, sometimes books you don’t really need.


Going Abroad

Going abroad, preferably in a country that speaks French, is obviously the most effective method to learn French. If you do not have personal obligations that keep you home and you have the budget, do not hesitate. But going abroad to study a new language has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages: you will meet new people and invest in activities that will help you practice the language. You will have a better accent in French. By being in contact with the language every day, your level will improve day by day, and dramatically, if you make friends with the native of country.

Disadvantages:  it can cost you a fortune to pay tuition and housing. It also requires strong motivation, even sacrifice sometimes, to leave your country just to learn a new language. You can experience some sadness or nostalgia at the beginning, or from time to time. Adapting to a new country with different culture and customs can be really difficult at first.


Online Learning

Learning online at the comfort of your home is a great choice, but this can lead to mediocrity if you are not really motivated. In addition to the classes, you can find a partner online who is learning the same language and wants to practice with you. You can write and speak with him to improve your grammar and conversation skill. In addition, there are some linguistic exchange websites that are ideal places to find partners.Resultado de imagen de study online

Advantages: you learn comfortably. Your correspondent, whose first language is French, can practice the language with you by exchanging emails or texts.  Conversing using text chat or calling each other is highly useful.

Disadvantages: you can finish the course without speaking the language if you are not diligent in practicing. Discouragement in middle of the course is also another problem of online learning.

Now You Know Hoe To Learn French

Regardless you want to speak English, Spanish, French, or else, it can be the easiest language to learn if you put yourself to it fully. Don’t let people discourage you by saying this or that language is difficult what easy for you may not be for them. If someone else can, so can you.  Go learn French!


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