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How to Write a Cover Letter like Pro Using 5 Simple Tips

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How to write a cover letter

A Cover letter plays an important role in the acceptance of the job applicant. In fact, it can be as much essential as the resume. You have to adapt to each targeted point to allow the employer easily perceive your objective and the reason of your application. This article aims at showing you how to write a cover letter that stands out of the rest.

How to write a cover letter?

To answer this question, here are 5 essential tips to show you how to write a cover letter lie a professional in order to increase your chance of being hired:

  1. Adapt the letter to the offer of the publication

How to write a cover letterThe letter does not have the same role as CV; it alone can indicate your main motivation for the function and the company. By making the connection between the CV and the opening announcement it acts as a catalyst for the job application. That is, the CV and the cover letter supplement and reinforce each other, and act synergistically.

The letter should highlight the points in the resume that match the Job in order to make the application more prominent than the rest.

  1. Write the Letter Professionally

Writing a cover letter is much more than a simple formality. It is not just a few lines; it can contain many paragraphs or even one page. The letter is not a mere formality; it an important part of the application and will be under substantive analysis. It should be written in proper language without syntax or spelling errors.  The content must be in a professional style purely literary.

Therefore there must be a balance between originality and requirements of the recruiter. Useless banalities, which may make you look unprofessional, should be avoided. It is important to know how to write a cover letter that is friendly and professional at the same time.

  1. How to write a cover letterLearn about the company and the profiles it is looking for

The cover letter for a job application must be drawn from the information in the description of the publication or the indication posted by the recruiter: business press, careers websites, job fair… You need to develop your argument based on the nature of the company and the profiles it is looking for. Even non-relevant job offers in relation to your search may contain valuable information.

You can learn from them whenever it is necessary. The more your profile is consistent and linked to the project and the culture of the company the more you will arouse the interest of the employer to hire you. Do not make the whole cover letter a center on yourself and your background.

  1. Answer the Application Point by point

The cover letter for a job can be likened to a response to the job which constitutes the main specification of the recruiter. You will have to argue your application point by point: education, experience, and personality based on the three main types of information presented in the description: the company, the job opening and job profile.

It is good to have a clear objective criteria (teamwork, negotiation skills, rigor…) in harmony with what required in the description. Certain criteria are absolutely essential and non-negotiable others perhaps less important. Read the job profile clearly to determine the requirements that are most essential and mention them in your cover letter.

  1. Use specific keywords relevant to the company needs

cover letterThe main mistake applicants tend to make in their cover letters is to make it “too vague”. The recruiter needs to be reassured he has the right candidate for his opening. He may receive many applications. Therefore, he mostly pays attention to applications that prove it quickly.

That his, you need to show in the cover letter that not only you understand his requirements but also capable of doing the job by showing your genuine interest and skills. If precise and specific criteria have been mentioned in the description, you must answer them by justifying your claim with concrete examples from your career in the resume.

These are 4 main ideas showing you how to write a cover letter.  You can use these techniques along with your own skill to increase your possibility of getting hired by most companies that are looking for competent workers in your field.  You may also use cover letter samples in order to make things easier for you.




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