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11 Black Ant Extract Benefits That Will Amaze You

by Delarno D.
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In this post, you will see a list of 10 Black Ant Benefits that will amaze you.

Most people see black ants as one of the annoying species of insects. But these tiny creatures have much more to offer to humans than just crawling on the ground. Black ant tissue contains a variety of vitamins including B1, B2, B12, D, and E, as well as certain important minerals such as selenium, calcium, iron, manganese, and phosphorous.

Black ant powder is used to boost physical strength, improve sex life, strengthen the immune system, ameliorate digestion of fats for energy and protein assimilation, and support liver detoxification.

Here are 11 Black Ant extract benefits

  1. High Energy

Pound for pound, ants are the strongest animal in the world. They are also the strongest working creature as well, carrying up to 100 times their bodyweight. Black Ants have creatine and other forms of energy which can instantly increase energy in human muscles. The effect can feel for an entire day when taken early in the morning, right before breakfast or as pre-workout.

Chinese medicine has been using black ant extract to improve the energy and strength. The extract is recommended as an energy tonic and an overall endurance booster to strength the body and the immune system.   

  1. Better Assimilation

Some Chinese studies have found that black ants extract helps promote digestion of fats and assimilation of protein. These functions are key to healthy energy and weight. To fully understand, allow me to explain the importance of assimilating.

Assimilation is a process the body uses to absorb food molecules into its cells. This is crucial to many vital functions.  For instance, glucose is absorbed by absorptive cells in the small intestine to produce energy; amino acids, in the other hand, are used to build new block of proteins.

Black ant powder

  1. Immune Booster 

Do you know the stronger your immune system the less likely you will fall sick? The immune system is made of a complex network of proteins and special cells that protect the body against pathogenic attacks, including bacterial and viral infections. Amazingly, while doing so it also keeps a record of every pathogen it has ever encountered and defeated in order to quickly destroy similar attacks against the body.

Blacks ants can boost your immune system to properly perform these functions. A group of Chinese Scientists used a supplement made from black ants on a group of patients to determine the immune boosting benefits of the extract. Results show indeed the supplement helps strengthen the immune system, enhances sex life, and fights premature aging signs. Black ant powder has also been found to be a good source of energy and strength in China.

  1. Increases Longevity 

As of this year, 2020, there are about 54,000 people who are 100 years of age or older living in the United States. Although it is not fully clear why some people living decades longer than their peers, in far better health, some foods and supplements have shown to increase life expectancy, and black ants are one of them.

The Chinese Medicinal Classics and some Ancient texts confirm black ant extract as a significant energy tonic. Limited modern scientific studies have also found that an extract made from Polyrhachis Vicina Roger, a species of edible black ants, indeed reduces early signs of aging and increases longevity in rats. 

  1. Approved by the Chinese Ministry of Public Health

Although almost unknown in the United States, The Chinese Ministry of Public Health has approved polyrhachis ant extract as a dietary supplement. Traditional Chinese medicine recommends black ant extract to increase energy and stamina, strengthen the nervous system, boost sex drive, improve digestion, cleanse and protect the liver, and strengthen the immune functions to fight disease.

Other cultures, including the Europe and North America, have slowly started supporting the use of black ant after some studies show its potent health benefits. Scientific evidence finds that taking the extract can have tremendous health benefits on people with weakened immune functions.

  1. King of Protein and Other Nutrients 

Black Ants contain up to 13 times more protein than most meats including fish. Their tissues are a concentrated source of animal protein, made of between 42% and 67% protein content. This is Amazing!

victaminsIn addition, Blacks ants are loaded with vitamins including B-1, B-2, B-12, D, and E, as well as all the 8 essential amino acids.

It is not over yet…

Black ants contain more than 20 minerals crucial to human health including calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorous, selenium, and zinc. Some small studies show ants can increase the levels of DNA and RNA in human cells, which are the building blocks of human life. By Increasing the level of DNA and RNA, black ants slow the aging process and boost the regeneration and rejuvenation of tissue. Other studies found increased RNA and DNA levels are linked to reduce risk of developing some kinds of cancer.

  1. Cleanse The Liver

The liver plays many vital roles in the body: producing proteins for blood plasma and clotting, making bile to break down and absorb fats and produce energy, making cholesterol and special proteins to carry fats through the body, and others. Therefore, having a healthy liver is crucial if you want to be healthy.

By supporting active liver detoxification, black ant tissue also helps the liver to function properly. Black ant powder is a powerful natural oxidant that can prevent or reduce chronic inflammation, which could also play a role in the development of a variety of medical conditions, from cancer to asthma. 

  1. Potent Natural Aphrodisiac

Black ant extract has been used as a potent aphrodisiac in Asian nations such as Japan. The extract has been taken to improve sexual stamina in elderly couples and people suffering with low sex drive. It works for both men and women. Intake increases the levels of energy and enhances endurance and performance of the entire body.

Among the many compounds black ants contain making it able to improve sexual functions is its highly bio-available zinc. This mineral is known to be a key nutrient to boost the immune system and revive sexual health. In addition, zinc is one of the building blocks of testosterone.  Increased zinc levels have been linked to increased semen production and sexual drive in men.

One of the main causes of impotence in men is lack of energy. This not only causes erectile dysfunction but also a wide variety of problems including weakened immune system which often lead to the development of more serious conditions.

  1. Potent Jing Tonic

Black ant tonic is considered as a Jing tonic in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).  Jing is also called “ancestral energy.” According to Chinese belief, it is prenatal energy that enters the embryo in order to give it the essence of life force. Therefore, death occurs when energy is depleted.

TCM practitioners use a variety of mind and alternative practices to improve quality of life and certain pain conditions. For instance, Jing tonics are taken to increase the energy in the body; polyrhachis tonic is one of them. They consider black ant tonic as the most potent Jing tonic. 

  1. Anti-Stress

Traditional Chinese practitioners also used black ant extract to treat stress related symptoms and as a stress recovery agent. It has often been recommended to patients who have been under stress or experiencing deep emotional strain.

Regular use of the powder or extract can help the body repair the damage done by chronic stress, drug use, chronic infections, and even nutritional deficiencies. It can also provide the energy the body needs to cope high paced activities or stressful environment or situations. 

  1. Black Ant Extract “The Herb of Kings”

In Chinese traditional medicine, Polyrhachis ants are considered as the herb of kings. This is one of the most prestigious recognitions in China. In fact, at one time, those ants were known as the forever young food and consumed regularly all over Asia due to their property to increase vitality and nourish the blood.

Another benefits, unlike supplements and drugs, black ant powder is made from living organisms, making it very bioavailable. In Medieval and ancient times, black ants were expensive and mainly available to the nobility and to royalty; hence the term, “herb of kings.”

Fortunately, Delvix Garden Organic Black Ant Extract Powder is available to anybody, anywhere in the world. Our extract is pure, potent, and highly bio-available, making it very effective as both a food supplement and aphrodisiac.

This list is far from being complete. New benefits of black ants are constantly being discovered. If you know other black ant benefits, kindly share it with our readers.

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