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11 Astaxanthin Benefits and Uses for Your Health and Beauty

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Astaxanthin benefits

Astaxanthin is a carotenoid that belongs to a subclass of xanthophyll and is becoming increasingly popular due to its multiple health benefits. It has a reputation for being one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature and is often referred to as “the king of carotenoids.” This carotenoid is very beneficial for health-related performance and it never converts to a pro-oxidant which means it can never bring destructive oxidation to the body.

If you have ever wondered where the reddish color comes from that you see in many seafoods such as salmon, lobster, crabs and trout, astaxanthin is what causes this pigment. Here are a few things you should know just to give you an idea of how powerful astaxanthin really is. This source of antioxidants is 550 times richer than green tea or other catechins. It is close to 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C and its antioxidant properties are 550 times more effective than vitamin E.

In this post, you will learn 11 astaxanthin benefits and uses you probably never heard of.  

Astaxanthin benefits

  1. Improved blood pressure

People all over the world suffer from hypertension and nearly half of the adults in the United States suffer from the disorder and many are not aware of it. This is unfortunate as there all types of devices to monitor your levels including one that talks to you. Astaxanthin has shown great potential in improving the effects associated with blood pressure as well as preventing and reducing high blood pressure. This antioxidant helps reduce bad cholesterol which is very important in preventing hypertension. It reduces the bloods oxidative stress and relaxes the walls of the blood vessels in order to help fight hypertension. In 2005 in the Journal of Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, scientists found that astaxanthin helps regulate a sign of oxidative stress called nitric oxide. When astaxanthin is coupled with other healthy lifestyle habits such as limiting alcohol, losing excess weight and increasing physical activities it can be more effective at reducing high blood pressure.

  1. Helps Manage High Cholesterol

In America almost 34% of adults have high LDL cholesterol. Cholesterol is not water soluble which means the excess gets deposited in your arteries. This is a major health issue and a perfect recipe for a stroke or heart attack. Doctors often recommend that people with high cholesterol start exercising and losing weight, quit smoking and to eat healthier however, supplementing your diet with astaxanthin can help decrease high LDL levels. Some studies showed that this antioxidant will also help increase good cholesterol as well as reduced bad cholesterol when 6 to 18 milligrams of astaxanthin are taken every day for 84 days.

  1. Helps Repair Heart Damage

High blood pressure is one of the leading causes of heart problems and heart damage is more common than you think. It is estimated that in the US 200,000 heart attacks happen every year within some type of medical facility and over 400,000 heart attacks happen outside of a hospital environment. You will have a few that end up unscathed but many are not so lucky. Astaxanthin can be used to help prevent heart damage during and after a heart attack.

  1. Helps Prevent and Manage Diabetes

Astaxanthin can helped manage diabetes according to the National Library of Medicine (NIH) study that was conducted in 2018. It improved the metabolism of sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes and lowered their blood pressure. According to another study published in 2006 this antioxidant has a countless number of benefits as well as the enhancement of insulin sensitivity

  1. Reduces Exercise Related Fatigue

Astaxanthin urges the body to use its own supply of fatty lipids. This increases stamina, exercise endurance as well as muscle fatigue during and after exercise.

  1. Helps Heal Ulcers

This amazing substance can help prevent the reappearance of ulcers and repair wounds faster. This is due to astaxanthin being able to control the ulcer causing bacteria called H pylori.

  1. Cancer Treatment

Like most supplements with antioxidant properties, astaxanthin has shown that it may help treat certain cancers and most notably prostate cancer, breast cancer and leukemia. A growing number of studies is showing the healing potential of this antioxidant however more studies need to be conducted.

  1. Alleviate Menopausal Symptoms

Menopause is one of the most stressful times for women and causes anxiety, hot flashes and depression. This is a time that can negatively impact and affect a woman’s quality of life. Astaxanthin Has been found to help reduce symptoms of menopause especially hot flashes which are associated with high levels of cortisol and oxidative stress.

  1. Assist With Male Infertility

There are many men suffering from infertility do to hormonal disorders, obesity, testicular trauma or genetic issues and astaxanthin could very well be the answer they are looking for. There has been a strong link found between male infertility and high levels of oxidative stress during a 2011 study at the Priority Research Center in Reproductive Science of the University of Newcastle, New South Wales Australia. Scientists are actively studying how to cure male infertility by dealing with sperm oxidative stress and they believe that this antioxidant is the answer. In a three-month study published in 2005, 30 individuals had an uptick and positive improvements in several sperm metrics. The study showed men that were treated with astaxanthin had a reduced death of sperm and increase the count and overall vitality and fertility.

  1. Helps Accelerate Traumatic Brain (TBI) Injury Recovery

It does not matter whether your traumatic brain injury was caused by and assault, traffic accident, a fall or sports related injury, it is devastating to the victims and their families. According to one study on pubmed.gov, astaxanthin may be helpful in speeding up the recovery from a TBI. The study showed that it improved cognitive performance in mice. Astaxanthin has shown to help speed up recovery and reduce swelling from injuries in people with TBI while slightly boosting brain function.

  1. Helps Reduce and Prevent Brain Damage From Stroke

Did you know that it is believed in America an adult has a stroke every 40 seconds in about 20% of those cases the stroke is not preventable? In the senior community, this condition has reached disastrous levels. A stroke can damage cranial membranes and cells, the central nervous system and brain tissue. This means that you will not get a enough blood supply to several regions in the brain and many brain cells usually die. Astaxanthin can stimulate blood flow while relaxing the vessels and reducing the blood pressure. This alone can play a major role in reducing the consequences of a stroke.

Early research is showing that astaxanthin helps tame the growth of cancer cells, may be used to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s, protect against bacterial inflammation such as pneumonia and inflammatory bowel disease and treat fatty liver disease. Astaxanthin also has many promising studies to help reduce symptoms or prevent diseases where inflammation is involved.

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