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Chemtrails: Should We Be Afraid for Our Life?

by Delarno
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Chem trail has been a controversial topic for over a decade, but very few people really paid attention. These days, we can see these trails in the sky almost daily. This leads more and more people to feel worry and ask many questions: Are chemtrails toxic? Do they contain dangerous chemicals that the government secretly releases in the atmosphere with a malevolent intention?

The answer to these questions can be yes or no; it depends to the party you ask. And to help you answer them yourself, we present data from both parties: opponents and advocates.

Chemtrails can persist and spread in the sky for several hours. They form long-lasting trails, as opposed to condensation trails, that are caused by water vapor gel generated by ordinary aircrafts, which disappear in a few seconds.

chemtrailsChemtrails Contain Dangerous Chemicals

Certain independent agencies claim the trails contain poisonous chemicals and compounds: radioactive thorium, barium, nano aluminum-coated fiberglass (commonly known as CHAFF), cadmium, nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, chromium, ethylene dibromide, and polymer fibers. But the authorities deny these claims, calling these people “alarmist”.


The websites and Youtubers that popularize the chemtrail conspiracy claim that these chemicals would be used to change the climate in an attempt to counteract the effects of the so-called global warming propaganda they government created at the first place in order to prepare the population to accept their geo-engineering programs, a deliberate large-scale manipulation of the environment to tamper with the weather and even to regulate the population.

In the US, as well as in Canada and Europe, citizens groups regularly file petitions asking elected officials to investigate these alleged secret aerial sprayings. Meanwhile, the number of people who believe that the intention behind the chemtrails is an evil secret project against the environment is constantly increasing.

In a survey conducted in 2011 among 3,015 Americans, Canadians and British representatives of the population, less than 3% of respondents had expressed concern about chemtrails and 14% believed at least partially. In 2013, Professional Poll shows more than 5% of Americans believed chem trail is dangerous. As of today, in 2016, that number is much higher: nearly 17 percent of Americans say they believe the existence of a secret large-scale atmospheric spraying program by the elite.

Chemicals Are an Environmental Crime

Conspiracists create movements around the world to protest what they call an “environmental crime”; and many concerned citizens take action.

Michael J. Murphy, creator and co-producer of the film, “What in the World Are They spraying?”, in association with Barry Kolsky, producer of the documentary ” Why In The World Are They Spraying?”, Are among these activists who are seeking a stop chemtrails.

In these documentaries, they aim at showing 4 main factors:
The effects of geo-engineering programs on human health and the environment;
How geo-engineering can be used to harmfully control the weather;
What industries benefit from the geo-engineering programs;
And how chemtrails affect you, your family, and the future of mankind.

Chemtrails Scientific Proofchemtrails

Geo-engineers argue that their technological manipulation is only used for the alleviation of today largely discredited theory of global warming. Their intervention is safe; it will not impact the earth’s systems. Is there any scientific data to back up their assertion?

After realizing lack of serious scientific study on this important matter, Steven Davis, climatologist at the University of California, decided to do some research. He first identified the main arguments advanced by websites advocating the safety of chemtrails. He then submitted them to nearly 400 researchers who have published the most recognized studies for 20 years on the chemistry of the atmosphere and on the evidence on the ground, in lakes and oceans of material from the atmosphere.

A total of 77 scientists from different universities around the world agreed to review the images and other data he submitted. Among them, 76 said they had never seen any evidence whatsoever of the harmful effects of chemtrails during their career. The last expert said he found abnormal levels of barium in an area where it was not supposed to find, but unable to link the finding to geo-engineering. He has acknowledged having no better explanation to provide.

The findings of these scientists do not intend to refute the possibility of harmful effects of chemtrails on the environment. They speak from their own scientific findings. In the other hand, the activists continue to claim that these operations are used for bad reasons, mainly to spread pathogenic substances in the environment to control the weather and reduce the population.

The chemical program divides the world population in two different groups, with two different propagandas; the future will tell who is wrong or right. Meanwhile, life goes on the planet earth.

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