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Collagen cream and supplements, the best defense against aging

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Collagen cream and supplements, the best defense against aging

Fight Aging with Collagen Cream and Supplements

You might be wondering what is collagen? Well, it is a protein substance produced by 9 different amino acids in the body. It contributes to the functioning of the ligaments and joints as well as the glowing and softness of the skin.Salud: Cómo detectar el cáncer de piel y sus principales síntomas

It is a part of the building block of fibrous and connective tissues within the body. The strength and condition of the skin, muscles and bones are determined greatly by the sufficiency of collagen and keratin. Therefore, a deficiency will result to different skin problems and malfunctioning of the skeletal system: bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage.

With age, however, the production in the body diminishes. Collagen supplements become important for a radiant skin and healthy functioning of the skeletal system.

Why using collagen cream?

Collagen promotes the regeneration of the skin’s tissues and especially slows down its natural aging process. Over time, our skin loses flexibility and elasticity, causing wrinkles and other imperfections to appear. A high quality collagen cream, however, can help to smooth and moisturize the skin, and thus reducing these problems.


Get a Radiant Skin with These Simple Steps

These creams can prove to be very effective, but they do not cause the complete disappearance of wrinkles in people advanced in age; you should not expect a miracle. This is due to the fact that the protein is a molecule too large to reach the dermis. On the other hand, collagen creams are very good moisturizer on a daily basis.

With less collagen, the skin starts showing signs of aging. Typically, beginning from age 25, these conditions start emerging. This is when dryness, breakouts, wrinkles and dullness begin to appear. The entire body is often affected as a whole and not only the skin, which shows the aging signs, but the muscles and the bones as well.A qué edad somos oficialmente viejos And that’s when your concern about getting old starts to develop. But you can improve the quality of your skin by applying high quality collagen cream on a regular basis.

Importance of Collagen supplements

Since it is a natural phenomena during the aging process for the production, along with keratin (a family of fibrous structural proteins), to decrease, to replace the lack, taking certain supplements to improve the production become very crucial. The most important vitamin that you need to include in your diet is vitamin C.Es necesario tomar vitamina C también en verano?

It can be found in green leafy vegetables (moringa for instance), highly colored fruits, and of course, from supplements as well. Vitamin C is not only crucial for a healthy immune system but it is also the main substance responsible for a healthy and radiant skin. With sufficient vitamin C in your diet you can prevent its loss, thus prevent certain skin imperfections and other health conditions related to aging.

How much Vitamin C you Need?

The regular recommended allowance for vitamin C is 500 IU to 1000 IU, depending on your health condition. 500 IU is the regular daily allowance while 1000 IU is necessary for better skin health and condition. A lack or deficiency of this vitamin causes fatigue, low immune system, arthritis, rheumatism or joint pain, dry and dull skin, wrinkles, and possibly hair loss in some people. In some cases, dental abscess and tooth loss and weak nailbed can also be observed.

Since collagen is generally produced naturally within the body through the help of vitamin C and 9 other amino acids, you can increase your regular intake of vitamin C and essential amino acids to slow or get rid of the aging signs. On the other hand, you can also take in collagen supplements which are widely available in the market these days. Other forms of collagen supplements include injection, drink, powder, capsules, and others.Los 4 mejores suplementos con ingredientes naturales para bajar de peso de forma saludable | La Opinión

Either way, along with applying collagen cream on your skin or taking supplements, an important thing to do is to make sure you get sufficient vitamins and amino acids to aid your body in the natural production of this important substance.

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