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Wife Kills Her Husband, And Then Gives His Meat to Her Dog

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Wife Kills Her Husband, And Then Gives His Meat to Her Dog

Svetlana Batukovey assassinates her husband and gives pieces of his meat to dog

A 46-year-old Russian woman, Svetlana Batukova, was arrested last week for stabbing her German husband, Hans Henkels, 66, to death, and then gave his meat to her dog.

The first elements of the investigation indicate that Svetlana stabbed her husband before letting him bleed to death. Then she would have cut his body into pieces, which she gave to her dog.Mujer asesina a su marido luego de ser maltratada en cuarentena

The woman, under the influence of alcohol and cocaine, drugged her 66-year-old husband on Friday, stabbing him several times and cutting him into pieces. This 46-year-old Russian woman then called her dog to eat the remains of her corpse. Ten hours later, she called the police to reveal what she had done.

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It was in Majorca, in the Balearic Islands, Spain, that this violent crime took place. Completely drunk and drugged with cocaine, Svetlana drugged her husband to the point that he was unable to defense himself. Then the 40-year-old stabbed him several times and did not stop there. She then cut his body in several pieces to give the leftovers to her dog.


Arriving at the scene, the police could only note the lifeless body and the carved arms of Horst Hans Henkels. The murderer, his wife Svetlana Batukova, was lying beside him waiting for the authorities to come.Policía de Portland investiga tres homicidios desde el pasado viernes en la ciudad | KUNP

The couple had married a few months ago and they were already experiencing violent disputes in which the authorities have already had to intervene at their homes. Svetlana confessed to her crime and even claimed to have been in contact with a person she could have paid $ 57,000 to kill her husband.

A sad incident that reminds us men too are also victims of domestic violence, and when that that happened the crimes are often horrible.

This is not new. Another case like this happened in Mexico. María Alejandra Lafuente Casco, a 46-year-old psychologist, killed and cut her husband with a chainsaw. When police finally arrived at the scene, they had discovered bits of bone, cartilage and flesh everywhere, at her home.

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