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College Student: 7 Simple Tips to Avoid Cleaning Dishes

by Delarno
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College Student  7 Simple Tips to Avoid Cleaning Dishes

No college student likes cleaning dishes. In fact, washing dishes is one of the mundane things that many College Students abhor. Few would appreciate standing at the sink scrubbing pots and hauling mounds of food remains across the kitchen counter to the bin.

If there was a way, some of us would gladly do without this drudgery. What if you found out that there are ingenious hacks you can use to avoid washing dishes and still stay alive? Well, just read on this article.

College StudentEat Straight out of the Pan

Being a college student you cannot little time for yourself sometimes. Away from the glares of the public eye, you can hurl decency out of the window by eating straight out of your sturdy pan. Be it super noodles, fries or spag bol, food is food even when eaten straight out of the pan to the mouth.

Pizza Cardboard

Why serve pizza on a plate when you can eat off the cardboard it came in? In any case, there is a dirty pan – the one that served as a plate last night- and you are yet to wash it. You know, the schedule doesn’t allow- when will you watch the latest series of Game of Thrones if you attended to every dirty utensil? So, just suck it up and eat off the pizza cardboard- hoping you remember that it isn’t the best place for holding a tin of soup.


Takeaway Chopsticks

Thank heavens for the person who mercifully thought about poor college students who have a ton of classes to attend, a million of movies to watch and a crowd of friends to spend time with that he decided to save the day by inventing takeaway chopsticks. Creative students have enough of these in the cutlery draw- and they serve as last-resort utensils when your strength and urge to clean dishes isn’t coming through. These things, mercifully, can be used for stirring, eating or even as after-dinner toothpicks.

College Student

Baking Tray, the perfect dinner plate for a college student

For a college student, the baking tray is the perfect dinner plate for that delicious meal of chicken dippers and waffles you pulled out of the oven. And, really, there are far more important things to worry about than the heat of the baking tray – when you are worried about not catching up with the Kardashians, how will a little heat from a baking tray sully your day?

Did you know every utensil in a college student’s room has a thousand and one uses?

Don’t believe everything that is said by these people who seem saner; a whisk isn’t only for whisking, and a spatula can step in the place of a dirty fork.

College StudentDrink out of any container- so long as it can hold liquid

All the utensils are dirty two weeks after you said, “to hell!” You aren’t left with any mugs for drinking water. But did you know you can also drink from a carton or out of shot glasses or Tupperware containers? Yes, that is the newest earth-shaking discovery. As long as it has no perforations to spill liquid, any container is good to go.

Bowl and Plastic Bag Strategy

In case you are a little hesitant with the tricks mentioned above, there is one final strategy that must impress you. Take your bowl and a plastic bag. Insert the bowl into the plastic bag and food into the bowl. Eat the food. Remove the plastic bag and discard it. The bowl will remain just as clean as in the beginning! No downsides!

Won’t your college days be fun and easy with these tricks? If you are a college student and like this everyday tips and seek for more visit freelance writer platform.


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