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Wife for sale on Ebay Reached a $87,000 Bid

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Wife for sale on Ebay Reached $87,000 Bid

“Used Wife for Sale” on Ebay

A 33-year-old British prankster, Simon O’Kane, published an ad on eBay to sell his “used wife” Leandra. He described her as he would do for a used car. He started it as a joke, but the auction got buyers’ attention.It was not an ordinary auction; it was a “wife for sale.

Before long, the ad reached 57 bids, with the highest bidder offering a fat some of £65,888, which is about $87,000. I guess this is the highest bid on “wife for sale” auction on eBay.

According M.O’Kane, the main cause of this ‘bad joke’ is the fact he does not feel good and his wife does not show him enough sympathy. For her defense, his wife stated, “He always moans he’s poorly, he’s a hypochondriac, and then he swans off to the gym for three – four hours at a time. I told him if that if he can go to the gym then he doesn’t deserve my sympathy.”

wife for saleHis wife for sale because he felt sick, his wife does show support

“I came in after work feeling a bit tired and unwell – my was wife doing the usual concerned bit but said I was burning the candle at both ends and was basically just whining at me.”  To revenge, he said “Okay, I’ll you put on sale”, which he did in fact.


He described in details the advantages and disadvantages of his wife as if it were a used car, evoking “the satisfactory condition of the body and her cooking skills,” but said that sometimes said talents could lead to hospital. Among other disadvantages, he mentioned the impossibility of making it to the seller.

wife for sale







65,000 (about $87,000) for the “Used Wife for sale”

Two days after the publication of the advertisement, the price for his “used wife for sale” had reached 65,000 pounds. The story could have ended there, but it did not end like that. The next day, arriving at work, Leandra came face to hilarious colleagues. One of them fell on the Ad while searching on Ebay.

Leandra said she wanted to kill her husband when colleagues showed her the Ad. “Everyone laughed at me. He not only published the advert but added a terrible picture,” the wife said. However, she also was surprised to discover the bids. The auctions have indeed reached £ 65,000 (about $87,000) before the listing was deleted by EBay.wife for sale

But listing a wife for sale on eBay comes with a price to pay. Simon received a lot of messages with pervert requests from potential bidders. He is also required by his wife to repair the damage by advancing the date of her Christmas gift, a Mulberry bag, to her birthday in November.

“I’d like to say I’d have spent the cash on my dream garage and a bunch of lads’ holidays out on the bikes, but the reality is I’d have probably spent it on getting her back”, Simon said.

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