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Depression Symptoms and suicidal signs in Women

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Depression Symptoms and suicidal signs in Women

Depression Symptoms and suicidal signs in Women

Feeling sad or irritated all the times for no real reasons? Maybe you are depressed. Although women tend to be depressed easier than men, there are no major differences in depression symptoms in women and men. The characteristics – severe or mild – depend mostly on diet and lifestyle, personality, environment, and health status in general.

There is a difference in the causes of the disease however. Culture, ethnicity, unpleasant medical report (cancer diagnosis for instance), and financial status play a major role in causing depression in both men and women. Nevertheless, children and family problems seem to have a heavier impact on women. For instance, unlike men, women who live single or raise their kids alone are more prone to be depressed. In addition, hormonal fluctuations seem to play a part in development of depression symptoms in women. Other factors that increase the risk of the disorder include genetic, interpersonal factors, and certain psychological characteristics.Resultado de imagen de depression

As said above, more women suffer from depression than men do. In the U S alone, it is estimated that more than 8% of the population experience a form of depressive disorder each year; the majority of them are women. Women are twice as likely to suffer from severe clinical depression as men are. The problem is worsening. According to many recent studies, about 1 out of 4 women is likely to have an episode of major depressive disorder at some point in their life; most of them will not get the medical care they need.

Common Depression Symptoms in Women

Most depression symptoms in women are similar to those in men: sadness, feelings of guilt or worthlessness, anxiety, pessimism or suicidal thoughts. Other common signs include sleep problems (insomnia or sleeping too much), social withdrawal (complete or near-complete isolation from social activities), or lack of enjoyment in things that once pleasured the individual: having sex, hobbies, caring about look or getting appearance in order, spending time with family and friends, and others. It is important to remember that suicidal signs should not be neglected or treated by non-professionals. Negligence can lead to fatal consequence.


Signs of Depression in Women

Resultado de imagen de depressionThere are certain signs of depression that are more likely to be experienced by women. And the characteristics of these disorders can be different from one woman to another. For instance, a depressed person may be feeling sad and worthless while another one who has the same type of the depressive disorder struggles with anger, irritation, and loss of appetite. In fact, it is more common to see a depressed woman experience appetite problems (eating more or less than usual), sleep problems (sleeping more or less than usual), and weight problems (gain or lose weight).

In addition, certain types of depressive disorders are more common in women. Seasonal depression is not only more common in women but the symptoms tend to be more severe. Complaining of suicidal thoughts is not uncommon.

How to Help a Depressed Woman?

There is no unique method to support and help a woman dealing with depression. Everyone is unique, and you need to approach her according to her personality and circumstances. However, in all cases, you need to be polite, patient and comprehensive. Common mistakes you need to avoid are intolerance and pretention, pretending you know better than the person suffering from the disease. Even if she’s your friend or family member, you need to let her talk, and listen to what she has to say.

Here are some tips you could use to help a depressed woman:

  1. First, encourage her to see a specialist or receive proper care, you can do so by explaining that you are noticing several attitude changes that may indicate a depressive disorder which is very common these days. If she rejects, do not be pushy and demanding; doing so can make matters worse.
  2. Second, advise her to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle. Increasing certain foods, such as magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids and lot of fruits and vegetables, can help her get rid of the depression without taking antidepressant medications.
  3. Third, encourage her to be more active socially, and doing some lifestyle changes like exercising regularly and going to church where people praise and pray God fervently.
  4. Fourth, encourage her to take homeopathic remedies which contain natural herbs such as griffonia simplicifolia, rhodiola rosea, St. John’s wort and Passion flower. This, along with restful sleep, can make a big difference. These herbs cause no side effects. Instead, they nourish the nervous system, support a more positive and motivated attitude, and promote general well-being. Some individuals claim they have great experience with cannabis oil; you may consider this if it is legal in your state.
  5. Fifthly, be patient; do not easily give up on her even if she gives you attitude sometimes. The reason is because most depressed people would seem to not acknowledge or appreciate the assistance and understanding they receive. In fact, they may think you bother them. Depressed people need a persistent support team; otherwise, they will feel isolated and this would worsen the case.
  6. Lastly, seek immediate medical care If you suspect any depressed individual nourishes suicidal thoughts, or manifesting suicidal signs.
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