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7 Reputable Car Donation Charities To Donate Your Car

by Delarno D.
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In this article, you will discover 7 reputable car donation charities with good reputation to donate your car.

Car donation is America’s favorite way of disposing vehicles. It is less stressful and will make you feel good about yourself knowing you have supported a charity.

Sadly, the car donation industry is filled with a lot of fraud. Cars are taken from unsuspecting citizens and sold with little or no proceeds given to charities. To ensure your car donation gets to its rightful destination, it’s important to donate through credible car donation charities or intermediaries.

You should also donate to organizations channel at least 75% of their proceeds directly towards their programs to further their stated missions. Make sure the organization is validated as a government agency. This is beneficial because your donation will be tax-deductible. It’s also advised to find a charity that deals directly with the transaction process; they get to keep the total profits.


7 Best Car Donation Charities

To make sure your donations go on smoothly and end up in the right hands, discover 7 best car donation charities to donate to:


One Car, One Difference is a reputable public awareness campaign run by Insurance Auto Auctions Donation (IAAD), a Division partners with more than 400 nonprofits across North America to turn donated vehicles into dollars for these charities. They handle every aspect of the donation process through their website and other online schools.

Contracting with them is highly beneficial. Their contractors see about 75% of the gross proceeds from the sale of cars.


Charity motors are a highly efficient organization that accepts car donations as well. They sell these donated cars to individuals in need for 50% of the fair market value. They donate a high percentage of the proceeds of the charity of your choice. They also offer very high tax deductions.


Car donation wizard is a car donation tool provided by commercial fundraising organization, Advanced Remarking Services. They are a great option if you are looking for a proper car donation charity. They consistently remit over 80% of proceeds to the charities that contract with them.


The Arc is a non-profit organization that serves and advocates for people with intellectual and development abilities. They contract with Melwood, another Non-profit organization highly efficient in handling and simplifying the car donation process. 


Allstate car donations have no affliction with the insurance company bearing the same brand name. This organization is rather a fundraising arm of the Centre for Living and Learning, based in Van Nuys, California. They provide vocational apprenticeships to recovering addicts, ex-offenders, and at-risk populations.

When you donate your car do Allstate Car Donations the donation is processed by the apprentices. These donations pay their salaries and fund other Center programs.


When you donate your car to this non-profit organization you indirect support the fight against cancer. This is a highly reputable car donation and fund-raising organization. They typically pass on between 70-100% of the net proceeds from car donations to the charities that contract with them. The children’s Hospital of Los Angeles is one of their major contractors.


V-DAC is a commercial fundraising organization. It always passes on between 75-100% of the net proceeds from donated cars to the charities that contract with them. This one of the best car donation charities in the country.

In addition, V-DAC provides consumers and charities with their fee schedules to help determine how much a charity will get, based on the price the car is being sold. Most commercial and charitable intermediaries don’t do this.

Do not fall victim to fraudulent car donation charities and organizations; patronize efficient car donation charities for proper service.

If you know other reputable car donation charities, kindly comment below to share them with our readers.

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