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Web Hosting Services, Simple Tips to Save $100s

by Delarno
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Web Hosting Services

Web hosting allows users, individuals and organizations, to launch their blog or ecommerce website on the internet so that it can be accessible to everyone. Typically, a web host services offer different options or packages at different prices, and users choose the service best fit their need. But for someone who is new in the business, it can be challenging to determine what option to consider among so many Web Hosting Services.Resultado de imagen de sercvicio web

This article aims to clarify 6 most common web hosting services offered on the internet that tend to cause confusion in new buyers’ mind. After reading the entire post, you will be able to choose like a pro, and hopefully save money, while receiving the best service possible.

6 Most Common Web Hosting Services

  1. Shared Hosting

As the name suggest, in shared hosting, you share equally all the resources of the machine with other users. That is, you cannot customize your own setup. The advantage is that this option generally requires no technical knowledge; all you need to do is add your website and use the features available. Prices are especially low, starting with less than $2 per month depending on the accommodation.

Why Choose Shared Hosting?


Shared hosting is ideal for you if you have small sites with low or medium traffic, not requiring specific resources, especially if you do not have any technical knowledge.

  1. Virtual Private Server

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting usually offers more resources than shared hosting but it costs more money. You share equally a machine with a limited number of users defined in advance, in terms of CPU, memory, disk and bandwidth. In a VPS, all resources are partitioned, and, unlike the Shared web hosting, it offers you total control of your server configuration. They come pre-installed with a standard operating system, usually Linux, and sometimes an admin panel like plesk or webmin.

Why Choose Virtual private server (VPS)?

Choose virtual private server if you have one or more sites with medium traffic, or if you want to have the environmental control of the server. VPS is also ideal for you if you need special resources and you cannot or do not want to invest in a dedicated server.

  1. Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is like a “allyou-can-eat buffet.” It is a self-managed option which allows you to autonomously configure and manage the features or applications of the server according to your business needs or requirements. The entire machine is made available to you by the provider. This can either be purchased, thus become your private property; or rented, it remains the property of your host but you have the right to fully use it for a period of time predefined on a contract. It is like renting a machine or house for a specific duration.

Why Choose Dedicated Server?

You choose dedicated servers if you want to control your machine. If you have special needs, such as several machines, and you can or have someone to care for them permanently. If you cannot or do not want to administer your servers, but have a managed service offering.

  1. Virtual Hosting

Virtual hosting is a saving method web servers use to host many domain names on the same computer, sometimes on the same IP address, while maintaining a separate management of each of these domains. This is one of the most widely used applications. Compared to a solution with a dedicated server, shared hosting reduces costs because many customers can be hosted on a single server. It is also common for a single user to want to use different domain names on the same machine, so that the names reflect the services provided, rather than the place where those services are being hosted.

Why Use Virtual Hosting?

The main reason for you to use virtual hosting is if you want to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on the same machine as if they were turning on separate physical machines.

  1. Managed Hosting

In a managed hosting, the service provider leases or dedicates the servers and associated hardware to a single client. The equipments are at his facility and managed there by him or his employees. In short, the provider manages the machine (s) for you, the client. He is responsible for the entire administration and configuration of the machine although it is completely dedicated to you.

Why Choose Managed Hosting

If your website consumes more resources than what a typical shared hosting can provide. If you don’t want or cannot operate a dedicated server, and you have no intention to hire an IT staff to run the server for you. You also can choose managed hosting for the comfort it brings, but especially the expertise of your provider, especially in term of security and high availability.

  1. Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A content delivery network, CDN, consists of networked computers across the Internet and cooperate to make available any content or data to users. The servers (or nodes) are generally connected to the Internet through different Internet backbones, principal data routes between large, strategically interconnected networks and core routers on the Internet.

The number of nodes and servers that make up a CDN varies greatly, some up to several thousands of nodes and tens of thousands of servers.

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Why Choose Content Delivery Network?

CDN is the lest popular in the top 6 web hosting services. It is ideal for you if your website is hosted in a particular region, but has majority of its visitors from a different region; this can slow the loading time of your site. Speed matters a lot not only in the eye of Google but also to web visitors. CDN improves user’s experience in terms of speed, regardless of the location.

The main goal of this article is to clarify the difference between web hosting services or plans in order to help you choose wisely like a pro without being manipulated by providers or their affiliates. I hope it does the job for you and every single other reader.

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