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Easiest language to learn in 6 Months or less

by Delarno
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Easiest language to learn in 6 Months or less

Easiest Language to Learn

Regardless, learning a new language requires desire and determination. The easiest language to learn may be different from one individual to another. But some languages are easier to learn than others.

To facilitate your trip to multilingualism, I have gathered information from many people who visit many countries and speak many languages in order to present 7 easiest languages which you can learn in 6 months or less. The list is decreasing, ranking from number 7 to the easiest language to learn in the world.


Resultado de imagen de englishEnglish is number 1 in the list of easy languages to learn. It is the most spoken language in the world, which facilitates its practice. It consists of short words; grammar does not include words or kinds of difficult agreements as in French. Its conjugation of verbs only changes the third person. There are about 360 million native speakers, but about two billion people in the world speak it. In case you did not figure it out, this is 30% of the world population. This makes English the easiest language to learn.


Spanish, la lengua del amor (the language of love), is also among the top easy languages to learn. Strongly influenced by Latin and Arabic, it speaks as it writes, and has fewer irregularities than other Latin origin languages. An estimation of more than 427 million people speak Spanish worldwide as their native language. It is also estimated that by 2050 the United States will become an English and Spanish bilingual state. With so many people speak and love it, Spanish undoubtedly the 2nd easiest language to learn.


For additional information, please see the best way to learn Spanish.


Spoken in Italy, Switzerland, Malta and Argentina, as well as in 25 other countries, it is estimated that up to 125 million people in the world are Italian speakers. Its grammar is similar to other Latin origin languages, but has fewer verb forms than French and Spanish, which makes it the number 3 among the easy languages to learn. If you want to learn Italian you already know some words like Cristo, pasta, spaghetti, pizza, Ferrari.


Resultado de imagen de AFRIKAANS language

This is the South Africa’s third mother language, spoken by more than 10 million people worldwide, although its speakers are located mainly in South Africa and Namibia. Afrikaans is a mixture of many languages, mainly Dutch, Bantu, Khoisan, Portuguese and Malay. Verbs and pronouns are not conjugated. The grammar is, in general, more or less left out. At one time Afrikaans was called Dutch Cape (Cape of Good Hope). Today about 90% of the words are common to more than one language, but pronunciation and sentence structure may have some differences from the mother languages. It’s like Creole from French.


Swahili is the most important Bantu language and one of the most spoken languages by Black Africa: the region of Africa to the south of the Sahara Desert. It is strongly influenced by Arabic, in particular, and as well as English, French, German and Portuguese. Swahili uses no conjugation, instead relying on the roots and affixes to express verbs and subjects. Over 140 million people speak it throughout East Africa, namely in Tanzania and Kenya. For most African, it is the easiest language to learn.  After Arabic, the most widely used is the African Swahili. It is also considered as a window on African culture, especially useful if you plan to visit or volunteer in Africa.

  1. Portuguese

Portuguese is spoken in many countries: Latin America, Africa, and of course, Portugal. The world contains approximately 215 to 220 million native speakers and 260 million total speakers. With its roots close to French, Portuguese is one of the easy languages to learn for any individual who speak French, Spanish, or Italian. It is especially for people who speak Spanish the fact the two languages have many similarities in terms of rules and pronunciation. You can actually learn Portuguese quickly and easily by going to Brazil and practice to some beautiful women; there are plenty there, more than you can handle.

  1. Quechua

Resultado de imagen de quechua languageQuechua, also called Runasimi, is a Native American language spoken in the Andes, recognized as an official language of Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. According to the most recent census, it is spoken by about 10 million people. They say it takes a little more than 2 seconds to master the Quechua and freely communicate with people in Peru, Colombia, Argentina or the Andes. It is an old language, exclusively oral. It uses the Spanish alphabet, and very little time is required for its conjugation. This makes Quechua the 7 easiest language to learn in the world.

Now you know the top 7 easiest languages to learn in the world. All you need to do is to start leaning, either by taking online classes, going to a nearby school, or travel abroad. But remember, regardless how easy these languages can be, each one of them remains a foreign language if you are not a native speaker.  You will need motivation and determination to succeed in your learning.

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